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Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastroenterology)

Why is calve yellow and what should I do?

It is not necessary to worry in advance: it is possible that the information provided by us will help you to orient yourself in the symptoms and determine the presence or absence of pathology.

Overeating nuts

Valuable nutritional products that improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, contribute to weight loss, prevent Alzheimer's disease and oncological pathologies are nuts.

Overeating of vegetables

Vegetables are a source of vitamins, mineral elements, organic substances and polysaccharides. Their regular intake saturates the body with calcium, potassium, magnesium and other useful components.

Polysorb for cleansing the body and losing weight: how to take how much to drink

To neutralize and remove exogenous and endogenous toxins and metabolites, special absorbing substances are used - intestinal adsorbents (enterosorbents)

Consequences and complications of overeating

The consequences of excessive love of food negatively affect the nervous system and the psyche. In any case, if episodes of gluttony have firmly entered life, then you should consult a specialist.

Overeating of fruits

Fruits are useful and tasty sources of vitamins and minerals. They contain nutrients, excessive eating which harms the body. 

Overeating of sweet, flour, chocolate and sweets

Sweets like both adults and children, so the problem of abuse of such products is relevant for all ages. Regular use of a small amount of sugar is beneficial for the body, as it keeps the brain active at a high level. 

Overeating of protein products

Prolonged and excessive use of any product is dangerous for the body. Recently, cases of protein intoxication have become more frequent, when malnutrition with excessive protein content leads to serious intoxication of the body.

Signs of a hernia of the esophagus

Diseases of the digestive system in our time have reached such a prevalence that they are usually spoken about as often as about a cold or allergy. At the same time, mainly stomach and intestinal diseases are taken into account, and we forget about such an important organ as the esophagus - the muscular tube, through which food comes from the oral cavity into the stomach.

Axial hernia of the esophagus

Hernia of the esophagus is a pathology characterized by the migration of the digestive tract through the esophageal opening of the diaphragm to the sternum.