Rapid and effective treatment of scabies at home

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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It would seem that the days when the dirty and unwashed working people were languishing from half-starved life and scabies had long ago passed away. But scabies are still associated with dirt and unscrupulousness, which is not entirely true. In fact, it is not difficult even for someone who actively cooperates with water and soap to pick up an itch mite, which is the cause of severe itching. And if scabies are not treated, then in a few days the itch will start to torment all family members, because the disease is very contagious, although it is completely curable by alternative methods. But the treatment of scabies at home should be carried out in accordance with certain requirements, otherwise no effective prescriptions will not be able to stop the housing epidemic.

How to identify scabies?

Scabies are a very contagious disease, caused by a microscopic parasite the size of a poppy seed. Scabies mite has a light body color, so to notice it on the skin (and even more so under it) is quite problematic.

Mention of this disease with its roots goes so deep that it is difficult to imagine. They can be found in the pages of the Bible (Old Testament) and in the writings of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. But in those days and much later people did not yet know the cause of the strange itching on the skin, considering the disease as an infection, allegedly given as punishment for sin.

The fact that the causative agent of the disease is not a heavenly punishment, but a completely terrestrial parasite - an itch mite, humanity recognized only at the end of the 17th century after the invention of the microscope. And described in all the details of scabies was already in the middle of the 19th century by the German dermatologist F. Hebra.

Infectious mites can be infected mainly with prolonged skin contact (sexual games and copulation, strong long handshakes, contact sports, children's "hugs", sleeping in one bed, etc.). The transmission of the tick by household means has also previously been considered quite probable. In fact, outside the body of the host, a parasite of the genus arachnids at room temperatures and moderate humidity can survive no more than 1.5 days, so the probability of such infection is very low.

Nevertheless, people living in the same apartment and spending time in the same bed are exposed to a real danger of both contact and domestic infection. Therefore, the treatment of scabies in one person at home should be considered the business of the whole family, and include preventive measures to prevent infection.

It must be said that the probability of "sheltering" scabies is higher in the autumn-winter period. It is during this period that the mites actively multiply. They are attracted by the reduction in the secretion of sweat glands of people, because human sweat contains some antimicrobial components that adversely affect the activity of the itch mite. Plus, when it's cool, people often cling to each other to keep warm.

Scabby mite loves cool air and moisture, which contributes to their increased activity. But the frost can kill a small parasite almost instantly (like boiling water), because of which it actively strives to find housing "with heating and conveniences". This is best for this. Human body.

But the tick does not settle very much on the skin, it strives to penetrate it. Males in this plan is less lucky. Their role immediately upon maturity is to impregnate the female, after which the unfortunate individuals of the male die within 24 hours. Females can live from 1 to 1.5 months, each day laying 2-3 eggs in specially dug in the skin.

On the surface, the female appears only late at night or at night, and then only to meet the call of nature and its destination - increasing the number of parasites. It is in this time period that the probability of getting scabies is especially high, because the tick is not particularly devotion to its owner.

As for scabies and uncleanliness. According to statistics, in our country, itch is especially common not among adult homeless people who almost never wash themselves, but in the student circle, which is promoted by high sexual activity of young people, and not by lack of body hygiene. Behind the students are teenagers, junior schoolchildren, a kindergarten and, last but not least, adults.

And yet some connection between the impure body and the itch mite is seen. Clean people are sick less often because they are more difficult to get infected. A female mite needs about half an hour to penetrate the epidermis, and during this time it can be easily washed off with water into the sewer. And the disease in clean people is less pronounced for the same reason that many of the adults that have grown up and appear on the surface are simply removed due to evening hygiene procedures.

If you look superficially, the main symptoms of scabies are itching and a rash on the body. These symptoms can hardly be called specific, because they are typical for many skin pathologies. But looking closely, it can be seen that the itching has a certain cyclicity, intensifying only in the evening and at night, when the ticks operate on the surface of the skin and inside it. After laying eggs, the female resting during the day, and the itching also ceases.

In addition, under the upper layer of the epidermis you can see thin whitish moves, which can go straight or bend at different angles. It is in these courses that females lay eggs, from which in a couple of days hatch larvae will hatch, and in another 10 days they will become full grown adults who themselves will start to create offspring.

Where can you find itch moves? Yes, anywhere on the human body, but most of the tick likes the interdigital space on the hands and the side surfaces of the fingers, groin (especially in men) and wrist joints. And this is not surprising, since most of the infections occur either as a result of sexual contacts, or through the hands. A mite simply does not make sense to travel around the body, so he leads a sedentary life where he landed.

