Pregnancy Pregnancy Tactics

Considering that the main and only purpose of pregnancy is the birth of a child, the tactic of preparing for pregnancy is an instrument for realizing this goal.

Tactics of preparation for pregnancy is individual and is developed by a doctor, based on those pathologies that can complicate the course of pregnancy and adversely affect the fetus.

The tactics of preparing for pregnancy include not only the general improvement of the woman, but also the appropriate treatment of diseases of the future mother.

Tactics of preparation for pregnancy of patients with malformations of the uterus

Preparation of women with malformations of the uterus for pregnancy should be carried out taking into account anamnesis and the type of malformation of the uterus. Very often a woman has a normal reproductive function and does not suspect that she has an underdevelopment of the uterus.

Tactics of preparation for pregnancy of patients with antiphospholipid syndrome

When determining lupus anticoagulant, a number of studies are conducted to confirm the immune or infectious nature of the lupus anticoagulant, since at present we do not have the technical capabilities of differential diagnosis.

Tactics of training with miscarriage of infectious genesis

For the habitual miscarriage of pregnancy is characterized by the presence in the body of the mother of persistent forms of bacterial and viral infection.

Tactics of preparation for pregnancy of patients with hyperandrogenia

For unclear clinical data, if suspected of hyperandrogenism, it is necessary to conduct a test with ACTH (synakten depot). Inadequate increase in cortisol, DEA and 17OP indicates a latent, nonclassical form of adrenogenital syndrome.

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