Diet with exacerbation of gastritis

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Diet with exacerbation of gastritis differs little from the principles of nutrition in acute gastritis, because in both cases, we are dealing with acute inflammation of the mucous tissues of the gastric cavity.

What is the essence of such a diet? What should you eat, and what should you limit yourself to? How correctly to make the menu that it was simultaneously various, tasty and useful at an exacerbation of a gastritis?

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What is the diet during the period of exacerbation of gastritis?

The stomach is difficult to work with inflamed walls, so when exacerbating gastritis on the first day, you must refrain from eating. It is recommended only to receive a warm liquid in the form of tea, mineral non-carbonated water, decoction of rose hips, about 2 liters per day. In the days that follow, the patient is allowed to take small amounts of steam and boiled products, without salt and spices. The basic principle of such nutrition - food should not irritate the mucous tissues of the stomach in any way, and therefore, be:

  • rubbed (without coarse pieces, which are difficult to digest);
  • not cold and not hot (only warm, about 35-40 ° C);
  • without aggressive for mucous substances (salt, pepper, acids, spices, etc.);
  • not fried (but only boiled or cooked in a double boiler);
  • not greasy;
  • without indigestible inclusions (chocolate, nuts, seeds, etc.).

In medicine, a diet with exacerbation of gastritis is designated as diet No. 5a, which is prescribed for gastritis, enteritis, colitis in the acute stage and during relapses.

Food is taken about 5 times a day, avoiding overeating and hunger. Strict diets usually stick to 1-2 weeks.

Menu diet for exacerbation of gastritis

We offer you an example of a seven-day diet menu with exacerbation of gastritis.

I day

  • Breakfast: Rice steam cutlets, a cup of tea with milk, cracker.
  • We have dinner: Soup-mashed potatoes, boiled meat with pasta, a cup of tea.
  • Dinner: Courgettes filled with boiled meat, fruit jelly.

II day

  • Lunch: Cottage cheese with lean sour cream, green tea.
  • We have lunch: Chicken soup, buckwheat cutlets with meat, apple compote.
  • Dinner: Fish fillet with potatoes in a double boiler, a cup of tea.

III day

  • Lunch: Pudding from manga, broth of wild rose.
  • Lunch: Vermicelli soup, chicken leg without skin in a double boiler, rice, a cup of tea.
  • We have supper: Carrot casserole with cottage cheese and sour cream, a cup of tea.

IV day

  • Lunch: Mashed oatmeal with butter, tea with chamomile.
  • Dinner: Rice soup, steamed meat with a barbecue, a cup of tea with milk.
  • Dinner: Portion of dumplings with cottage cheese and low-fat sour cream, jelly.

V days

  • Lunch: Curd casserole with strawberry jam, green tea.
  • We have lunch: Soup-puree from broccoli, steam potato zrazy with meat, compote.
  • Dine: Vegetable stew, a cup of tea.

VI day

  • We have breakfast: Omelet from egg whites for a couple, cracker, compote.
  • We have lunch: Soup with fish balls, pilaf with chicken, a cup of tea.
  • Dinner: Buckwheat porridge with a steamed crouton, berry compote.

VII day

  • Lunch: Curd casserole with honey, green tea.
  • We have lunch: Oat soup, stuffed potatoes with meat, a cup of tea.
  • We have supper: Vareniki with potatoes, vegetables, herbal tea.

In addition to basic meals, throughout the day it is recommended to do 2 more snacks. Such snacks are done in order to prevent the development of a feeling of hunger between meals. Snack should be easy and consist, for example, of the following dishes:

  • baked apples;
  • cottage cheese;
  • fruit jelly;
  • soufflé and puddings;
  • tea with crackers or biscuits;
  • yoghurt without additives;
  • banana or pear flesh.

All the days at night it is recommended to drink 100-200 ml of fresh kefir or natural yoghurt. During the day, you should use teas on herbs, with the addition of mountain ash, strawberry, nettle, dog rose, currant, chamomile, mint, yarrow.

Diet recipes for exacerbation of gastritis

When compiling the menu, you can use the following simple and useful recipes.

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Rice-Corn Soup

Ingredients: water 2 liters, potatoes 350 grams, rice 80 grams, a can of corn, 250 grams of chicken (fillets), greens, a little salt.

In the boiling water, add the diced meat, boil for 15 minutes on low heat. Rice boil for about 20 minutes.

Potatoes cut into a cube and sent to broth. When the potatoes are cooked, add the cooked rice, corn (without liquid), a little salt and greens to the pan. Turn off the fire. Let the soup brew for about 5 minutes, and pour into plates.

