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Mental health (psychiatry)

Syndrome of derealization

It is believed that more than half of the human population, even if only for a short time, experiencing acute stress, includes such a mechanism of psychological defense as the perception of what happened to someone else and / or in another reality, which allows you to abstract yourself from emotions, analyze the situation and find out from it. 

Psychomotor agitation: signs, first aid, drug treatment

Many neuropsychiatric pathologies may be accompanied by a condition characterized by hypermobility and abnormal behavior that does not correspond to the situation. 

Catatonic syndrome

The main manifestation of this condition is a violation of the tonus of the musculature of the body, its tension in conjunction with strong-willed disorders.


How does the reader feel when he sees another person in front of him who has fallen into a stupor? Probably, many will become somehow uncomfortable, because this is an unnatural state for a living being, immediately reminding us that we are not eternal. 

Affect status: causes, signs, characteristics, examination

Most people tend to show their feelings and experiences in a certain way. But in unexpected situations, this manifestation may be inadequate stormy, uncontrollable, and such an explosion of negative emotions is defined in psychiatry as affect.

Atypical Depression

The insidiousness of this disorder of the psyche is not even in the difficulty of its diagnosis. Depressed (depressed) condition is associated in everyone with retardation, apathy, lack of appetite and dreary nights without sleep. 

Syndrome of diffuse attention: causes, symptoms, treatment

The pathogenesis of development and symptomatology can vary depending on the nature of the disease.


The notion of cliquishness comes from the word click, scream and means to broadcast. Klikush still in the distant past was considered demoniac, the result of spoilage, witchcraft, the consequence of instilling in them the devil. 

Cutaneous triphophobia: due to what appears, signs, treatment

Panic fear of openings and holes is triphophobia. Let's consider features of the given pathology, signs, methods of diagnostics, correction and treatment.

Social and orgasmic anhedonia: how to fight it

Recently, there has been a negative trend towards a decrease in the general level of mood. People have become more prone to stress and can no longer give themselves wholeheartedly to those joys that once were dear to them.

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