Diseases of the genitourinary system

What are Fordyce granules?

Visible sebaceous glands of the skin - in the form of small nodules (papules) of various localization - were first described in 1861 by the Swiss anatomist Albert Kölliker, but they received the name Fordyce granules by the name of another doctor, the American dermatologist John Fordyce, who reported them 45 years later …

Burning, cramps and white discharge in men

Consider the most common diseases in men, which are characterized by burning, cramps and white discharge.

White discharge from the urethra in men

One of the possible causes of whitish discharge from the urethra in men is urethritis. 

White discharge in urine in men

If white discharge appears in the urine, then this is one of the signs of a pathological process. Whitish inclusions may be slimy or resemble flakes. 

White discharge from the urethra in men

The secretion of a white secret occurs due to the action of various factors and causes. Consider the main types of urogenital discharge in men, methods of their treatment.

Treatment of white discharge from the urethra in men

Before proceeding to eliminate the cause of the appearance of white discharge in men, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis. After the doctor identifies the nosology and establishes the type of pathogen, a therapy plan is drawn up.

Angiomyolipoma of the left and right kidney

Among benign tumors, there is such a specific neoplasm as angiomyolipoma, which can be accidentally detected during imaging of the abdominal organs.

Cracks in the foreskin in men and children

Cracks in the foreskin appear on the inner side of the skin sheet. They are both small, inconspicuous, not causing painful sensations, and large, which cannot be overlooked.


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