In those places where females penetrate the skin, vesicles and pustules are formed, which itch greatly. But the appearance of rashes on the body is associated not so much with punctures in the skin as with the response of the human immune system. In other words, it is an allergic reaction to substances secreted by the tick in the process of vital activity.

As for the intradermal passages of the itch mite, they are not always visible, therefore a person can associate rashes and itching with other pathologies. The intensity of itching can also be different. The more sexually mature individuals on the body, the more intense the rash and itching. Proceeding from this, a person can simply not pay attention to single mites, associating rare small pimples with other parasites.

But on the other hand, too impressionable individuals can take for an itch an usual urticaria or bites of bed fleas. It is clear that the treatment of allergies will not lead to the destruction of ticks.

As we see, despite the specific symptoms of scabies, diagnosis should still be done not by the patient, but by a qualified dermatologist. Otherwise, time, money and nerves can be wasted. And it is good, if treatment will end even without complications.

So, before dealing with the treatment of scabies in the home, with the appearance of suspicious symptoms in the form of nocturnal itching and rash on the body immediately seek medical attention. Yes, another specific symptom of scabies is the appearance of itching on the body in almost all family members after some time (the fact is that the incubation period of the disease is 1-1.5 weeks, until the symptoms are absent). But is it worth waiting for the appearance of this symptom to make sure that you are dealing with scabies?

Is it possible to treat scabies at home?

Since scabies are considered a very contagious disease, the idea is to isolate a sick person from healthy family members. In the hospital, the illness is treated literally in 4 days, but many still consider this disease to be shameful, indicating unscrupulousness, and prefer to be treated at home. Still, treatment in the hospital involves a sick leave, and then at work, at school, kindergarten, etc. Find out why the person was absent.

It is this reason that stops many patients and makes you look for such remedies that you can use at home. Yes, and the state of health of a person in the daytime can be considered satisfactory, which allows you to study and work fruitfully, and in the evenings to be engaged in the treatment of the disease.

Treatment in a hospital implies the use of acaricides: budget ointments "Benzyl benzoate" and "Sulfur Ointment", not cheap aerosol "Spregal", a far from insecure pesticide "Lindan", banned abroad, low-toxic drug "MediFox", etc. In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed and antihistamines, and if due to scratching in the wound, the infection also got antimicrobial drugs.

In principle, getting rid of a tick in hospital conditions with proper therapy and hygiene and some insulation is not particularly difficult. But is it possible to use an equally effective treatment for scabies at home?

Recall that the mite lives mainly on the skin and in the epidermal layer of it, and therefore, preparations for the destruction of the parasite are prescribed primarily for external use. But nothing prevents such drugs not used in the hospital, but at home. Moreover, the treatment is carried out only in the evenings, when the mites are most active, besides on the surface of the skin are not only males, but also females.

And after learning that not only unsafe scabicides can be used to treat scabies, but also natural non-medicinal substances (products, hygiene products, etc.) that do not harm the body, many do not even think of going to the hospital, practicing scabies treatment with alternative means in home conditions.

Do not rush to blame people for their folly. These are our prejudices and prejudiced attitude towards people with skin diseases that force them to look for different methods of treatment that make it possible to hide the diagnosis. But on the other hand, why not try to be treated at home, even if doctors do not really have anything against it. The only thing they insist on is compliance with certain preventive measures, with which we now get acquainted.

How correctly to treat a scabies at home?

Scabies, like any infectious disease (and we are talking about parasitic infection), requires a special approach to treatment. After all, until the last of the kind of scabies in the living quarters is exterminated, none of the residents can be calm for their health. So, the first thing to do is to take all measures to prevent the infection of family members and unintentional guests.

As soon as one of the family members was diagnosed with scabies, all residents of the apartment immediately turn out to be under suspicion. Someone may not have had time to get infected yet, while others are still asymptomatic carriers of the tick, whose disease will manifest later, when the immune system is activated and will begin to fight the alien substance secreted by ticks to penetrate the epidermis. But anyway, all family members are in close contact with each other, which means they are in danger.

You do not need to shout "you're contagious" after an unpleasant news and close in a separate room. We must understand the problem and understand it with joint efforts.

To begin with it is necessary to spend general cleaning in an apartment. The advantage is given to wet cleaning, because allergens can also be found in house dust, which only complicates the condition of the patient whose immune system is already overly active.

