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Sacroiliac joint

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Last reviewed: 19.11.2021

The sacroiliac joint (art sacroiliaca) is formed by the ear-shaped surfaces of the hip bone and sacrum. The joint capsule is thick, tightly tied, attached to the edges of articular surfaces, fused with the periosteum of the pelvic bone and sacrum.

Bundles that strengthen the joint, thick, firm. Ventral (anterior) sacroiliac ligaments (ligg. Sacroiliaca anteriora) connect the anterior edges of the articulating surfaces. The posterior side of the capsule is strengthened by dorsal (posterior) sacroiliac ligament (ligg. Sacroiliaca posteriora). The most solid are the interosseous sacroiliac ligaments (ligg. Sacroiliaa interossea) located on the posterior surface of the joint and connecting both articulating bones. The ileo -lumbar ligament (lig. Iliolumbale) also connects the transverse processes of the IV and V lumbar vertebrae to the iliac hock. According to the shape of articular surfaces, the sacroiliac joint is flat. Movement in it, however, is almost impossible. This is due to the complex relief of the articulating surfaces, tightly stretched joint capsule and ligaments.

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