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General information about hair

Spring nails

Spring nails are new, fresh trends in nail art that characterize renewal, energy and inspiration. The concept, which includes many ideas, is formulated with one single word - freshness.

Hair and microelements

We should dwell in more detail on the relationship of hair loss with the content of trace elements in the human body. The doctrine of microelementoses (MTOZs) as diseases, syndromes and pathological conditions caused by excess, deficiency or imbalance of microelements in the human body is a huge new multidisciplinary scientific direction

Hair Growth Phases

Human hair passes through three phases of development, smoothly changing from one to another: anagen (growth phase), catagen (phase of regressive changes) and telogen (rest phase). The duration of each phase depends on a whole complex of features: localization, hair length, sex, age, race and deterministic genetic characteristics.

Structure of hair

Hair is a keratinous filiform appendage of skin with a thickness of 0.005-0.6 mm and a length of several millimeters to one and a half meters. The length and thickness of the hair depends on many factors: race and sex, age, location, etc.

Anatomy of the hair

Hair is the appendage of the skin. As related structures, they have much in common, from the building plan to the characteristics of growth and development.

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