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Diseases of the genitourinary system


For the vast majority of patients this term is incomprehensible, and even suspicious. What is myoglobinuria concealing, and is it worth being afraid of this condition?

Irritable Bladder Syndrome in Women, Men and Children

Frequent urinary tendencies, incontinence episodes, a feeling that the bladder is always full - with the listed problems people rarely turn to the doctor. 

Symptoms of testicular orchitis

Inflammation of the urogenital system in men can occur in both acute and chronic form. Symptoms of testicular orchitis depend on the causes of the disease and the presence of concomitant pathologies.

Orchitis in men: consequences and complications, diagnosis, prognosis

Very often, orchitis develops against a background of a distant infectious or inflammatory process in the body. Pathology can be caused by traumatic factors and can occur both in a one-sided form and with a bilateral lesion. 

Treatment of orchitis: pills, ointments, compresses, vitamins

The main goal in the treatment of orchitis is the elimination of the inflammatory process and restoration of the functional capabilities of the damaged organ. The methods of therapy depend on the stage of the disease and its nature.

How to treat orchitis at home?

The main goal of treatment of orchitis is the elimination of the inflammatory process and the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. To do this, use antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulators and a number of other medications.

Symptoms and types of balanitis in men and children

Among a variety of inflammatory diseases, balanitis occupies a special place. First, it is a disease that affects only a strong half of humanity. Secondly, the focus of inflammation has a localization in the head of the genital organ, which repeatedly increases the problem in the eyes of men.

Treatment of urinary syndrome

For treatment, compulsory hospitalization is required, since treatment requires an integrated approach, the use of complex methods, injections, physiotherapy procedures. Often used drugs that are allowed for use only in a hospital.

Urinary Syndrome in Adults and Children

Under this pathology, it is necessary to mean a violation of the composition, consistency and basic functions of urine. The main way to detect such a pathology is urine analysis.