Diet for gastritis

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Diet for gastritis is a therapeutic food in small portions with the exception of fried, fatty, sweets and alcohol. You only have to revise your lifestyle and your dietary habits.

The diet is especially important for liver diseases and stomach inflammation.

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General information of the gastritis diets

Gentle, tasty and strict diet for gastritis

Sparing diet for gastritis consists of light meals. Fresh fruits, spices, black coffee, lard are contraindicated. Replace hot food with warm food, and discard ice cream. Drink milk. With low acidity is allowed per day to drink 1 tbsp. Lemon juice diluted with water. Soft boiled eggs, boiled meat, fruit soups, pasta, fresh cottage cheese are allowed.

Diet for gastritis can be tasty. We have prepared for you a ration for the day, which includes your favorite delicious dishes from childhood, which are not harmful to the stomach.

The first breakfast may consist of a soft-boiled egg, rice grated porridge and tea with milk and biscuit with jam. The second breakfast is a baked apple or banana. And for lunch - oatmeal soup with meatballs and mashed carrots. For dinner, we offer boiled fish in milk sauce and tea with milk.

During an aggravation barley soup is very useful to you, exclude fat and sharp, eat more beet. Liquid foods are preferred. As part of the diet of the patient with gastritis, there are no aggressive products stimulating the production of gastric juice. Exceptions are possible only for patients with gastritis with zero acidity. You need to drink plenty of fluids. See options for low-fat dairy products. Kissels and some cocoa are allowed (not chocolate!).

Diet 5 for gastritis

Diet for gastritis 5 is a special system of therapeutic nutrition, which excludes products with essential oils and cooking oils: margarine, spreads, lard, products with cholesterol, hot dogs, shaurma, hamburgers and the like, preservatives, dyes, chewing candies and chewing gum, candy, pepsi cola, coca cola. All sweets and pastries are replaced by fruits that positively affect the transport of food through the gastrointestinal tract. All dishes 5 tables are steamed, or in water, very rarely there are recipes for baked dishes without a crust. There is a need to slowly, chewing and savoring each piece at least 4 times a day, avoiding snacks and dry food, eating sandwiches on the street, on the go, at the computer.

In addition to the treatment of gastritis, diet 5 is also used for recovery from hepatitis, gallstone disease, cirrhosis and colitis.

From the diet should be completely excluded foods with a high content of oxalic acid, purines.

Wheat white and gray bread and biscuits without filling like “Maria”, “Zoological”, sponge cake are allowed.

Drink milk with tea, eat zero-fat cottage cheese, mild cheeses, vegetable soups, pasta soups, and fruit.

With increased secretion as much as possible crush all products. Food temperature should not be hotter than 40 degrees. Diet for gastritis allows yesterday's bread without a crust, but excludes baking. From meat, give preference to chicken. The first dishes are better to fill with sour cream, do not use spices and spices. Rassolnik is undesirable, as is okroshka, hodgepodge, borsch. The best for gastritis can be considered oatmeal and rice soup. Barley and legumes are harmful to a sick stomach. Milk soups and soups on vegetable broths, cabbage soup, beetroots (not cold) are allowed. It is very useful for you lean, better river, fish, lean meat, poultry, if you remove the fat on pork meat and will not eat broth, you can eat pork. Useful rabbit, chicken, cabbage rolls and other dishes with minced meat. Add vegetable and butter to dishes.

You can not eat fried and too salty: salted cheeses, for example, are contraindicated.

You can use a little bit of cream, kefir, low-fat sour cream. Exclude all pickles, mushrooms, marinades. Do not eat raw unripe fruit, radishes. Like apples - they serve as a medicine for a sick stomach. But they should not be acidic, such as, for example, the variety Antonovka.

Treat yourself to marshmallows, pastila, marmalade, puddings.

Limit chocolate. You can not drink strong coffee.

With low acidity, you can eat fish soups.

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Diet 1 for gastritis

Diet for gastritis has basic principles that are useful to know even a healthy person. Fried food is hard to digest, it is excluded. Food must be of average temperature. This diet allows meat and vegetables in slices. Some dishes can be baked.

