How to avoid pain during defloration?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Deflowers are afraid of girls, and many young men, because it is widely believed that it is accompanied by pain. In fact, the pain in defloration is not at all and not always - it depends on the anatomical features of the girl and the way the sexual act was performed. How to avoid pain during defloration? This can be done if you know how to properly conduct the first intimate contact.

How to avoid pain during defloration?

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How to reduce pain during defloration?

Whether pain in defloration and what it will be is affected not only by the elasticity of the hymen and the number of vessels in it. The more vessels and the stronger the hymen, the more painful it will be for the girl to part with innocence. But there is another important factor - the intensity of the entry of the penis into the vagina and the condition of the girl herself with it. If the girl is relaxed, and the man is also, and at the same time, he is confident in his actions, the sexual intercourse will not be so painful as when the partner strains.

How to properly conduct sexual intercourse during defloration?

The partner needs to enter the penis into the vagina to the end, and then take it out and not produce more frictions. In this case, if the hymen is ripped, the next penetration of the penis will be very painful. We must wait until the wound heals. As now the vagina and wound are open for infections - the risk of infection is maximal. At the sexual certificate or act which has the purpose defloration - rupture of a hymen - there is a technique of sex thanks to which the pain is minimal or it is not present. First, before the first night is worth stocking lubricants - lubricants with painkillers in the composition. This analgesic, as a rule, is lidocaine.

With lubrication, friction, and hence pain, is greatly reduced. To prevent unwanted pregnancy and infection of the partner with bacteria, which the partner does not even suspect, it is advisable to make the sexual act protected - to buy condoms. Many of the condoms protect the vagina additionally, because they are additionally covered with a lubricant with germicidal substances.

Do doctors need to stop bleeding?

As a rule, bleeding during defloration is small and passes without the help of doctors. But "smudge" can be up to 5 days. All this time you need to use special thin gaskets. Desirable natural, cotton, so as not to irritate the vaginal mucosa.

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Preliminary caresses before the first night

They should not be rude and long, because petting causes a strong blood flow to the genitals. This means that when the penis penetrates then it will hurt. To reduce pain during defloration, do not spend long love games. The inflow of blood to the genital organs of the girl also causes increased bleeding when the hymen ruptures, because it is densely permeated with small blood vessels.

In addition, prolonged affection before the first intercourse can greatly increase the nervous excitability of the girl, and then the pain at rupture of the hymen will be stronger. The feeling of pain during defloration usually does not allow the girl to experience orgasm, as it blocks the feeling of pleasure. Therefore, a man needs to be prepared for the fact that with the defloration of orgasm she will not receive. But preliminary caresses should be done gently, with understanding of the girl's subtle emotional organization.

Correct posture during defloration

It is very important to minimize pain when ripping a hymen. You can apply the so-called "missionary" posture, in which the girl lies on her back, and her legs are moved apart towards the partner and bent at the knees. But it is important to prepare a small cushion, put it under the buttocks. Why exactly such a pose, not another? How is it useful?

The fact is that with the usual position lying on the back, only the upper part of the vaginal opening opens, and when the penis penetrates, the clitoris can be damaged. In addition, straightened legs do not allow the partner to penetrate deeply. Therefore, the hymen with this position only stretches, and there is no way to break it. In this case, both the girl and her partner suffer. In addition, the girl will defend herself from pain, push her partner, move her hips, and full sexual intercourse may not work out - the hymen can remain untouched, but there will be a lot of pain.

If the girl's buttocks are padded, the entrance to her vagina opens, and the hymen is stretched, and it is much easier to tear - the pain sensations will not be so long and strong. To further minimize pain, knees when coitus (penetration of the phallus) should be tightened as close as possible to the chest. The pristine will be stretched at the very entrance to the vagina, and it will be much easier to tear. To partner it was easier to do this, the partner should relax muscles as much as possible and make a move towards the partner's movement. This can shorten the time of rupture of the hymen to seconds. So, the pain with defloration, too.

For a man, the ideal posture is when deflating - when he kneels between the legs of the partner who are parted. At this moment, he will be able to hold her by the hips with his hands and fully control the situation, not allowing the partner to move away and cause pain to herself. Avoid pain during defloration, if both partners do not act blindly, and follow our simple advice.

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