Mental health (psychiatry)

Schizophrenia in men: causes, types, diagnosis, prognosis

More than a century has passed since the moment schizophrenia was singled out as an independent disease, but discussions still continue not only about its nature, but also about its very existence as a separate disease.

Methods of treatment of schizophrenia in men

The treatment of schizophrenia in men does not differ from the treatment of women, it is just that men are more likely to get sick more severely, and, accordingly, more powerful antipsychotics in higher doses are required for their treatment.

Schizophrenia in men: symptoms, characteristic signs of behavior

The first signs are usually perceived by the close environment as eccentricities - a bad mood, impoverishment of emotions, isolation are not specific signs only of schizophrenia, and indeed of mental illness in general. 

Fear of loneliness in women and men

Autophobia is a medical term that describes such a mental disorder as the fear of being alone. Other possible names for this disorder are isolophobia, eremophobia, monophobia. We are talking about the fear of being alone, not having a healthy and permanent relationship, losing loved ones.

Fear of a serious relationship in women and men

Among the specific human fears that are considered irrational (unmotivated) and called phobias,  there is a fear of relationships  or a fear of emotional attachment. 

Fear of small objects, or microphobia

A phobia is a well-known term that describes a person's strong, unreasonable and constant fear of a particular problem, thing, action, etc. 

Fear of work

A phobia recognized by science, in which a person experiences an irrational uncontrollable fear of work or fear of it, is called ergophobia or ergasiophobia.


Pathological perseveration is often observed in patients with organic brain lesions, cerebral atherosclerosis, schizophrenia, senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Pick's disease. 

Fear of insects: what is it called and how to treat it?

What is the name of the fear of insects and beetles (coleopteran insects) right? Persistent irrational (unfounded) fear of insects is defined by most experts as entomophobia: from the Greek. The words entomon (insect) and phobos (fear).


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