You can use dry galette cookies, rolls full of buns.

Instead of butter bread, use crackers, throw directly into the soup. Milk soups from boiled cereals (semolina, buckwheat, rice), milk soups, mashed in a blender are allowed.

Rabbit and turkey - the most useful meat for you. Steam patties, mashed potatoes, dumplings are allowed. Skin remove. Cook boiled tongue, eat doctor and diet sausage, sturgeon caviar and unsalted ham. Eat plenty of low-fat milk, sour cream, cottage cheese.

Boil low-fat fish in a double boiler.

Puff pastry, canned food and marinades are very harmful. Mushrooms, spinach, cucumbers exclude.

Start your morning with a soft-boiled egg. At work you can have a baked apple before lunch. Soups you better eat vegetable or cereal. Zucchini and non-acidic tomatoes are useful.

Bananas and non-acidic apples are best suited to patients with gastritis. Cook compotes, jelly.


Diet 1a for gastritis

Diet for gastritis 1a excludes products and dishes that irritate the mucous.

With this diet, mucous semolina and rice soups, soft-boiled eggs, cream, jelly, milk, butter in ready meals are allowed.

In the morning the patient is given 2 soft-boiled eggs. For lunch - oatmeal soup and fruit jelly. In the evening, for example, dairy rice porridge.

Diet 2 for gastritis

Diet for gastritis 2 is prescribed during the recovery period during the chronic process.

During treatment, boiled stewed stewed dishes are recommended. You can not eat all the cold, fat, spicy. Meat is eaten skinless, boiled and baked (chicken, rabbit, veal). Allowed boiled and braised fish pieces.

Stew vegetables, mash vegetables, lean jelly, eat unsalted lean ham.

Cook compotes and jelly, bake apples with honey and jam.

Sweets: snowballs, toffee, candy, jam, jam. Drink tea with lemon, coffee with milk, broth hips.

Gastritis diet menu

The gastritis diet menu excludes coarse food and alcohol. Eat small meals, 4 times a day, i.e. Every 3 hours. You can drink mineral non-carbonated water as prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the acidity. Useful vegetable puree and viscous porridge on water. Do not eat raw apples, but bake them. For lunch - light broth, vegetable or vermicelli soup with crackers, steam cutlet. Before going to bed kefir, biscuit cookies, low-fat cottage cheese is useful.

Make rice and cottage cheese puddings. Eliminate from the diet of millet, barley, legumes. Make chicken and calf meatballs. Do not cook roasted meat. Enter boiled quail eggs into the diet.

Diet for a week with gastritis

Diet for gastritis for a week looks like this.

Mon, Wed

  • Breakfast: crumbly buckwheat
  • Second breakfast: cottage cheese casserole
  • Lunch: soup, crackers, compote
  • Lunch: tea, biscuits
  • Dinner: steamed fish or meat patties, tea with milk


  • Breakfast: cheesecakes with compote
  • Second breakfast: jelly or jelly
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish
  • Lunch: tea, biscuits
  • Supper: casserole, kefir

Fri, Sat, Sun

  • Breakfast: boiled egg
  • The second breakfast: lazy dumplings
  • Lunch: cereal soup, jelly
  • Snack: fruit puree
  • Dinner: pasta with boiled fish.

An example of a diet for gastritis

With increased acidity, you can eat yesterday's bread, biscuits, biscuits, rich rolls, yesterday's baked pies, noodles, steamed meat, fish, tongue, steam omelet, fruit puree, honey, marshmallows. Limit chocolate and spicy cheeses. Do not boil hard boiled eggs. Black coffee, champagne, kvass, horseradish and mustard are banned.

At low acidity, not grated, but crumbly cereals, soups with meatballs and soup without sauerkraut, low-fat boiled and baked meat, sausages and tongue, non-acidic fruits are allowed.

