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Hair Care

Amber acid for hair

Succinic acid (ethanedioic acid, sodium succinate) - a substance that is obtained during processing of amber. Due to its therapeutic properties, succinic acid massively used in cosmetology and medicine, since it has a unique rejuvenating and restoring action.

Argan oil for hair

Currently very popular to use different oils in the industrial and home cosmetics.

Польза и рецепты масок для волос из лимона

Rinsing the hair with water with the addition of lemon juice (50 ml per liter) will make them more shiny.

Польза и рецепты шоколадной маски для волос

As cosmeticians say, from masks based on cocoa powder - and it is from it that most often all the so-called chocolate masks are prepared - the hair becomes stronger, smooth, silky and even begin to grow faster.

Кофейная маска для волос

About the caffeine content in whole grains and a natural coffee hammer it is not necessary to say much: all methylxanthine alkaloids, to which caffeine belongs, are neurostimulants.

Сухость кожи головы

Dryness of the scalp is one of the most common phenomena that occur today. This is due to many factors, ranging from malnutrition and ending with poor-quality care products.

Имбирь для волос - уникальное средство

Let's start with the fact that today in the composition of this spikivous and medicinal plants about 500 different chemicals have been identified.

Маска для волос из молока

If your hair stops shining, the tips are split, and the skin on the scalp itchs and dandruff appears, then such a weekly procedure as a hair mask from milk will help to solve these problems.

Маска с алоэ для волос

In what cases will help mask with aloe for hair? This mask is useful for any type of hair, but especially if the hair quickly becomes fat, there is dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis), as well as problems such as brittle hair and pointed tips.

Плазмолифтинг для волос

Collagen, fibroblasts, hyaluronic acid - all these elements begin to be actively developed by injection.

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