Can stew with gastritis?

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Last reviewed: 14.05.2022

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For patients with gastritis, the most appropriate methods of thermal culinary treatment of food during cooking are boiling (including steaming) and stewing. Therefore, stew for gastritis can be included in the menu of almost any diet for inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

The benefits of stews

Stewed meat and vegetables are useful, because during their heat treatment in this way - on low heat, under a lid - they retain a significant part of the vitamins (especially fat-soluble ones) and the macro- and microelements necessary for the body, but a smaller amount of fiber in vegetables reduces intestinal gas formation.

Since in most cases, patients with inflammation of the stomach, fresh (i.e. Raw) vegetables are contraindicated (except for periods of persistent remission), you can and should eat stewed vegetables for gastritis.

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Stewed potatoes with gastritis are prepared with the addition of a tablespoon of vegetable oil (best of all - olive oil) and grated or finely chopped carrots; water must be added at the beginning of cooking (the more potatoes, the more water).

You can also cook stewed zucchini for gastritis, and with low acidity - stewed onions for gastritis.

 Vegetable stew is considered a classic option for a  diet for gastritis.

In order not to increase the formation of gases in the intestines, stewed cabbage for gastritis, as well as stewed peppers for  gastritis with high acidity  , nutritionists do not recommend eating.

Contraindications apply to white cabbage, but you can eat cauliflower and broccoli, but it is better to boil or steam them.

And with  gastritis with low acidity  , stewed white cabbage can also be included in the menu. More information in the article -  Fresh, stewed and sauerkraut for gastritis: dishes and recipes

About whether it is worth eating stewed tomatoes with gastritis, more details in the publication -  Tomatoes for gastritis

Stewed meat for gastritis (veal, rabbit meat) does not overload the stomach and is better absorbed. Boiled chicken can be a little dry, and stewed chicken with gastritis is softer, juicier and tasty, and it cooks almost twice as fast.

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