Diet for gastritis with low acidity does not allow flour products, barley, legumes, pea soup, millet soup and mutton, salted fish, pickled vegetables, radish, mushrooms, raspberries, gooseberries, fatty sauces and kvass.

For breakfast you can enjoy semolina and a glass of tea, carrot puree, boiled fish, cauliflower. For lunch, a glass of apple or plum, apricot or cherry compote or kissel and the first dish: vegetable, noodles soup. On the second - steam chicken cutlets or boiled fish, mashed potatoes, boiled beets, buckwheat porridge. For dessert - fruit mousse, jelly. Tea time - tea, compote, jelly. Dinner - stuffed cabbage, side dish, tea, milk or tea with milk. When cooking, discard condiments and spices. Add parsley and celery. Power should be fractional.


Gastritis recipes

Diet for gastritis includes dishes of vegetables, meat, fish, low-fat milk.

Gastritis cereals form the basis of the diet. Especially useful are oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, semolina.


Semolina with fruit

Boil the apples and pour in the cereal broth. Serve with slices of apples.

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Broccoli in bread crumbs

Broccoli boil for 7-10 minutes, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and fry.

Homemade Meatballs

Grind veal in a meat grinder, add an egg, roll in breadcrumbs, boil in boiling water.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

Diet for gastritis with high acidity reduces the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

What is allowed for gastritis with high acidity:

The drinks

Loose tea, tea with milk


White and crackers, yesterday's, rich biscuit biscuits


Unsharp cheese, diet sausages, ham-chopped sausage


Whole fat, kefir, fresh cottage cheese, condensed milk in drinks, cheese curds, yogurt, ryazhenka


Creamy, olive and sunflower refined


Padded and fried eggs


Soups on meat and mushroom broth with pureed vegetables

Meat fish

Chopped products from veal, pork, fish, boiled poultry


Mashed semi-viscous porridge, pasta, boiled vermicelli


Puree of spinach, pumpkin, green peas, carrots, potatoes, raw - green onions


Strawberries, strawberries, grated sweet fruits


Jelly, grated compotes


Alcohol, rye bread, beans, thick macaroni, hard sharp cheeses, fatty meats, meat products with spices, cabbage, radishes, unripe fruits, lard, baked fat, chocolate.


Diet for gastritis with low acidity

Diet for gastritis involves some restrictions. With low acidity in the stomach is not enough hydrochloric acid.

Eat only dried white bread yesterday. Ukrainian and Borodino does not suit you. Like buns and fatty donuts and donuts, fried pies. Do not eat snacks on the go.

Eat more oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. They give strength, enrich the body with iron.

The ideal meat for a gastritis sufferer is lean chicken. Fish - pollock.

Low fat cottage cheese contains calcium.

Berries useful to you: raspberry, black and red currant.

Main dishes are better cooked in mashed potatoes.

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Diet for gastritis and other related diseases

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Diet for pancreatitis and gastritis

Immediately after the attack of gastritis or pancreatitis, it is useful to fast for a couple of days. So you give rest to the stomach and pancreas. Drink non-carbonated mineral water and rosehip. On the third day, eat liquid porridge. Diet for gastritis and pancreatitis prohibits coffee, mushroom broths and mushrooms in the composition of dishes, salty dishes, black bread, chocolate. Drink green tea and eat low-fat cottage cheese.

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Diet for gastritis and duodenitis

Diet for gastritis and duodenitis should be complete, contain all the necessary substances, but at the same time do not injure the mucous. Ideal for your table with gastritis, grated vegetables, cereals, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt. Twice a week you can eat eggs, even steep, without aggravation. Cook lean fish in a double boiler and cutlets. From fruits are useful dried apricots, prunes and pears, ripe bananas, marshmallow, marmalade. Food should be soft and boiled. Increase in the diet of proteins, vitamins of group B and ascorbic acid. You can drink kefir, low-fat sour cream and ryazhenka. Chocolate, carbonated drinks and fast food can cause aggravation. Do not eat mushrooms, sour berries, fried and smoked dishes, honey, spices and garlic.

