General information about cosmetics

Components of cosmetics: emollients

In the fat phase of the cosmetic means must include emollients. Emolent in English means "a means of mitigation," which fully reflects its main task - to soften the skin.

What is a "biologically active additive" in cosmetics?

In general, a compound is considered "biologically active" if it is capable of interfering with the vital activity of skin cells or being incorporated into the biochemical processes taking place in the extracellular matrix.

Cosmetic components: Preservatives

Preservatives should provide protection of the cream from a wide range of organisms (bacteria, fungi) for a long time. Cosmetic products are used for several months (and even years), so the maintenance of preservatives is the storage conditions ...

Cosmetic components: Odorants

Fragrances and preservatives - substances whose content in cosmetics is negligible - cause great concern to consumers. Therefore, in order to convince buyers of the safety of their products, some companies put a note on the cosmetics - "without perfumes" and / or "without preservatives".

Cosmetic components: Emulsifiers

When mixing two immiscible media (water and oil) a very unstable system is formed. At the first opportunity, it tries to separate into its component parts.

Anatomy of cosmetics, or what we put on our skin

The proportion of biologically active components in cosmetics is several percent (and sometimes even a fraction of a percent). Therefore, opening the jar with cosmetic means, we see above all the basis, and it lies on our skin.


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