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Skin Care

Vitamin E for the face and around the eyes

Tocopherol, or vitamin E, is called a vitamin of reproduction and beauty. It is a powerful antioxidant, opposed to free radicals - enemies of youth.

Combined face skin cleansing

Beauty of a person is largely determined by the color and condition of the skin of the face. Absence of defects, delicate pinkish or swarthy matte shade involuntarily draw attention to yourself, give a sense of confidence to its owners.

Creams with acids for face

In the course of a constantly developing physiological process, the horny layer of the epidermis undergoes an update. Usually, skin regeneration is imperceptible to the human eye

Cleaning the face with gelatin from black spots

To maintain a good skin condition, there are not enough daily means to care for it. Cleansing, toning means, various moisturizing, nourishing creams, masks are necessary for the skin, but periodic more thorough cleansing can not be ignored.

Face cream after 50 years for women and men

Having entered the period of withering, concomitant menopause, a woman tries as long as possible to maintain the health of her skin, its elasticity, reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. The processes of aging are inevitable, they are associated with a change in the hormonal background, a decrease in sex hormones involved in cell renewal.

Epilation of the antennae above the upper lip

Sometimes it happens with women such a nuisance as the antennae above the upper lip. Especially many troubles bring dark, tk. Clearly visible on the face. This does not add femininity and aesthetics to the look and their owner tries to get rid of them quickly.

Vacuum facial massage at home and in the salon: the benefits, how to do it correctly, contraindications

Modern technology development offers many methods of getting rid of wrinkles: massages, masks, creams to care for different types of skin and for any time of the day, injections of youth.

Creams for combination, oily and sensitive skin: home recipes, reviews, ratings

Combined - it's mixed skin. It combines the properties of both dry and oily. Usually signs of the first type are noted on temples and cheeks, and the raised fat content settles down in a zone a forehead - a nose - a chin.

Diamond face cleaning

Every modern woman today strives for self-improvement. First of all it concerns a skin, beauty of the face, care of itself. A well-groomed look can tell a lot about a woman. Therefore, women are so carefully approaching the choice of procedures and means to care for themselves.

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