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Diseases of the genitourinary system

Intestinal swab in the smear: symptoms, how to treat

The rod-shaped microorganism, called the E. Coli (or Escherichia coli), belongs to a number of facultative anaerobes. 

Hypermobility of internal organs

Hypermobility is a condition of increased mobility and flexibility of joints or other internal organs. This is one of the most common pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, which forces patients to consult a doctor.

Key Cells in the Smear in Women and Men: Reasons for Detection

Many human diseases are hidden from the eyes and have no pronounced external manifestations. But they can easily become the cause of the development of other diseases that have obvious symptoms and unpleasant consequences. 

Treatment of diseases with key cells in the smear

Key cells in the smear - this is in most cases the index of gardnerellez. But there is no such disease in the classification of diseases at all. Gardnerellez can be considered as one of the indicators of bacterial vaginosis.

First aid for cystitis in women and men

Cystitis is an inflammatory disease of the bladder, which occurs quite often in modern medicine and delivers significant discomfort to patients.

Cocci in the smear: treatment

In modern medicine, there is a growing need for smears and bacteriological studies. This is due to the fact that the proportion of diseases of bacterial etiology increases dramatically. 

Sticks and cocci in the smear: the causes of the appearance, the norm

Normal microbial biocenoses are relatively stable biological structures, which remain extremely sensitive to many factors of the internal and external environment. 

Itching with thrush

One of the most common complaints that gynecologists have to deal with is pruritus with thrush. This is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which causes discomfort, irritation, redness in the genital area and is difficult to treat.

Discharge in men and other symptoms: itching, burning, pain

The significance of this problem lies in the fact that when there are excretions, it is necessary to find out exactly the reason for which they originated, and also to choose the appropriate treatment.

Excretions in men from the urethra: white, transparent

In order not to panic in vain, and to take timely measures in the event of such a need, it is necessary to understand the origin, it is useful to know the features of the secretions observed in various pathologies.

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