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Diseases in Pregnancy

Maturation of the placenta: later, premature

It is necessary to understand how the placenta matures under normal conditions, and what its functions are in order to know what pathological changes and their signs can be.

Feeling of gravity during pregnancy: why and where does it occur?

It should be borne in mind that the feeling of heaviness during pregnancy is mainly due to the inevitable physiological changes and shifts in the general metabolism that occur in the body of women during the entire period of gestation.

Hair loss in women during pregnancy after childbirth

The problem that many pregnant women face is hair loss. Alopecia in the period of gestation is associated with such factors

Syndrome of feto-fetal fetal transfusion: causes, signs, treatment

First of all, this symptom concerns pregnancy, in which the mother expects the twins. To know the main risk factors for this pathology, you need to understand how it occurs and how it manifests itself.

Frequent sneezing, runny nose and coughing during pregnancy

But when it comes to approaches to treatment, pregnancy is a special condition that you should consider even in the most common illness. That's why you need to know about this.

Viper's bite during pregnancy

Pregnant should avoid places in which they could encounter a snake, because in this case, the danger is not only threatened by the mother, but also by the child. In addition, the treatment of pregnant women is much more difficult, many means can not be used.

Multifollicular ovaries and pregnancy

One of the most common symptoms of MFN is a disorder of the menstrual cycle, which entails problems with conception. Hormonal imbalance and lack of luteinizing hormone disrupt the process of ovulation, so the cycles alternate. 

Treatment with brown discharge during pregnancy

The appearance of any physical discomfort and suspicious symptoms of malaise during pregnancy requires the attention of a specialist. And not only for the sake of the peace of the future mother.

Brown discharge during pregnancy: normal or pathological?

Future mothers are probably the most restless people in the world. The changes that occur in their bodies can be both joyful-exciting, and frightening-disturbing.