Testosterone and Women

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Testosterone is very important for women. It is important not only because everyone wants to make love with the active participation of this hormone. There is still a lot of arguments in favor of testosterone.

Testosterone and Women's Health

If a woman has undergone ovarian surgery for 30 years, then in a percentage of 70% of women after a few years the hormone level decreases. It becomes almost the same as with menopause. The sad data.

It is especially troubling that women long remain deluded about their health. Friends and even doctors start to assure you, they say, it's okay if the operation is done to you at the age of about 30 years. You are told that your ovaries are still normal and will work qualitatively even up to 50 years. Do not believe it, such words are the delusions of people who probably do not have information.

Medical experts suggest that the hormones fall to a critically low level due to the fact that during removal of the uterus, the uterine artery was clamped and cut, resulting in poor blood flow to the ovaries. So, they will work badly and produce testosterone.

Expert opinion

If a woman embarks on estrogen therapy, the reserve and the total amount of testosterone, which previously freely circulated in the body - decreases, which leads to negative consequences. Estrogen increases the amount of protein globulin, which binds the sex hormones.

Globulin in the number of other roles binds a very large number, it can be said, the main dose of testosterone. This explains why after a hysterectomy most beautiful girls and women lose muscle weight, their body becomes flabby and ugly.

Due to a lack of testosterone, muscles decrease, body fat is added, sexual attraction, excitability and interest in the opposite sex are lost. Who would like this, please tell me?

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Adjust the hormone supply

The misconception is that people are accused of such sad outcomes of an operation. The truth is different. After the operation, it is necessary to take appropriate supplements in the correct amounts, depending on the characteristics of your body. If you take supplements containing testosterone and estradiol - partially make up for the lack of hormones. 

Do it doctor will help you.

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Women, you know?

Women, you know?

Many doctors can not regulate their opinion about whether to assign testosterone to women or not. By writing prescriptions to patients, they still do not know for sure whether testosterone should be included in the prescription, and therefore women may receive inadequate treatment. Dear women, do you know that you need testosterone, as well as your men?

Of course, in men the need for testosterone is much greater than that for women, but for women this hormone is simply vital to maintain order in the body. True, modern women are very enlightened and know what and how they need to do so that the hormonal level in the body is holistic and self-sufficient. Take hormone tests and find out the truth about your hormonal background.

When the doctor writes something out, be sure to consult with him and ask him to prescribe drugs that would compensate for the missing hormones and neutralize the excess of others.

Testosterone in moderation, love without borders

Having properly adjusted the amount of testosterone and other hormones necessary for a quality sexual life and happiness in general, try to love yourself, do not resort to critical situations with a hormonal background. Be happy, you will make this and others happy.

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