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Skin Care

Vacuum facial massage at home and in the salon: the benefits, how to do it correctly, contraindications

Modern technology development offers many methods of getting rid of wrinkles: massages, masks, creams to care for different types of skin and for any time of the day, injections of youth.

Creams for combination, oily and sensitive skin: home recipes, reviews, ratings

Combined - it's mixed skin. It combines the properties of both dry and oily. Usually signs of the first type are noted on temples and cheeks, and the raised fat content settles down in a zone a forehead - a nose - a chin.

Diamond face cleaning

Every modern woman today strives for self-improvement. First of all it concerns a skin, beauty of the face, care of itself. A well-groomed look can tell a lot about a woman. Therefore, women are so carefully approaching the choice of procedures and means to care for themselves.

Deep cleansing of the face skin: types of procedures and their effectiveness

About how important the deep cleansing of the face, you can guess, remembering at least how many unpleasant moments it delivered to everyone in adolescence is not the ideal skin, strewn with inflammatory elements and black dots.

Creams for the face at home: cooking recipes

The cosmetic industry works continuously to make people look younger and more perfect than they really are. This noble goal is devoted to the efforts of scientists, pharmacists, cosmetologists.

Men's face creams: names, ratings of the best brands

Skin care is not just a woman's business. There are men's face creams that are designed specifically to maintain the beauty and health of any skin type.

Vitamin E for the skin around the eyes

Vitamin E is not produced in the human body, but is consumed from the outside. Its source is food and vitamin preparations. However, it should be borne in mind that the deficit of this vitamin in the body (hypovitaminosis) can not be filled with any cosmetic manipulation.

Best face creams after 25 years

After 25 years, the skin begins to slowly but surely lose moisture. This happens both due to natural processes, and due to subjective reasons, including improper skin care.

Emulsions for the face: how to use, reviews

Emulsions for the face are intended, mainly for very dry and irritated skin, but not only. Thanks to a large amount of water and small fat particles can quickly absorb and influence the skin in the right direction.

Nourishing creams for dry, oily and combination skin

Skin plays such an important role in the body that some experts compare it with the large endocrine gland, and even with the peripheral brain, adequately reacting to incoming information - both from the outside and from the inside of the body.

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