Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermatology)

Verrukatsid from warts

Although the warts are benign neoplasms and mostly do not pose a threat to life, but they spoil the appearance when placed in prominent places or cause functional inconvenience, sometimes hurt, such as plantar when walking.

Treatment of Streptoderma in Adults

Streptococcal pyoderma, more commonly known as streptoderma, is a common skin disease and is increasingly being diagnosed in recent years. The disease is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy one, and the immediate causative agent is a pyogenic microbe, Streptococcus.

Why did the wart grow?

Warts are just the outward manifestation of human papillomavirus (HPV) activity. When it is removed, the virus itself does not disappear anywhere. Until now, there are no drugs that can kill him.

Okolonogtevaya wart: how to effectively get rid of?

The periungual wart begins to grow actively after a microtrauma of the zone near the nail, against the background of a weakened immune defense. Most often, the tumor grows in close proximity to the nail plate, but it can “climb” and under it, which causes particular discomfort.

Treatment of streptoderma in a child: effective drugs, ointments

Treatment of streptoderma in a child has its own characteristics. First, the disease has a tendency to a more prolonged and relapsing course. Secondly, the lack of functional maturity of the immune system and the lack of microflora imprint on the treatment tactics.

Diagnosis of streptoderma

Streptoderma is a skin disease caused by streptococci. When infected on the body, pink spots of round shape of various diameters are formed, up to 3-4 cm.

What to do when the nails on the arms and legs are exfoliated and broken?

No one can say exactly what to do if the nails exfoliate and break, the doctor prescribes the treatment. It is determined by the diagnosis established by the results of research, and should affect not only the nail plates themselves, but also the entire body in order to eradicate the immediate cause of the violation.

White warts on the skin of the hands and feet

Warts are high-quality tumors of the skin related to its viral lesions. They can be located anywhere: arms, legs, face, torso, and even in intimate areas. 

Warts in children on the hands and feet: causes, treatment

Warts are contagious, and children with their insufficiently mature immune systems are most susceptible to infection.

Itching after sunburn: how to calm, effective remedies

Under the influence of the sun, a beautiful tan appears, the skin is renewed, the pores are cleaned, the production of vitamin D is enhanced, and the skin is rejuvenated.