Ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract

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Where to make ultrasound of the stomach, who is prescribed this procedure, and how the study is going, we will consider these questions. With the help of ultrasonic scanning it is possible to investigate the thickness of the mucous and muscular layer, the diameter of the lumen of the pyloric canal, the volume of the contents of the organ in different time periods, the signs of ulceration and other mucosal defects.

Ultrasonic scanning of the stomach, in contrast to endoscopy or fluoroscopy, gives complete information about the condition of the organ. Diagnosis determines the presence of polyps and tumors, scirrhous intramural forms of cancer, the intensity of bile flow and blood flow in the arteries.

The procedure is performed on an empty stomach. During the study, the doctor studies the structure and functioning of the stomach at rest. After this, the patient drinks 500-700 ml of water and the study continues. The doctor is studying the motor-evacuation function. Based on the results of the diagnosis, the patient receives information about the condition of the organ and recommendations for the attending physician.

Who to contact?

Where to make an ultrasound of the stomach?


  • Clinic "Ultrasound Pro" - st. Baggovutovskaya, 38, ph. (044) 331-91-11.
  • The network of medical clinics "Viva" - ul. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • The diagnostic center "Omega Kiev" - Mayakovsky Avenue, 70, tel. (044) 548-60-90.
  • Medical Center "City Clinic" - Nauka Avenue, 30, tel. (044) 502-20-00.
  • "Academy of your health" - st. Krasnogvardeyskaya, 12.


  • Clinic "Be Healthy" - Komsomolsky prospect, 28, tel. (495) 926-63-51.
  • Medical Center "Diagnostics" - st. Picturesque, 14/1.
  • Polyclinic number 2 named. Semashko - st. Zhitnaya, 10, tel. (499) 194-30-00.
  • Family medical center - st. Pererv, 39.
  • KM MED CENTER - ul. 1st Brestskaya, 13/14, tel. (495) 626-46-51.

St. Petersburg:

  • Center for Ultrasound Diagnostics - Udarnikov Avenue, 21, tel. (812) 244-53-34.
  • Hospital of St. Great Martyr George (the first surgical department) - Severny prospect, 1, tel. (812) 511-09-64.
  • MedSwiss Medical Center - Gakkelevskaya, 21A, tel. (812) 318-03-03.
  • "Inklinik" - the 9th line, 34, (812) 715-77-44.
  • Family clinic "Poem of Health" - st. Asafiev, 9/2, tel. (812) 308-88-03.

Where can I make an ultrasound of the intestine?

Where can I do an ultrasound of the intestine, how is this procedure and what indications for its conduct, we will consider these questions. Ultrasound examination of the intestine is considered one of the most informative methods of examining the internal organ. Ultrasound is painless and safe, with its help mono detect cystic neoplasms and Crohn's disease, distinguish a healthy appendix from a sore, recognize benign and malignant tumors.

Before carrying out the research, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations. First of all, it is compliance with dietary nutrition, that is, the rejection of products that cause excessive gas formation, carbonated beverages, flour and fiber-rich vegetables. In addition, it is recommended to clean the intestines with laxatives or to make a cleansing enema.

Usually, ultrasound is carried out in the morning, on an empty stomach. Addresses of medical centers:

In Kiev:

  • Medical clinic "Stolichnaya" - st. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 599-00-03.
  • The network of medical clinics "Viva" - ul. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • Medical Center "Euroclinic" - st. Melnikova, 16, tel. (044) 483-48-34.
  • Clinic "Ultrasound Pro" - st. Baggovutovskaya, 38, ph. (044) 331-91-11.
  • Clinic "Olgerd" - boulevard of Academician Vernadsky, 36, tel. (044) 422-95-05.

In Moscow:

  • The Center of US "Best US" - Boulevard Nikitsky, 12, tel. (495) 213-82-04.
  • Clinic "Niarmedic" - Marshal Zhukov Ave., 38, ph. (495) 617-11-71.
  • National Medical and Diagnostic Center - ul. Skotoprogonnaya, 31, tel. (495) 989-26-94.
  • Medical Center Atlas - Kutuzovsky Avenue, 34, tel. (495) 255-27-51.
  • Clinic of medical innovation "Medinnov" - ul. Gilyarovsky, 50, tel. (495) 255-04-49.

In St. Petersburg:

  • Center for Ultrasound Diagnostics - Udarnikov Avenue, 21, tel. (812) 244-53-34.
  • "Modern Diagnostic Clinic" - st. Ushinskogo 5/1, tel. (812) 424-12-21.
  • OSM "Department of Family Medicine" - ul. Professor Popov, 27.
  • "Inclinik" - the line 9-th VO, 34/601, tel. (812) 389-21-02.
  • Medical Center "Longevity" - st. Bronnitskaya, 15, tel. (812) 389-24-67.
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