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Therapy in cosmetology

Diamond microdermabrasion of the face: protocol of procedure

Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed skin of the face is half the success in the business of external attractiveness, the rest is given by mother nature. True, there are lucky people who get everything from her, but alas, not everyone is lucky.

Vacuum massage by the banks against cellulite: how to do it correctly?

Vacuum massage is an effective way to get rid of the "orange peel", which does not require much physical effort. Massage is performed with the help of special cans or apparatus.

Vacuum massage by the banks against cellulite

Cellulite or the medical term "gynoid lipodystrophy" is a structural change in the subcutaneous layer. Fat cells of small size due to stagnation are grouped into nodules and disrupt the normal circulation of blood and lymph.

Laser epilation of the deep bikini zone: effectiveness and harm

The need to get rid of the hair is caused by the desire, especially for women, to aesthetic perfection of the body. In each time space their standards of beauty. At this stage, fashion requires no hair, not only on the body of women, but also men.

Hardware vacuum-roller massage by microcurrents and with RF heating of the face, abdomen, body

Every year, the beauty industry is developing more and more new methods of preserving youth and attractiveness of the body. Of course, to stop the flow of time or turn it back to the person is beyond the power, but here to slow down the aging of the skin, retaining its smoothness, elasticity and healthy radiance, it is quite possible.

Laser hair removal

The growth of unwanted hair on hands after laser exposure stops. Only experienced cosmetologists make laser hair removal using special equipment. The beauty salon is in demand, which has a license for a laser device.

Vacuum therapy and vacuum massage

Vacuum therapy (vacuum massage) is the effect on the skin and deep tissues with negative pressure of the order of 0.1-0.7 atm.

Ultrasonic face cleaning

Clean the skin on the face and prevent the appearance of inflammatory elements or acne in various ways - such procedures are carried out in almost any salon or cosmetology clinic. There are also ways to clean the face at home.

Hyaluronic biorevitalization

At the current time in modern cosmetology very wide popularity has acquired hyaluronic biorevitalization. This procedure is aimed at skin rejuvenation. The very word "biorevitalization" from Latin translates as "natural renewal of life".