Changes in pregnancy

The main changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy occur under the influence of hormones, the ratio of which varies radically.

For example, the yellow body of the ovaries increases the production of progesterone, which not only secures the attachment of the fetal egg to the wall of the uterus, but also makes fat stores in the body of a pregnant woman.

Prolactin hormones and chorionic somatomamotropin make changes in the body of a pregnant woman in the form of an increase in the size of the mammary glands that must be ready for the production of breast milk.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles of the woman stretch and become longer, and the lumbar muscles that straighten the spine are shortened. And the volume of blood in a pregnant woman increases by 33-34 weeks by almost a third.

Basal temperature with delayed menstruation

By measuring the basal body temperature, women determine the period of ovulation of their cycle - the time of the most likely fertilization. What is the basal temperature with a delay in menstruation and why?

How to deal with drowsiness during pregnancy?

The main way to combat drowsiness during pregnancy is to observe the regime of the day. You need to train yourself to get up at the same time, and go to bed too at the same time. There are several rules for healthy sleep.

Drowsiness in early and late pregnancy

At first glance, little things. But along with this, the concentration of attention is significantly reduced, there is a retardation. I want to sleep all the time, sometimes there is a feeling that now "turn off", "drop out of reality."

Premature aging of the placenta: what does it mean, signs, than what threatens

Aging of the placenta is a serious disease that can occur during pregnancy. 

Discharge from the mammary glands during pregnancy

Most often, during pregnancy, a clear liquid is released from the chest, which is designed to prevent the milk ducts from clumping into the mammary gland.

Fingernails during pregnancy

How does hormonal reorganization affect nails during pregnancy, and why can their condition worsen?

Changes in the body of a woman at the 5th week of pregnancy

At the 5th week of pregnancy, you may notice some discomfort caused by physiological changes in the body associated with bearing a child. Many women talk about swelling of the breasts, fatigue and frequent urination.

Weight gain in pregnancy

To be happy, a woman should like herself. Therefore, a constant struggle with excess kilograms or with their shortage is being conducted with varying success constantly.

Uterus in early pregnancy

The increase in the uterus in the early stages is already observed from the fifth to the sixth week of pregnancy in the anteroposterior direction, and then in the transverse direction. At the same time there is a change in the shape of the uterus from pear-shaped to spherical. 

Thyroid and pregnancy

Diseases of the thyroid gland in pregnant women occupy one of the first places among the pathological processes in the endocrine system.