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Diseases of the ear, throat and nose (otolaryngology)

Hypoplasia and aplasia of the frontal sinuses

Of particular interest is the fact that a person has an organ that may or may not be present, and nothing will change from this. This applies in the first place, frontal sinuses.

Osteoma of the right and left frontal sinuses: signs, removal

It is assumed that the risk factors of this education may be traumatic brain injuries (including birth defects), metabolic pathologies (in particular, calcium), autoimmune diseases (systemic collagenoses).

Types and complications of polyps in the sinuses of the nose

Today one of the main otolaryngological diseases is polyposis, in which polyps are formed  in the nose. Sometimes people turn to the doctor with complaints about stuffy nose, nasal voice and night snoring. 

Causes and symptoms of polyps in the nose

In a study on histology, the benign character of the pathology is confirmed. They are round in shape, smooth. With palpation, soreness is not detected. Outwardly resemble a pea. 

Acute and chronic purulent otitis in adults

Speaking of otitis, there is always an inflammatory reaction in the ear. However, the ear inflammation can be different - average, external, acute, chronic, catarrhal, purulent, etc.

Frontal sinus cyst

Today, medicine is increasingly confronted with various pathologies of the paranasal sinuses. These are various congenital, genetic anomalies, and the consequences of injuries, injuries, and all sorts of complications of the transmitted infectious and inflammatory processes. 

Diffuse otitis media: acute, external

Diseases of the ear - this is something with which, although infrequently, but almost every one of us is facing. And most of this type of disease is familiar from childhood. 

Otitis of the external ear: acute, chronic, purulent, diffuse

Otitis externa is an inflammation that is characterized by damage to the external auditory canal, including the tympanic membrane, or the auricle.

Acute and chronic catarrhal otitis media: how and what to treat?

When otolaryngologists diagnose catarrhal otitis, from a morphological point of view, we mean a superficial type of inflammation that affects the mucous membranes of the middle ear (the tympanic cavity and Eustachian tube) and is accompanied by swelling with exudation.

Adenoids in the nose and throat in adults: are there, how to identify and how to treat?

It is believed that this pathology is found only in pediatrics. Indeed, according to statistics, the appearance of adenoids affects patients aged 3-7 years. 

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