How to increase the level of testosterone?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Before you learn how to increase the level of testosterone, let's figure out what it's all about.

The role of testosterone in the body is difficult to overestimate, because it is he who gives courage to our men, determining the appropriate signs and qualities, and women do not bypass: stress resistance, fertility, normal libido - all thanks to testosterone. This hormone is steroid in nature, it is synthesized by the body in the testes, adrenal glands, ovaries, placenta and liver.

Testosterone takes an active part in the formation of the male sexual sphere, in the regulation of potency, affects the production of spermatozoa.

Sometimes with age, or for other reasons, the amount of testosterone in the blood decreases, so you have to look for different ways to increase its level.

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Increased testosterone levels in men

Despite all the advantages of this steroid, as they say, everything is good in moderation. The increased level of testosterone in men is accompanied by rather negative signs: excessive erection, disorders of sexual excitability, excessive sexual desire. Reinforced hormone production is expressed in the psychoemotional sphere: possibly inadequate perception of reality, depressive or aggressive conditions, increased irritability, disorders of human social behavior. Sometimes, sleep disorders, unreasonable nervous breakdowns are added.

The reasons for a sharp increase in the amount of testosterone in men may be a wrong way of life, sexual dissatisfaction, complete absence of sexual contacts. More serious factors are tumors of testes, adrenal glands, disorders of thyroid function, as well as targeted intake of anabolic steroid hormones.

Strengthening the synthesis of testosterone in adolescence determines too early onset of puberty or congenital hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex.

Increased testosterone levels in women

The amount of testosterone in the female body is about ten times less than in the male body, but there are failures in the hormone synthesis system when the level of steroids rises sharply. This situation can have quite adverse consequences:

  • disorders of the menstrual cycle;
  • long-term infertility;
  • significant deterioration of the skin, hair and nails;
  • appearance of some masculine signs (change of voice, excessive hair vegetation on the body and face);
  • lack of adequate response to stressful situations, unmotivated aggressive state;
  • changes in sexual behavior;
  • with a pregnancy that has taken place, there is a risk of spontaneous interruption.

An increased level of testosterone in women can be observed in some natural life periods, for example, during ovulation or during pregnancy (the maximum level is in the third trimester).

There are also unfavorable factors of increasing the production of the hormone:

  • oncological diseases of the ovaries;
  • signs of excessive proliferation of adrenal cortex tissues;
  • congenital anomalies;
  • excessive reception of drugs for contraception.

Means that raise the level of testosterone

Means that increase the level of testosterone, usually used in sports nutrition as food additives. These are specially developed in scientific research tools that are used by sportsmen of power sports - heavyweights, bodybuilders, and contribute to the strengthening of muscle and power progress.

Let's get acquainted with the most popular drugs:

  • Tribulus pro - a herbal remedy, consists of active steroid saponins and plant styrenes, increases the amount of testosterone by more than 30% already during the first week of intake. It is taken with food, maximum two capsules per day;
  • Amidren - a complex agent that prevents the conversion of natural testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, is taken two tablets once a day with food;
  • T-Bomb is a remedy that activates the natural synthesis of progesterone by 400% (!) And maximizes its anabolic effect;
  • ZMA - increases the amount of total testosterone by an average of 30%, promotes the growth of muscle tissue in professional athletes;
  • Nutrex T-UP Black - enhances muscle building and fat burning, increases the amount of progesterone by 40% in two weeks. Take five capsules daily in a break between meals;
  • Dymatize Z-Force - a natural product containing trace elements of zinc, magnesium, vitamins B, C and E; gently but steadily increases the synthesis of testosterone. Assign three capsules on an empty stomach half an hour before bedtime.

Such products, which help to increase testosterone production, can be purchased at any sports nutrition store.

Drugs that raise the level of testosterone

Natural drugs that increase testosterone levels and regulate sexual function may have a wide variety of origins and composition. Some of them require constant course reception, while others are applied periodically:

  • tincture of ginseng - a well-known Asian remedy for male power;
  • the seahorse product is a traditional oriental medicine that enhances sexual attraction by stimulating the production of testosterone;
  • the preparation of the red root - the Altai fortifying agent, restores and improves the synthesis of steroids;
  • extract from long-leaved eurycoma - stimulates sexual function;
  • extract from a dwarf palm - activates the stimulation and productive function of hormonal processes in the body;
  • drugs yohimbine - perfectly and effectively affect the production of testosterone;
  • preparations of ginger - gently stimulate the production of the hormone;
  • wonderful drops Stratos sex - a natural preparation containing many of the above substances in their optimal combination, is able to maximally increase the amount of testosterone in the body.

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Tablets that raise testosterone levels

Preparations of steroid hormones are available in various dosage forms, including tablets; some consider this form more convenient to use, unlike drops or injections.

