Diagnosis of constipation

What is a coprogram?

A coprogram is an analysis of human feces.

How to prepare the intestines for examination?

How reliable the results of a bowel examination depend primarily on the proper preparation of the bowel for this procedure. The methods of examination of the intestine include fibrocolonoscopy, rectoromanoscopy, irrigoscopy


Irrigoscopy is used for detailed and thorough examination of the intestines. Traditional X-rays are not always suitable for this, since it is very difficult to see the intestines against the background of the surrounding organs and tissues, it is not X-ray contrast.


Fibrocolonoscopy is a modern diagnostic method that has bypassed a colonoscopy in its properties.


This method is also called sigmoscopy, since the sigmoid colon is also involved in the examination.

Why do you need to visit a doctor for constipation?

Why and how can constipation affect the overall condition of the body?