Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastroenterology)


A condition in which bile is not produced or passed into the small intestine is defined as acholia. In ICD-10, this violation is classified as a disease of the gallbladder - with the code K82.8. 

Tenesmus: what is it?

Tenesmus - this concept can be translated from Greek as "ineffectual urge." This symptom may or may not be accompanied by a painful reaction.

Leukoplakia of the esophagus

If the epithelial layer of the mucous tissue of the upper digestive tract begins to intensely keratinize, then they talk about the development of esophageal leukoplakia. At the initial stage of the disease, a dense plaque is formed, which lends itself to removal and is practically not accompanied by signs of an inflammatory process. 

Sliding hernia of the esophagus

With a diaphragmatic hernia or hiatal hernia, the diagnosis can be formulated as a sliding hernia of the esophagus. Obviously, a simplified name that is descriptive is more understandable for patients.

Treatment of nausea in gastritis: pills, alternative means, herbs

From nausea for gastritis, any anti-inflammatory drugs, all anti-emetic drugs, help well. You can try hilak, hilak-form, ranititdin, maalox, phosphalugel, smect.

Gastritis nausea

Under the surface gastritis imply an acute inflammatory process in the upper, mucous layer of the stomach. Often in this process are involved and submucosa, located directly under the mucous membrane. 

Heartburn with gastritis

Many people are familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of irritation, burning along the esophagus: it is about heartburn. The problem may occur when eating spicy or fried foods, fast food, after overeating, and even after excessive physical activity. 

Why is calve yellow and what should I do?

It is not necessary to worry in advance: it is possible that the information provided by us will help you to orient yourself in the symptoms and determine the presence or absence of pathology.

Overeating nuts

Valuable nutritional products that improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, contribute to weight loss, prevent Alzheimer's disease and oncological pathologies are nuts.


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