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Mental health (psychiatry)


Episodic disorder of the dynamics of thinking, manifested as an uncontrollable influx of a multitude of unrelated thoughts subjectively felt alien, appeared from outside and against the will of the individual


It is manifested by the sudden cessation of the train of thought, the cessation of thinking, speech and activity.

Phenazepam withdrawal syndrome

Phenazepam is one of the most popular tranquilizers that doctors prescribe most often for anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It would seem, is it possible for a preparation that is so necessary for calming disturbed nerves to cause a reverse process and a severe deterioration of health? 

Compulsions: causes, symptoms, treatment

Probably, every person at least sometimes does something to calm himself and his imagination. But in a number of cases, such actions belong to the category of pathologies - for example, if they occur regularly and are accompanied by obsessive thoughts. 

Types of binge eating

There are many different reasons that can lead to eating disorders. Causal factor in conjunction with the symptoms determine the main types of overeating.

Causes of overeating and influence on the body

According to the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th revision of ICD-10, overeating is classified as: mental disorders and behavioral disorders (F00-F99).

Overeating after the holidays and during a diet

For normal assimilation of food, metabolism is responsible. A complex of chemical compounds ensures the full functioning of cells and the interaction between the chemical composition of incoming products and the human body.

Types of obsessions: intrusive, emotional, aggressive

All of us to a greater or lesser degree happened to focus on any thoughts or actions that at the moment seemed important to us, caused concern or annoyance. 

Treatment of obsessions

Symptoms of the compulsive disorder syndrome can be caused by different causes, so there is no specific treatment. If mental illnesses are diagnosed, then it is necessary to treat them in the first place, and in this case, drug therapy can not be dispensed with.

Symptoms of depersonalization disorder

The first signs are manifested as a feeling of a sharp qualitative change of today's self in relation to his former. Manifest the disorder severely immediately after severe stress, sometimes in premorbid anxiety disorder is observed, gradually evolving into depersonalization.