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Diet with esophagitis and gastritis

Did you feel frequent belching, went to a doctor, and he diagnosed you with esophagitis and gastritis? It's time to reconsider the diet.

Prohibited products in the composition of medical nutrition: 

  • Chocolate 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Strong tea and coffee 
  • Parsley, pepper, bay leaf 
  • Bell pepper 
  • Fatty broth 
  • Alcohol 
  • Chips and Nuts 
  • Sweet pastry 
  • Beer 
  • Kvass.

The stomach must be filled half. Start the day with peaches or jelly. These products relieve burning sensation. Wash down the fruit with yoghurt, put in low-fat cottage cheese. Fish, porridge on the water, non-acidic apples are also great for your food. Do not go to bed after dinner, and walk around. You can not overeat. Cabbage, fresh bread and legumes, some types of fresh fruit, hot spices and sparkling water are contraindicated. Fruits are better to bake or boil compotes and jellies. Starch is useful because it has enveloping properties. Eat plenty of milk, cereals, fish dishes from boiled chopped fish. It is good for you to eat baked apples. One baked apple supplies a person with the daily norm of iron. And it is very tasty, especially if you add a little jam. Marinades and fatty eliminate from the diet. Eggs eat soft. Cook milk porridge, steam meatballs and meatballs. Diet for gastritis and esophagitis excludes onions and garlic.

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Diet for gastritis and cholecystitis

Diet for gastritis and cholecystitis has the following basic principles: 

  1. Minimum intervals between meals.
  2. Warm, not cold or hot food.
  3. In the first days of exacerbation, starve, drink more water.
  4. Eat more boiled vegetables, pumpkins, zucchini, dairy dishes, fish dishes from low-fat varieties.

  1. Useful kissels and juices in half with water.
  2. Avoid fatty meats, smoked meats, citrus fruits and alcohol. Exclude fresh bread, mushrooms and mushroom broths, rich meat broths.
  3. Bread eat yesterday.

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Diet for heartburn and gastritis

A gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis and cholecystitis are often accompanied by heartburn. Medical nutrition is made taking into account the allowed ways of culinary processing. Alcohol and strong tea, carbonated drinks, pickles, seasonings and broths and meat broths, sour fruit juices and sweets are forever excluded from the diet. Low-fat meat, chicken, stewed vegetables and dairy products, yesterday's white bread and sweet fruits - this is what a diet for gastritis with heartburn.


Diet with bulbit and gastritis

Bulbit - inflammation of the duodenum - often combined with gastritis. Diet for gastritis and bulbit appointed for 4-6 months. Food is taken 5 times a day in small portions up to 250 g. All dishes should be liquid and pureed. White stale bread, dry biscuits and sour cream are allowed. Useful boiled chicken and rabbit meat, pasta, vegetable puree, compotes, freshly squeezed juice from non-sour berries. It is better to use eggs in the form of a steam omelet, and cottage cheese to include in dishes - casseroles, cheese cakes, lazy dumplings.

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Diet for various types of gastritis


Diet for erosive gastritis

What is forbidden with erosive gastritis : canned food, fatty meat, vinegar, alcohol, sour berries, fried.

Second courses are made from dietary meat: rabbit, beef. It is all the best to steam, especially in the first days, to cook further, but not to fry.

In the morning, eat steam omelet and porridge. For lunch - soup of vegetables, steamed patty, jelly, weak tea. For dinner, cook mashed potatoes with boiled chicken.

To avoid erosive gastritis, do not eat spicy and avoid stress.


Diet for acute gastritis

Acute gastritis can be treated at home, but it is very important to comply with therapeutic food. The first 2 days can not be eaten, only sweetened tea and broth hips. Meals on day 3 need to be steamed. Soups are very useful, for example, rice. Milk, soft-boiled eggs, semolina and rubbed buckwheat are allowed. Chicken in the form of steam meatballs and meatballs is allowed.

Under the ban in the acute period - raw vegetables and fruits, bread, coffee, cocoa, kvass.


