Diseases of the feet

Wet gangrene

Complication of the decay of soft tissues by a bacterial infection leads to melting (colliquation) or purulent necrosis, diagnostically defined as infectious or wet gangrene.

Gangrene legs

The disease or ulcer that corrodes the body due to rotting (decomposition and death) of tissues, the Greeks called gangraina. So gangrene of the leg is the destruction and death of its tissues, caused by the cessation of blood supply and / or bacterial infection. This is a dangerous disease that can lead to amputation or death.

Postphlebitic lower limb syndrome

The peculiarity of PTFs is that the severe symptoms characteristic of it develop long after the episode of acute thrombosis, and it is even more difficult to fight them than with the underlying disease.

Why does heel spur and how to get rid of pain?

If the plantar fascia is stretched excessively, an outgrowth or osteophyte, called a spur, is formed on the inside of the calcaneus.

Rod corn: the causes of appearance, structure, treatment

Superficial omozolelosti on the soles of the soles of the feet (natrops) and stubble callus is one of the most common problems with the feet. Hyperkeratosis zones and corneal calluses on the legs can occur on any part of the foot, and in some people a core callus is formed on the arm.

Cracks in the skin of the heels

The problem is equally common for both women and men. Can occur at any age, and even in children.

Cracks in the heels of children

In childhood, the heels crack much less often than in adults, since the skin of children is tender, not affected by mechanical factors. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, cracks can appear in children. 

Cracks on the heels of pregnancy and after childbirth

In pregnancy, all existing problems of women tend to progress. This is facilitated by reduced immunity, constant changes in the hormonal background. 

Why cracks on the heels do not heal, hurt and what to do?

Cracks are often accompanied by pain if they penetrate deep enough in the leg, or if the development of the inflammatory process has begun. In order to get rid of the pain of some painkillers is not enough, although, of course, they will prove to be quite effective.