The most common drugs:

  • tribestane - steroid saponin, a natural component of the plant tribulus, perfectly stimulates the production of testosterone and sexual function. Take with meals three times a day for 1-2 tablets;
  • zyman is a vitamin preparation containing zinc, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, other excipients that increase the amount of steroids in the male body;
  • zincite - effervescent water-soluble tablets; active zinc sulphate, favorably acting on the male sexual sphere, replenishing the zinc reserve in the body, stimulating the function of the hormonal system;
  • impaza - sublingual tablets, stimulating the production of male sex hormones and enhancing sexual desire. One tablet is taken every other day;
  • yohimbe forte - the composition is supplemented by extracting the roots of ginseng, compounds of zinc and selenium.

Before applying any drugs that increase the testosterone content in the blood, it is recommended to pass tests to determine the hormonal balance. Based on their results, the doctor will assess the situation and, if necessary, prescribe the most appropriate drug.

Exercises that raise the level of testosterone

Sport and testosterone are practically inseparable concepts, but not all sports are "equally useful" for the normal production of male sex hormones. For normal sexual function, it is desirable to avoid some sports that contribute to a permanent effect on the inguinal zone and increased traumatization of male organs: cycling, equestrian sports,

To increase testosterone, the most suitable physical strength is physical activity - mainly exercises with dumbbells, barbells, weights. The greatest effect is observed from the deadlift and squats, and the more muscle groups are involved in the exercises, the more it will affect the production of testosterone.

Muscle loads should not be used more than four times a week, so as not to spend synthesized testosterone solely on the formation of musculature. The severity of the shells is selected individually.

A great benefit for optimizing the hormonal balance is regular yoga. For example, positions with a fixed maximum deflection of the back contribute to more intensive adrenal work and, correspondingly, increased testosterone production.

To increase the amount of male hormone, shuttle runs, hardening of the body and walrus are also recommended.

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Products that raise the level of testosterone

At the moment, many products are known to increase the level of testosterone:

  • First of all, these are seafood - various kinds of fish, as well as anchovies, mussels, shrimps, crabs, etc .;
  • meat products - any kinds of meat, preferably without the use of growth stimulants;
  • a variety of fruits - citrus fruits, apples, pears, bananas, grapes, etc .;
  • a variety of vegetables - all kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, root vegetables;
  • greens - parsley, dill, basil, mint, arugula;
  • berry - strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, sweet cherry;
  • any kind of nuts - walnuts, almonds, cedar;
  • any dried fruits in the form of dates, prunes, raisins, dried apricots;
  • cereals - oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley, bulgur, wild rice;
  • seasonings - chili, ginger, garlic, lemon pepper, cinnamon, curry;
  • vegetable oil - olive, sunflower, almond oil;
  • products of beekeeping - honey, zabrus, treacle, honeycomb.

In addition to using these products, it is also recommended to adhere to a diet with total refusal of alcoholic beverages, with the restriction of the use of salt and sugar. Coffee is allowed to be consumed, however, without fanaticism and only natural ground.

How to increase the level of testosterone naturally?

Many men are thinking about how to increase the level of testosterone naturally. The approach to resolving this issue should be comprehensive: it is the observance of diet, and exercise, and the right way of life.

The underlying factors for increasing the amount of testosterone are as follows:

  • the use of meat as a source of protein and zinc;
  • stimulation of lipid metabolism (eating nuts, vegetable oils, fish oil, seeds);
  • application of power loads (visiting the gym, performing exercises for the development of various muscle groups);
  • intake of vitamin C in the form of drugs or with food (citrus, kiwi, all kinds of cabbage);
  • frequent consumption of whole-grain cereals and legumes;
  • development of stress resistance of the nervous system;
  • full sleep and rest;
  • complete exclusion of smoking and drinking alcohol, including beer;
  • taking zinc-containing drugs or foods rich in this trace element (milk, liver, seafood).

Move more, lead an active lifestyle, temper your body, and the result will not take long to wait.

Herbs that raise testosterone levels

Herbs that increase testosterone levels are analogous to the male sex hormone. Among them there are adaptogenic plants, root crops and beekeeping products.

  • Aralia Manchu - a medicinal plant, is actively used to stimulate metabolic processes and the production of hormones. Usually, the infusion of aralia is prepared: 20 g of leaves or flowers are poured into a glass of boiling water, allowed to stand for 20 minutes. The filtered infusion is drunk on a third of a glass three times a day.
  • Zamaniha high - tincture of zamaniha roots is prepared from 70% alcohol. Pour 20g of roots per 100ml of alcohol, place for two weeks in a dark warm place, take 35 drops three times a day before meals.
  • Extract eleutherococcus - a very common drug in sports medicine, take it 30-35 drops before meals for a month.
  • Rhodiola rosea is a stimulant medicinal plant. Tincture is prepared from 50 g of roots and 500 ml of vodka, it is insisted for two weeks in a dark place. Take 25 drops three times daily before meals.
  • Schisandra - use the fruits of the plant, tincture is made from the calculation of 25g of raw materials per 100 g of alcohol, take 30 drops twice a day.

It is also recommended to eat the root of parsnip, parsley, horseradish, honey for 2 tablespoons a day.

If the amount of the male hormone can not be increased through exercise, adequate nutrition, or the use of alternative drugs, it is recommended that you visit a doctor who will evaluate your hormonal background and, if necessary, administer certain medications, explain how to increase testosterone levels.

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