Carrot and curd casserole

Ingredients: 0,5 kg of cottage cheese, carrots 3 pieces, egg chicken 3 pieces, sugar 100 g, potato starch 1 tbsp. L., Butter 1 tablespoon. L., milk 150 ml, honey 3 tbsp. L., the mancha of 3 tbsp. L., a little salt, vanillin.

Peeled carrots rubbed on a grater and put in a saucepan. There we put oil, honey, milk and we quench until ready on low heat. We add manku, we keep on fire for another 3-4 minutes. Turn off the fire, pour some vanillin, set aside.

Cottage cheese is mixed with salt, eggs, sugar and starch. Add stewed carrot with carrot, mixed. Put it in a greased form and send it to the oven at 180 ° C for 35-45 minutes.

Such a casserole will become even more delicious if you pour on it with sour cream, honey or syrup.


Cream soup from a vegetable marrow and cauliflower

We will need: a small head of cauliflower, 1 zucchini (small), 2 small tomatoes, onions, greens, 50 ml of vegetable oil.

Vegetables are mine, we divide the cabbage into inflorescences, the squash is peeled. Cut the squash and cabbage into a cube with boiling water (approximately 250 ml). Boil until cooked.

Onions are cleaned, crumbled and let in vegetable oil. Add finely chopped tomatoes without peel, stew.

Ready vegetables and stewed tomatoes with tomatoes are combined and turned into a puree with a blender. Spill on plates, sprinkled with herbs. If desired, you can add a little sour cream or butter.

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Rice porridge with pumpkin

We need: pumpkin flesh ½ kg, rice 10 tbsp. L., sugar to taste (up to 100 g), butter 50 g.

Pumpkin cut into a cube and together with sugar cook with the addition of water. Cook the rice separately until cooked.

From the pumpkin we make mashed potatoes, add the cooked rice, butter. Ready porridge can be eaten immediately, but can be expanded into clay pots and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. Bon Appetit.

What can be eaten with exacerbation of gastritis?

In addition to the first day, when digestion is recommended to be unloaded, in the following days, diets are allowed to be consumed:

  • white bread (yesterday's), uneatable pastry (it is possible with stuffing from cottage cheese, eggs, rice, ground boiled meat);
  • the first dishes based on vegetable broths (or weak meat or fish, without fat), with the addition of cereals, vermicelli, boiled vegetables;
  • lean meat (preferably white), fish, dairy and children's sausages from natural meat;
  • boiled vegetables without peel;
  • cereals in water or with the addition of 1/3 of low-fat milk;
  • boiled pasta, puddings;
  • puree from apples or pears, jelly, non-acid compote, jelly, non-acidic jam;
  • omelet for a couple, soft-boiled egg;
  • sour-milk products (fresh);
  • tea, herbal infusions.

What you can not eat with exacerbation of gastritis?

  • fresh pastry, baking and puff pastry;
  • whole milk, okroshka, sour kefir;
  • animal fat in the form of fat, fatty meat;
  • smoked and canned products;
  • eggs fried or hard boiled;
  • spices, horseradish, mustard, etc .;
  • raw vegetables, garlic, onions, radish;
  • mushrooms and mushroom broth;
  • beans (beans, peas, etc.), millet and pearl barley;
  • chocolate, cakes, cakes, ice cream;
  • sour juices, carbonated drinks, store packaged juices;
  • melted fat, culinary fat.

Reviews of the diet with exacerbation of gastritis

As a rule, the exacerbation of gastritis occurs suddenly, and at first the patient has no appetite at all. This can be used: the vast majority of specialists recommend the first and often second day of exacerbation to last without food, using only liquid. In doing this, we allow the inflamed stomach to rest a little and recover.

But, starvation by starvation, and without further changes in nutrition will not work. Therapeutic diet should be observed for 1-2 weeks, until the stomach is fully normalized. During this diet, starving is strictly not recommended, however, as well as overeat. It is necessary to make a convenient meal plan for yourself, to eat a little, but every 2-3 hours. It can be light snacks, tea with crackers, cottage cheese, etc.

Is it worth reminding that alcoholic beverages, nicotine and other bad habits are not compatible with the treatment of gastritis. Moreover, all food should be as fresh as possible, vegetables and fruits - thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Diet with exacerbation of gastritis should continue as long as possible: do not rush to go back to the previous diet, otherwise the symptoms can quickly return. Long-term diet often helps to forget about relapses for a long time and feel great under any circumstances.

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