Diet for chronic gastritis

Diet for gastritis excludes products with a high content of coarse fiber and all fat. Meals should not be hot, only a pleasant warm temperature. You can not overeat. Avoid fatty foods, pastries and strong coffee, exclude mushrooms. Eat cream soup, steamed meatballs and meatballs from meat and fish, vegetable stews, steamed omelets, jelly and dogrose broth for lunch. Morning start with oatmeal on the water or in half with milk and low-fat cottage cheese.

You are prohibited from smoked meats, offal, eat no more than 1 soft-boiled eggs per day. Drink vegetable and fruit juices, diluting them with water.

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Diet during exacerbation of gastritis

With the exacerbation of gastritis, the main thing is to fully and regularly eat. Useful divorced cream, cottage cheese, fruit soups, boiled meat, pasta, greens, sweet juices and mild cheeses. Cabbage, baking, fatty meat is prohibited. Vegetable refined oil is preferable to butter. Diet for gastritis includes mucous soups, steam omelets, jelly, steam cutlets, lean meat steamed, dried bread and pies, side dishes of cereals and vegetable puree, marshmallows and tea with milk. Culinary processing of products includes stewing and boiling. If you have low acidity, meat broths, mushroom broths, borscht are not forbidden. Eat meat in pieces or in the form of meatballs.

Diet during exacerbation of gastritis.

You can use unsalted ham and diet sausages, kefir, cottage cheese, some low-fat cream, pureed milk porridge and vegetable broth. Boiled vegetables, in the form of mashed potatoes and vegetable cutlets without a crust. Add vermicelli to the soup and make casseroles from it. Bread - yesterday's white and gray. Eat berries without peel, cook from them jelly, jelly. At low acidity allowed onions, dill and cumin. Drink 2 liters of liquid a day: tea with lemon, weak cocoa and jelly.

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Diet for atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis - inflammation and thinning of the gastric mucosa.

Recommendations to a patient with atrophic gastritis will be as follows: give preference to eating at room temperature, eat often, but slowly and slowly. Yesterday's white bread and pureed soups are good. Broth should be lean and free of spices. Permitted cereals: rice, buckwheat and semolina, but millet must be abandoned. Useful stewed vegetables and mashed potatoes. Diet for gastritis allows you to eat desserts and dairy products. Veal and lean fish are recommended.

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Diet with reflux gastritis

Reflux gastritis - a condition in which bile enters the stomach. Signs of gastritis reflux: dramatic weight loss, heaviness in the stomach, unpleasant taste in the mouth, constipation. The disease is diagnosed by a general analysis of blood, ultrasound of the liver and pancreas, fibrogastroscopy.

Diet for gastritis with a reflux component includes foods that are easily digested. Shown frequent meals fractional portions 5 times a day. Excluded honey and cold dishes, ice cream, desserts. Avoid fried fish, smoked meats, sausages, canned food and chocolate, black coffee, alcohol, stop smoking. Do not carry heavy weights and avoid stress.

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Diet for superficial gastritis

Today is a crazy rhythm of life, we are constantly in a hurry and eat dry. Simple superficial gastritis manifests itself in pain after eating and heartburn, coated tongue. Surely before the attack, you ate something hot or experienced stress.

Treatment of the mild form is often limited to diet. If you have Helicobacter pylori have been treated with antibiotics.

Give preference to liquid food. Have dinner 3 hours before bedtime. Avoid thick broths and spicy pickled foods. Eat meat boiled, fish only low-fat - cod, perch and pike. Fruit - in the form of juices and compotes. Love the porridge - such as in childhood. Diet for gastritis - the main remedy.


Diet for ulcerative gastritis

For ulcerative gastritis, refrain from eating hot. Give preference to boiled dishes. Coffee, cabbage, radish and sour fruits increase the production of hydrochloric acid, so eliminate them. Diet for gastritis prohibits smoked, mushrooms and seasonings. Useful mucous soups and pureed vegetables, vegetable puree, baked vegetables, jelly. Limit carbohydrates.

