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Mental health (psychiatry)

Types of obsessions: intrusive, emotional, aggressive

All of us to a greater or lesser degree happened to focus on any thoughts or actions that at the moment seemed important to us, caused concern or annoyance. 

Treatment of obsessions

Symptoms of the compulsive disorder syndrome can be caused by different causes, so there is no specific treatment. If mental illnesses are diagnosed, then it is necessary to treat them in the first place, and in this case, drug therapy can not be dispensed with.

Symptoms of depersonalization disorder

The first signs are manifested as a feeling of a sharp qualitative change of today's self in relation to his former. Manifest the disorder severely immediately after severe stress, sometimes in premorbid anxiety disorder is observed, gradually evolving into depersonalization.

Depersonalization in children and adolescents

Most experts are inclined to believe that it is almost impossible to detect depersonalization in children before adolescence. It is difficult for even adults to communicate their complaints to the verbal form, it is simply impossible for children to deliver them to a doctor.

How to get rid of depersonalization on your own?

If the patient feels the strength and desire to fight for the normalization of his mental status, you can try to regain his "I". It is not necessary to delay and consider the process for a long time, it is necessary to undertake correction of one's way of life.

Personality depersonalization

This phenomenon refers to deviations in the sphere of self-awareness, including both the self-awareness disorder and its cognitive form. Normally, each person delineates his own "I" from the whole surrounding world, somehow evaluating himself, his physical data, the level of knowledge and moral and moral values, his place in society. 


The highest fundamental function of the human brain is consciousness. It is based on the knowledge of the real world of all phenomena in their complex interaction and their own personality, it allows a person to integrate into the world around him. 

Types of personality psychopathies

A single classification of psychopathies does not exist yet. Soviet psychiatrist P.B. Gannushkin proposed his systematization of the types of this personality disorder with a description of their statics (characteristics) and dynamics (development).

Shiozidna psychopathy

Almost all authors of the classification distinguished this type of disease. P.B. Gannushkin called them still dreamers, and E. Kraepelin - eccentrics, they also received a description of inadequate from T. Henderson and pathologically closed from O.V. Kerbikova.

Asthenic Psychopathy

Individuals attract attention to themselves with an extreme degree of sensitivity, indecisiveness and shyness, which is especially noticeable when they get into a new collective, in an unfamiliar environment. 

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