It will be necessary to change bed linens and bedspreads on all beds and sofas (it is possible that they can still have live parasites). The same applies to underwear.

On the Internet, you can meet the advice of all the laundry is not just a wash, but also boil, which is quite logical, given that the itch mite kills at an instant, and at a temperature of 60 degrees only for an hour. But here about the subsequent ironing the hot iron, we can say that it is necessary only for those things that can not be boiled.

For your own peace of mind, before beginning treatment, you should pay attention to household items that can not be boiled or washed in any way (soft furniture, carpets, some types of clothes, etc.). There are special means with which any surface can be treated as a disinfectant. When it comes to a scabies mite, "A-Par" aerosol has proved to be a good one. In winter, in cold weather, some things can be carried out on the street, where in a short time all the parasites will die.

Treatment of scabies at home implies also the purity and hygiene of the body. Doctors recommend taking a shower before the treatment. It is better that the water is hot, but not much. Hot water will make ticks less active and they will be easily removed from the surface of the body. In addition, such a hygienic procedure will promote the opening of pores, which will allow drugs to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. It is better to take a shower in the evening, so that the females will also hit the females that appeared on the surface in search of a pair.

Dermatologists believe that if only one member of the family is sick with scabies, the whole family should be treated simultaneously. The use of antiparasitic drugs on the skin will prevent infection or stop the propagation of mites on the root, if the infection has already occurred, but the symptoms have not yet appeared.

Personal hygiene in the case of scabies is the main condition for the successful and rapid disposal of parasites. And this applies to all family members. If possible, you should also change daily underwear, which should be regularly washed (or boiled) and ironed.

But most importantly, during the treatment of a patient with scabies should sleep in a separate bed. This regime should be followed for about a week and a half to ensure that all parasites are destroyed. It is necessary to remain only one pair of ticks or even a pregnant female, so that the treatment had to start again.

Alternative remedies for scabies

Everyone can have their own reasons not to resort to the help of medicines in the treatment of scabies in the home. Someone's singing romances, and others just do not want to poison themselves along with the parasites.

Particularly sensitive to the safety of pharmacy products are moms of babies who brought scabies from a kindergarten or a playground. Although it is believed that scabicides are dangerous primarily for small parasites, it is still a poison, and a caring mother is very difficult to convince the safety of such a medicine for her baby.

Alternative means in these cases cause more confidence. In addition, in your kitchen and bathroom you can always find a suitable tool without spending an extra penny. Such means certainly will not cause harm to health, although treatment with them may be longer than medication.

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Useful vegetables

Onion and garlic, are there even more effective antimicrobial and antiparasitic products of plant origin. We are accustomed to use these burning vegetables for the prevention and treatment of colds and helminths, but they are also useful for getting rid of scabies. The main thing is to properly prepare homemade medicine, because they are not used as an independent tool that can burn the skin, but in combination with other useful substances.

Let's start with the recipe for onion and garlic soap. The fact that  soap  is one of the best and cheapest antiseptic is known to many, but it is likely that they know that it is able to help with scabies. True, the effectiveness of this tool will be many times greater, if you add to it antiparasitic vegetables - onions and garlic.

How to do it? To begin with, a solid mass of soap will be made more plastic, so that it can be mixed into additional components. Plastic soap will be, if it is rubbed with a grater, add a little water and send to a weak fire.

This time on a grater or in a blender, we grind the middle head of onions and the same amount of garlic. Soap is mixed until uniform, remove it from heat and add onion and garlic mass. Once again we kneaded and leave to cool, giving a comfortable shape.

Where to use such a soap? Of course, for washing hands, feet, genitals, and the whole body. Evening hygiene measures with a piece of onion-garlic soap will be more effective in terms of getting rid of parasites than ordinary washing with water with bath soap.

That's how you use  onions with garlic from scabies while treating the disease at home. But it must be said that the onions did not find such a wide application to combat the itch mite, like garlic.

Onions as a cure for mites are used mainly as a therapeutic compress. We take a few bulbs, cut them into large pieces and boil them in water until they are soft enough to make a mashed potatoes. Paste the onion on the skin in the evening, leaving for half an hour or more.

Garlic can be found in many alternative recipes, which are used from scabies and ringworm. Some of them are abstruse and sophisticated, while others are simple in execution and do not require any unique components.

