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Diseases of the heart & blood vessels

Микроинфаркт у женщин и мужчин, перенесенный на ногах: как определить, последствия

The diagnosis of a microinfarction seems to many patients to be very comforting and reassuring, if only because the size of the lesion, in their opinion, is insignificant, microscopic. However, in practice it turns out that everything is so simple. 

English translation unavailable for Syndrome of prolonged QT interval in adults and children.

Аневризма аорты брюшной полости: причины, признаки, диагностика, стентирование

Since the aorta is one of the main vital vessels, such changes in it can cost the patient not only health, but also life.

Кардиомегалия: что это такое, признаки, как лечить

This pathology is not an independent disease, but develops against the background of other cardiac diseases. Cardiomegaly can be both congenital and acquired, so it occurs equally often at any age.

Гипоплазия интракраниального v4 сегмента правой позвоночной артерии: мр признаки, последствия

Each of the cases of hypoplasia is characterized by underdevelopment of one or another organ. Not an exception and such a common disease as hypoplasia of the right vertebral artery. Pathology is due to the narrowing of the vascular lumen on the passage in the vertebral canal. 

Первая помощь при приступе острого инфаркта миокарда

Many people are familiar with such a dangerous condition as myocardial infarction. Someone hearsay, someone had to survive this disease, and others even had the luck to take part in saving someone's life, because it is the first aid for myocardial infarction that often predetermines the course of events.

Изолированная систолическая артериальная гипертензия: лабильная, стабильная

When the diagnosis is formulated as systolic hypertension, it means that the arterial pressure in the systole-heart contraction phase exceeds the physiological norm (and is at least 140 mmHg), and the diastolic pressure (when the heart muscle relaxes between contractions) is fixed at the level 90 mm Hg. Art.

Тромбоз базилярной артерии

In modern conditions, pathologies and diseases associated with the disruption of the normal functioning of the heart, blood vessels are increasingly observed. Various pathologies of the vascular bed are assigned the third place in the system of the general morbidity of man.

Ожирение сердца

This formulation suggests excessive accumulation of lipids in the heart muscle or an abnormal growth of fatty tissue under the epicardium, leading to dystrophic changes in muscle tissue. The disease develops in people who are obese

Акинезия миокарда

In the diagnosis of cardiac diseases, akinesia of the myocardium, that is, its immobility or the inability to contract certain areas of the muscle tissue of the heart, can be detected.

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