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Diseases of the genitourinary system

Treatment of type 18 HPV

If with low-oncogenic types of the virus our body in most cases is able to cope on its own, then HPV 18 so simply does not leave the body.

Treatment of acute cystitis in the home

Faced with the first signs of inflammation of the bladder, many patients are slow to seek medical help and are engaged in self-medication. To do this, use various alternative means and warming, which are prohibited in acute inflammation.

Acute cystitis

Inflammation of the inner membrane of the bladder is most often associated with the action of pathogenic microorganisms. Infection penetrates into the bladder ascending way, that is, from the urethra or downward from the kidneys and ureters. 

Acute cystitis in women

According to medical statistics, in 80% of cases, infectious-inflammatory damage of the genitourinary system is diagnosed in women. This prevalence of the disease is associated with anatomical features of the structure of the female urinary system.

Blood in the smear

It is necessary to distinguish between conditions in which blood in a smear can be a dangerous symptom. To do this, you need to consider all possible options and reasons for this problem.

Urinary incontinence in women after childbirth: reasons for how to treat

This pathology can be both in pregnant women, and after the birth of a child, but in the second case, treatment can be more difficult. It is important that every woman knows the main causes and risk factors of this pathology.

How to treat and what to do with cystitis with blood?

Cystitis is a serious disease, which is based on a violation of the inflammatory process in the urinary tract, ureters, kidneys. The most dangerous manifestation of the disease is blood in cystitis.

Blood for cystitis with urination: can it be?

Cystitis is a rather serious disease, which is accompanied by severe pain, discomfort, and limited ability to work.

Paraurethral cyst: signs, treatment with surgery

Women of childbearing age experience various diseases, some of them are very common, and some are rare, but can potentially interfere with the way of life. One of them is the formation of cysts in the reproductive organs. 

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