Here, for example, is a rather brutal method of combating itching on the basis of garlic. Vegetables grind into a gruel or squeeze out the juice from it, wipe the affected areas of the skin with the composition. On top, we apply a mixture of freshly squeezed juice from burdock root and powdered charcoal (preferably birch) and rub it into the skin for half an hour.

Somewhat abstruse? Well, then we burn 3 heads of garlic, we move the ashes with soft butter and molasses. All components are taken in equal quantities. This ointment daily lubricate affected areas and nearby areas of the skin.

Or another recipe based on mustard oil. Take 100 g of peeled garlic, crush it in a gruel and add to 2 cups of mustard oil, which is used for cooking, and for hair care. After boiling the mass over a small fire for a quarter of an hour, remove, cool and filter. By this composition in the evenings we process the skin until all the manifestations of the disease disappear.

Instead of mustard, you can use more familiar in everyday life sunflower oil, adding a couple of peeled and chopped garlic heads to the glass of oil. The inconvenience of this prescription can be considered the need to insist the medicine for a whole week. Use the drug twice a day. Wash off the oily liquid from the skin no earlier than an hour with water and soap.

For treatment of affected surfaces, a lotion based on apple cider vinegar and garlic is perfectly suitable. It's not difficult to cook it. It is enough to add a few sticks of a burning vegetable to a glass of vinegar and to insist for 8 hours in the cold, and the medicine is ready.

By the way, for rubbing the skin you can use a regular broth of garlic in water. The fact is that the smell of garlic is unpleasant for itch parasites, so they will hasten to leave such a haven, and outside the human body will soon perish.

Probably, such medicines will not be very appreciated by many readers because of the expressed specific smell of garlic in them, but health requires no less sacrifices than beauty. Although there are many other recipes in which garlic is not used.

Here,  tomatoes, it turns out, can also be effective against scabies if they are warmed for 20 minutes in a frying pan with vegetable oil. Oil of sunflower seeds is taken in the amount of 1 cup (250 ml). Fresh ripe tomatoes need to take a pound. After the mass is cooked, it is decanted and used to treat only the liquid part. The thick can be used in a dressing for borsch.

Wipe the skin with tomato oil three times a day, so that the treatment took no more than a week.

Maybe this recipe is not considered as popular as others, but it's worth it even if it's absolutely safe for health.

We go to the kitchen

In principle, if you liked the prescription lotion, you can assume that you are already there. And since we are talking about vinegar, we will consider several more options for a medicine for scabies based on this substance with acrid taste and odor.

From ticks it is considered effective even pure vinegar without additives. It is recommended to lubricate the places of parasite accumulation a couple of times a day for two weeks or use vinegar in the form of a compress, moistened with a soft natural cloth. When treated with this remedy, unpleasant sensations may occur, but harm will not result in vinegar.

For people with sensitive skin and children, vinegar, however, is not very suitable. But its apple variant can be used even for the treatment of small children, for rinsing, taking 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water. Adults may not dilute apple cider vinegar at all or add quite a bit of water.

Apply  apple cider vinegar from scabies after bathing (showering), rubbing the body with a sponge or pouring it with vinegar. Wash off the product based on apple cider vinegar can be only in the morning, but it's not scary, because it does not have such a pungent smell and irritating effect on the skin, like a dining room.

And what do we have on the shelf next to the vinegar? Of course, baking soda. But can it also help get rid of scabies? According to alternative recipes can, and quite effectively.

It is best to use soda for bathing. On the bath of water from scabies, add about 200 g of soda. You can take a bath for half an hour or more. Wipe after bathing is not necessary, let soda continue its work.

What else can we find in the kitchen? Well, of course, salt. This is a universal remedy for bacterial and fungal infection, which has been successfully used for more than a decade. Alas, parasites are not so sensitive to salt, and salt baths (2 tablespoons per liter of water) are unlikely to help get rid of the tick, except that the water will be very hot (from 60 degrees and above). But such a folk remedy for scabies on the hands and feet will most likely lead to burns, rather than to cure.

You can certainly make a more concentrated solution, adding 4-5 spoonfuls of salt to a quarter of a liter of water, and wipe the place where the mites accumulate, but from this treatment the body can still itch, so that not everyone can stand it. It is possible and strong irritation of the skin from salt.

Sprinkle salt with ticks and papular rash even more cruelly. First, salt will erode the wounds and cause severe pain, and secondly, after the healing of the wounds there will be scars, which is no less pleasant.