Diet for focal gastritis

With focal gastritis, necrosis of the stomach lining occurs. In the patient's body, there is a shortage of nutrients, pallor, anemia is noted, eyesight drops, as there is not enough vitamin A. The spicy, too hot and cold food is excluded from the menu, cereal with milk, cottage cheese and yesterday's baking are resolved. Atrophic gastritis is dangerous because it changes the structure of the gastric mucosa, and this can lead to cancer. The most common cause of focal gastritis are age-related changes. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori with provoking factors may cause inflammation followed by atrophy of the stomach tissue. Also often focal gastritis is combined with pancreatitis, especially in individuals with alcoholism. The patient feels heaviness in the stomach and dull pain, bitterness and unpleasant metallic taste, weakness and sweating.

Food with focal gastritis is steamed. It excludes spicy, fried, preserved, soda and candy, chocolate, alcohol.

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Diet for helicobacter gastritis

Diet for gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori, excludes sokogonnye products. The basis of the diet consists of whole milk dishes, pearl barley and oatmeal, vegetable soups, mashed potatoes, soft-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cheese and fruits.

In remission, boiled meat, potatoes, low-fat ham, cereal, sour cream are allowed. Canned foods, seasonings, fatty meats and alcohol are excluded.

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Diet for subatrophic gastritis

Patients with subatrophic gastritis increase the risk of stomach cancer. Such patients are shown a diet with gastritis at number 1a. It stimulates the repair of mucous membranes, reduces irritation, and spares the stomach. Food - dairy, with the exception of fish and mushrooms. The diet of two and a half kilograms is divided into 5 doses. It is allowed to eat some meat soufflé and mashed porridge, sweet juices and mousses, fermented milk dishes are excluded. Subatrophic gastritis requires observation and almost lifelong observance of the norms of therapeutic nutrition. Rumbling in the abdomen, pain in the lower abdomen and drowsiness should be a reason for you to see a doctor. He will prescribe FGS and a blood test. For life exclude fatty, spicy, rough food, cold or, on the contrary, very hot.

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Diet for hyperplastic gastritis

Diet for gastritis with the development of tissue hyperplasia excludes alcohol, salty dishes, cabbage, grapes, spicy dishes, mushrooms. It is recommended to eat rabbit, fish fillets, kefir, sweet fruit juices, currant decoction, compotes, mousses. Food consumed in small portions.

Often, hyperplastic gastritis occurs without symptoms. Occasionally, belching and heartburn are possible. The main method of detecting hyperplastic gastritis is gastroscopy.

In addition to the diet, it is useful to take 50 g of white clay after meals and Almagel - 1 tsp 4 times a day.

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Diet for anacid gastritis

The principles of diet for anacid gastritis, when the acid completely ceases to be produced, are very simple: first of all, we exclude fatty and fried foods. This recommendation is valid for all types of gastritis, and gastritis with zero acidity is no exception. Useful broths, pickles and increased consumption of salt in dishes, strong koumiss and canned food. Proteins and fats are introduced into the body so that they linger longer in the stomach. If food begins to ferment in the intestine, dairy products are introduced into the diet. Diet for gastritis with zero acidity allows coffee, ham, yogurt and scrambled eggs, fish, meat, vegetable soups, grapes, oranges, raspberries, stale bread, biscuits, fish sauces, compotes, jams, mousses, jelly.

Prohibited: fatty meat, spicy dishes, ice cream.

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Diet for weight loss with gastritis

What products should contain a diet for gastritis for a patient who wants to lose weight?

Do not refuse cereals. Instead of pasta, put cereals in soups. If you have low or no acidity, eat more kefir and cottage cheese. Exclude cream and sweet children's cheese, milkshakes, potatoes, beans. Useful boiled chicken and chicken.

Choose for yourself sparing exercise, ride a bike, walk a lot and run. It is undesirable to lose weight dramatically. It is necessary to eat fractionally, and chew food thoroughly.

Exclude fresh bread, spicy dishes.

In the article we tried to explain what a diet is for gastritis.

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