Diagnosis of allergies

How do I know what an allergy is?

The course of the allergy is different for each patient. The most important thing is not to be confused, for example, an allergic reaction to food and ordinary intolerance. Here there is a natural question: "How to know what an allergy is?". First, remember, after which the last time there was an exacerbation.

Methods for diagnosing allergies

If there are no violations from metabolic processes, as well as signs of chronic infections, an important task is a comprehensive study of the state of immunity and the diagnosis of allergies.

Test for allergy

In order to get rid of allergies, you need diagnostic accuracy, that is, the identification of a specific allergen or a group of allergic provocateurs. The allergy test is a specific diagnostic method that is applied after the information about possible allergens and the general anamnesis have been collected.

How to pass allergy tests?

To pass analyzes on an allergy means to reveal causative agents of the aggressive answer of an organism.

Allergy tests

Peculiar skin tests, or, in another way, samples for allergies, are mandatory if the patient has any kind of allergic disease. Tests allow you to pinpoint the source of an allergic reaction by hypersensitivity to various allergens.

Analysis for allergy: indications and norm

An allergy test is a necessary test to help identify an antigen that provokes an allergic reaction and begin timely treatment. Moreover, it is almost impossible to achieve the result and really stop the allergy, if not to clarify the etiology of the disease and the actual allergen.