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How to distinguish a false fungus from the present?

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

A false mushroom looks like a real one, that is, in fact, it is a double of an edible fungus. Annually in a season of gathering the numerous cases of a poisoning are registered. To avoid this fate, you need to know the main distinctive features of edible and false mushrooms.

White mushroom, or boletus - is one of the most valuable and noble species of mushrooms. It is salted, boiled, dried, fried, marinated. His false fellow is called the bile fungus. In appearance, they practically do not differ. But if you carefully consider the bottom of the cap, you can see significant differences. A false mushroom has a bottom of a cap with a pink tinge. Breaking the bile fungus, you can see a pinkish hue. The real white fungus does not change color. If the mushroom picker mistakenly places at least one bilious mushroom in the basket, all the dish prepared from the prey can be simply thrown out. It will be saturated with bitter taste. To poison a false white fungus is impossible, but it is impossible to eat cooked food.

How to distinguish a false fungus from the present?

The podberezovik tastes like a white fungus. The color of the hat is dark or mottled. False birch bark has a fairly light color, with a break appears pink. The leg contains seals.

Opyat are ideal for cooking almost any dish. They are salted, marinated, caviar, roasted, boiled. Unfortunately, such popular mushrooms have a dangerous double. You can distinguish a false detonation by the bright yellow color of the cap and the plain discs. If you break the mushroom and sniff, the real smell will produce a pleasant mushroom smell. False sponge smells of earth, mud, swamp, wood, but not mushrooms.

Champignons collected in the forest can be confused with a pale toadstool. If you carefully examine the real mushroom, you can see brown, brownish or pink plates. The toadstool has plates of completely white color. Poisoning pale toadstool is very dangerous for life, so you need to carefully consider the appearance of the fungus and only then put it in the basket.

The most important rule of the mushroom picker is not to take what causes the slightest suspicion, to put in the basket only familiar mushrooms that have characteristic signs of these. Failure to comply with a simple rule can lead to the most serious consequences.

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