It turns out that salt as an independent remedy for scabies should not be used, especially since there is no deficit in alternative prescriptions about the disease. But here's how the additive to various therapeutic compositions, enhancing their effect, the salt is quite suitable for fighting the scabies mite. It can be added to sulfuric ointment or used in a prescription for the treatment of mange on hands based on kvas (the drink is salted and warmed to the temperature that the hands can withstand). Salt can be used in a medicinal product based on soda and soap (we add all the components to the water that we put on a slow fire, we keep the hands in the water until it becomes too hot) and other recipes.

True, some people claim to have taken out the tick, taking half-an-hour baths every night or twice a day with a pack of salt. So you can still try salt baths. Suddenly, the truth will help, if not alone, then in combination with other methods of treating scabies at home.

What is useful you can find in the kitchen? Maybe a bay leaf? Of course, because it also has a good recipe for a tick. In a coffee grinder we turn a few dry laurel leaves into powder, mix it with an equal amount of butter, thoroughly mix the mass and apply it in the evenings and in the morning to the skin damaged by mites.

We examine the bathroom

Perhaps here we will also find useful hygiene and sanitation facilities that will help in combating the scabies mite? Definitely, because we have already mentioned one such tool. This is an economic soap that helps with scabies and in the composition of onions and garlic recipe, and as an antibacterial agent for washing clothes.

By the way, as for washing and cleaning in the house, then to get rid of any "evil spirits" helps  bleach, which some manage to use also from scabies. It is clear that on the body of chlorine to anything, but to wash the floors with this disinfectant is very useful even for all infections.

A solution based on water (5 liters), soda (1 glass) and bleach (2 tablespoons) can be processed household items that can not be washed or patted. But on a fabric such agent is better for not putting or rendering.

During the washing of white laundry, you can, without hesitation, add to the soap composition whiteness, which contains bleach, or a solution of "Blanidasa". After that, the laundry will not only be snow-white, but also well disinfected.

But back to the means of hygiene. The usual bath soap can hardly give us any hope of getting rid of scabies. Its task is to fight against dirt and grease. But tar tar soap is another matter. This soap contains 10% of birch tar, a unique ingredient, incredibly useful for the skin.

Some believe that  tar soap is  not an effective remedy for scabies, arguing that itching does not destroy such a tool. But at the same time it perfectly removes the itching and is suitable for symptomatic treatment of the disease.

But on the other hand,  birch tar  was used from scabies ever since medicine was at a very low level. The patients were smeared with tar and sent to the bath so that the substance penetrated deeper into the skin. Do this 2-3 times a day, and washed away tar only when the symptoms of the disease disappeared completely.

Nowadays, they do it differently, using ointments and formulations containing 10 to 30% of tar. It is believed that this is enough to get rid of scabies and lice. But in fact tar tar soap contains 10% of tar, which means that it can also be used to combat hated itch.

Only need to understand that washing the body with soap will not give the expected result, but will only reduce the itching. To fight the mite, the tar soap must be foamed and applied to the skin, leaving for a quarter of an hour. Use tar tar soap is recommended after curing. It will help the skin to recover faster, remove inflammation and irritation. The scars will quickly dry out and tighten without scars.

Strengthen the effect of tar soap can be with garlic. Soap is crushed and put the dishes with it on a water bath to melt the composition. When the soap melts (you can add a few drops of water, so the process will go faster), we add 1 head of garlic to the juice and weld the "fragrant" medicine for another quarter of an hour. Withdraw from the heat, soap is poured into a mold or molded by hands when it cools down a little. We use it as a usual tar soap.

Yes, the aroma of both recipes is far from being Shanelev, but after 15-20 minutes it leaves, and with it an itch mite, which is afraid of tar and hates the smell of garlic. So for your own health you can and be patient.

Tar enters into the composition of natural medicine, which is sold in pharmacies. " Greek balsam " (and this is what this preparation is called) contains a finger of plants, olive oil, propolis, birch tar, wood resin of incense tree and pine, and is often used for scabies.

It is necessary to apply this sufficiently effective remedy three times a day until all manifestations of the disease disappear. And balsam is applied twice for 1 procedure. Those. The drug with a cotton swab or a bandage folded in several layers is applied to the affected areas and left to be absorbed. After 10 minutes, repeat the manipulations.

