Causes of constipation

Hypodinemia and constipation

Even a child knows that moving and playing sports is useful. But, despite all the warnings of doctors, millions of people sit out their lives on the couch, watching TV or flipping through their favorite book, thus not doing any physical exertion. What is the relationship between hypodynamia and constipation?

The influence of age on the development of constipation

With each new lived year the probability of constipation is growing. About 20-25% of men and women in old age suffer from this ailment. Therefore, the influence of age on the human body as a whole is simply enormous. What is the effect of age on the development of constipation?

The role of dietary fiber in the process of digestion

Rough "food" - this is just the vegetable dietary fiber. There are these fibers of both carbohydrate and non-carbohydrate nature. The first group includes cellulose (or fiber) and hemicellulose, and the second group includes pectin and lignin.

Improper nutrition is the main cause of constipation.

What nutrition should be avoided for constipation?

How to correct stool disorders

Disturbances of the stool can be long (it can be prolonged chronic constipation) and short-term.

Dehydration as a cause of constipation

Dehydration is very dangerous for our body, because among other problems can cause constipation. How can this be avoided? Why is dehydration the cause of constipation?

Why intestine water

Why does the bowels need water and what happens if it is not enough?

What is traveler constipation?

What is a traveler's constipation and what to do with it?

Neurological and Mental Causes of Constipation

The sacral and lumbar regions of the brain (spinal) contribute to the process of defecation. And here are the neurological and mental causes of constipation

Constipation and pregnancy

Numerous surveys of those women who have given birth to children, give information that during pregnancy 50% of them experienced constipation.