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Cancer can be cured with apricots

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Last reviewed: 07.02.2019

American experts are convinced that the substance contained in the nuclei of apricots is able to treat malignant tumors. This medicine is available to everyone, but pharmaceutical companies are slow to promote it to the market: it is much more profitable to sell a lot of other, more expensive and less effective medicines.

It's about vitamin B 17 : its other names are laetryl or amygdalin. The ability of this substance to treat cancer processes has been known for a long time. Now scientists are blaming the pharmaceutical industry for making this drug inaccessible to people by prohibiting its use.

Specialist-oncologist Edward Griffin confirms the fact that for today in developed countries physicians can offer a lot of alternative methods of combating oncology - both traditional and non-traditional. Such methods can include treatment with vitamin B 17. But leading pharmaceutical corporations are doing everything to ignore such options for the treatment and prevention of malignant tumors.

Vitamin B 17 was first identified in the XIX century. Since 1845, it has been used as a cure for cancer in Russian hospitals, and since 1920 - in America. A more thorough study of amygdalin led to the fact that he was recognized as a toxic substance for humans.

Nevertheless, in 1950 scientists patented the chemical non-toxic form of the vitamin, which was given the name "laetril". The resulting substance was approved for use in 27 US states.

But after that the drug was subjected to a new wave of criticism: many experts claimed about its inefficiency and even harm for a person. Now scientists are trying to prove that in those years there was a kind of a conspiracy between pharmaceutical corporations, leading physicians and the US FDA.

Scientists continue to assert that vitamin B 17 is the strongest preventive and medicinal product against malignant neoplasms.

Researcher John Richardson points out that amygdalin is present in large quantities in apricot kernels. Ungrasly bones, which in most cases are discarded after the use of apricots, are recognized as an excellent preventive and medicinal anti-cancer agent.

In addition to apricots, amygdalin is found in smaller quantities in hot chili peppers, champignons, turmeric, vegetable food, flax seeds, aloe juice, chia seed and even in sunflower seeds.

Many world oncologists successfully practice the use of medicines based on the extract of apricot kernels. Most often, the treatment is carried out by the method of the Mexican doctor Ernesto Contreras. This method has existed for at least three decades, so at the moment there are enough cases of positive long-term results of therapy. Correct application of the vitamin leads to regression of tumors in half of patients with diagnosed 4 degree of oncological process. If the malignant disease is detected in a timely manner, then 70% of patients manage to stop the cancer process.

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