Mental health (psychiatry)

Catatonic excitement

Catatonic agitation is a type of hyperkinetic acute psychosis with specific manifestations: motor restlessness is characterized by chaos, lack of purposefulness, stereotyped, sometimes pretentious, movements, meaningless and incoherent speech.



A true oneiroid is a mental disorder, a form of altered consciousness, most often of endogenous organic origin. It is characterized by pronounced productive symptoms in the form of an influx of bright scene-like images

Multiple personality disorder

American psychiatry diagnoses this phenomenon as dissociative identity disorder. The current ICD-10 classification calls a similar condition "multiple personality disorder" and refers it to other dissociative (conversion) disorders, without separating it into a separate nosology. 

Fear of water

There are also more exotic types of hydrophobia, for example, ablutophobia, when fear causes the need to even rinse your mouth, wash your face, take a shower, wash, carry out any procedure involving water. 

Fear of long words

What is the name of the fear of long words? The name was chosen not without humor: hippo monstrosesquipedaliophobia. Synonyms are shorter, but also not easy to pronounce: hypomonstrascuedalophobia, sesquipedalophobia. 

The initial stage of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is attributed to mental disorders that have preliminary signs that can signal the development of this disease.


A clinical phenomenon, which is a denial (underestimation) of the patient’s defect, ignoring the symptoms of the disease is called anosognosia. Such a rejection of one’s state is a way of avoiding reality. 


An uncontrolled fear that arises as a mental reaction to a specific, completely safe object or situation is called a phobia. She subjugates a person for a while, it is impossible to resist.