Hymen: What do men need to know?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Many men know about the hymen only what it is. But this small body of the female body is full of mysteries and secrets that can be revealed. If only carefully read about the anatomical features of the hymen.

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What is a hymen?

This is a small fold, which consists of the mucous membrane located in the vagina. The hymen is not completely hermetic - it is partially open to menstrual flow. That is, it has small holes for this purpose. At some girls the hymen is too small, at others - the big on the area.

The hymen is permeated with a variety of blood vessels, which is why, in principle, blood appears when it ruptures. The blood of this may be more or less - depending on the anatomical features of the hymen. Bleeding may be stronger or weaker and take place within 1-5 days. These days you need to use hygiene pads.

When is the hymen ripped?

It can be ripped due to masturbation, as well as physical activity. Types of sports activities, because of which the hymen can be ripped, it's cycling, horseback riding, riding a motorcycle. Thus, even with a hymen ripped, a girl can be innocent, but many people do not believe in it. Because of the lack of information and dense, I suppose.

If the hymen is tightly stretched before the sexual intercourse and is not stretched during physical exertion, it will easily rupture during sexual intercourse and the correct posture. This correct posture can be the position of a girl on her back with legs slightly tucked up to her chest. Thus, the hymen is stretched and easily pierced. With defloration, a girl may have pain, or may not be - depends on her elasticity and the characteristics of the sexual intercourse, as well as on how much the girl was relaxed.

If the hymen is not torn in any way with the help of a phallus, you need to see a doctor for surgical removal. It is painless, carried out within 15 minutes under local anesthetics. And the girl can go home safely.

The causes of pain during the first sexual intercourse

Many girls are afraid of the first sexual intercourse for the reason that coition causes them pain. To make this pain less or remove completely, because it blocks the acquisition of pleasure, you need to know about the sexual intercourse a little more. Causes of pain at rupture of a hymen can be its or her bad elasticity and zazhatost the girl during sex.

What is a hymen?

The girl before the sexual intercourse can make her nerve more elastic, moving her finger in the vagina or giving this opportunity to the man. And the pain during sex can be associated with an insufficient excitation of the girl. Therefore, grease from the vagina is allocated or almost not released. And this means that you need to use chemist's grease or continue the love game to 15 minutes, so that the girl is quite excited. If the excitation is sufficient, the blood flow to the genital organs increases, the girl at this time expands and lengthens the vaginal canal, and this causes the release of lubricant in large quantities. Then the sexual act will be more comfortable for both.

It happens that the girl has little lubrication, and then the sexual act, and therefore defloration, can be very painful. Then you need to use lubricants, but they also need to know more about them. If you use a lubricant and a condom during defloration, you need to take into account some features. At the first sexual intercourse the girl has a huge probability to become pregnant. But if you use an oil based lubricant and latex condom, then from this lubricant it can stretch and tear. Therefore, when using latex condoms, you need to buy a lubricant on a water basis - it does not destroy latex.

However, you can just buy condoms, which have already been treated with grease. This greatly facilitates sexual intercourse. In addition, these lubricants, as a rule, are bactericidal, which protects both from infection.

When a couple should turn to a gynecologist?

If a couple has little knowledge in the genital area, both the girl and the guy can consult a sexologist or gynecologist for advice before the first sexual intercourse. The doctor will tell you which contraceptives should be used and how best to conduct the sexual act. Also. Before conducting intercourse it is not superfluous to be convinced, whether there are at both infections of genitals and problems with reproductive system.

The girl after the first sexual intercourse may experience bleeding, which passes by itself, without medical assistance. But if this bleeding is too strong or does not stop more than 5 days, you need to see a doctor. Medical assistance will be required if the girl does not get pain more than 2-3 days after sexual intercourse, but only intensifies. 

The hymen is not an obstacle to a full sexual intercourse, if a couple has at least a minimum knowledge of its characteristics.

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