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Diseases of the ear, throat and nose (otolaryngology)

Causes of laryngospasm in adults and children

Very often laryngospasm occurs in people living in industrial areas, where the air contains a lot of irritating elements.

First emergency aid for laryngospasm: an algorithm of actions

One of the conditions for successful relief of laryngospasm is timely and correctly provided pre-medical care.

Treatment of laryngospasm: drugs, alternative means

Treatment of laryngospasm depends on the nature of its origin. If it is caused by allergic factors, then antihistamines and anti-allergenic agents are used to stop it.

Laryngospasm in adults

A sharp contraction of the larynx muscles with respiratory failure is laryngospasm. In adults, it arises from the effects on the body of external and internal stimuli.

How to cure exudative otitis media: antibiotics, shunting, surgery

Patients are prescribed fortifying agents, vitamins, immunocorrectors. If conservative therapy does not give the desired result within 1-2 weeks, then surgical methods of evacuating the secret from the tympanic cavity are shown.

Exudative otitis media: causes, consequences, diagnosis

The pathological process in the middle ear with the formation of a thick secret is exudative otitis media. Let's consider the features of the disease, the methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Symptoms of exudative otitis media

Acute pain and fever do not always make themselves felt. Therefore, at the first signs of hearing loss, you should consult an otolaryngologist. Early diagnosis and treatment can avoid many complications.

Complications after angina at the heart, kidneys and joints: symptoms, treatment, how to avoid

Why, diagnosing inflammation of the tonsils - angina (tonsillitis) - and by prescribing appropriate therapy, do doctors insist on the patients' compliance with all the recommendations? 

Adenoids in the child: to heal or to remove?

Adenotomy is a flow surgery for surgeons. It does not apply to emergency or urgent, therefore it is performed after a complex of diagnostic examinations. The planned surgical procedure lasts no more than 10-20 minutes and is performed under local or general anesthesia.

Consequences after removal of adenoids in children

Any surgical intervention is a stress for the body. Therefore, the temperature after removal of adenoids in children is a normal reaction. As a rule, there is an insignificant hyperthermia from 37 to 38 ° C.

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