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Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiology)

Aneurysm rupture of the thoracic and abdominal aorta: chances of survival, treatment

The cardiovascular system in which the scarlet liquid (blood) circulates, supporting the vitality of the entire human body, consists of the heart and a multitude of vessels of various sizes. 

Syndrome of prolonged QT interval in adults and children

An interval is considered to be longer, when these figures are exceeded by 50 ms. The long interval syndrome qt (yQT) refers to ventricular arrhythmias.

Sealing of the walls of the aorta and valves

Due to such changes, the aortic wall becomes less elastic, and this can negatively affect the haemodynamic function of the aorta, which ensures continuity of oxygen-containing blood flow through other arterial vessels.

Hemopericardia of the heart

One of the adverse effects of acute myocardial infarction is hemopericard - a dangerous and often occurring condition requiring urgent medical intervention.

Changes in diffuse myocardium

The main part of the heart muscle, its middle, characterized by a special histological structure, is called the myocardium. The thickness of its walls consists of tightly connected cardiomyocytes - contractile cells of the muscle tissue of the heart, resistant to fatigue. 

Pericardial cyst

The pericardial cyst is seen as a benign formation with thin walls. It can be recognized by the formation of a round and irregular shape, of different diameters. 

Moderate and diffuse changes in myocardium of metabolic type ventricles

The first and most important method of examining the work of the heart is an electrocardiogram. This simple at first glance survey provides complete information about the electrical conduction of the heart muscle, which in turn indicates the state of metabolism in its cells - cardiomyocytes. 

Diastolic arterial hypertension

Arterial pressure is defined as the force with which the blood flow affects the walls of the arteries. The unit of its measurement is millimeters of mercury, in short, mm Hg. Art. 

Open oval window in newborn children and adolescents

Quite often diagnosed pathology is an open oval window in a newborn. The cardiovascular system of the child is very weak, but his vital activity requires her to work hard.

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