There is another effective alternative to scabies on the basis of tar. Mix 1 spoonful of melted lard and grinded on a grater household soap. Add 1 tsp birch tar and 2 times more sulfur powder. Thoroughly mix the composition and apply it to the skin for the night 3 days in a row. Flush the composition is available daily in the mornings.

If after a while the symptoms returned, you need to repeat the course of treatment with this multicomponent formulation.

But birch tar and the means on its basis are undesirable to use for the treatment of children, pregnant women and people with dry sensitive skin.

We will carry out an audit in the home medicine cabinet

Here we will definitely find antiseptics (iodine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol), and if in the past one of the members of the family picked up lichen from animals, then sulfuric ointment. All these tools can be useful to us in the fight against the itch mite.

So, iodine is useful for clarifying the diagnosis. If you lubricate the skin at the intended site of the lesion, where itching is felt, but you do not see any other symptoms, dark streaks and zigzags will be visible at the site of the scabies. This is very helpful if the intradermal passages were not initially visible.

Some people use iodine and to treat scabies by lubricating the places of parasite settlement with a 3-5% solution. For the same purposes, use alcohol and vodka. But you need to understand that neither iodine nor medical alcohol, which are excellent antiseptics, are not able to severely damage the scabies. Such treatment is ineffective. And pure alcohol  can also lead to severe irritation of the skin in the area of rashes from scabies. The only benefit from these drugs is the prevention of infection of wounds.

Treatment of scabies at home using alternative recipes is considered less effective than medicamental. In addition, most of the alternative remedies against scabies do a good job with adults, but it does not prevent the appearance of larvae of their parasite eggs. Therefore, in addition, you can try wiping your skin every day for 14 days with 1 or 2% salicylic alcohol.

Alcohol or vodka can also be used for preparing medicinal tinctures. For example, tinctures with marigold juice or greens, which are also used to treat scabies.

But 3%  hydrogen peroxide  can be used from scabies and as an independent medicine, wiping it with lesions and tying them with a tissue, so that the medicine will evaporate less. It is believed that if you add camphor alcohol to the peroxide, the medicine will penetrate the skin better, affecting adult mites and their larvae.

Rummaging through the pantry, one can accidentally discover linseed oil and turpentine, which were previously actively used to dissolve the paint, and now to clean the surfaces of its residues. It turns out that a mixture of these substances can be used to treat scabies by taking 1 part turpentine and 4 parts linseed oil. A "medicine" is used several times during the day.

Herbs from scabies

In the alternative medicine for the treatment of various diseases, medicinal herbs and plants are very popular. Scabies are not an exception, as some recipes can successfully fight and with this contagious parasitic disease.

The most popular plant from scabies is considered to be  celandine, which is also used for various skin pathologies. Most often on its basis make an ointment. First, grind the plant in a meat grinder and squeeze the juice from the resulting gruel. Then Vaseline is added to the celandine juice in an amount 4 times that of the juice. All this is carefully kneaded and rubbed into the skin at the mites' habitat 1-2 times a day.

If fresh celandine is not, then for the ointment powder of dry grass is used, mixing it in equal proportions with vaseline or butter. You can also use homemade sour cream, cream, melted pork fat. Use ointment in the evening, rubbing into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

For treatment of children and adults from scabies, baths from broth of celandine have long been used. 3 tablespoons the ground raw material is brewed 0.5 liters of boiling water and insisted on a water bath with the lid closed for about half an hour. Then, the broth is insisted for 15 minutes, filtered and added to a bath filled with warm water. It is recommended to take a bath every evening.

Agree, this treatment will not only be effective, but also enjoyable. No fatty or burning compounds, a hideous smell and other discomfort.

As an additive in the bath for the treatment of scabies, you can use a decoction of juniper berries. 50 g of vegetable raw materials for a quarter of an hour are cooked in 5 liters of water and poured into a bath. The bath is taken every day before bedtime.

In addition to celandine and juniper for the treatment of scabies, you can use the juice of the herb spurge, which need to lubricate the affected areas (preferably in the evenings). In the same way can be used and juice of cranberries.

You can wipe the skin with alcohol tinctures of marigold, briskness (10 g of dry raw material is poured 100 grams of vodka or alcohol and insisted for a week), a medicinal smoking lime.

In the bath you can add a decoction of walnut leaves, adding a handful of green leaves to 2 liters of water and boiling it for 10 minutes, or tincture of tansy (1 st. Chopped herbs pour 2 liters of boiling water and insist for about two hours). A pure decoction of the nut and infusion of tansy is additionally used for rubbing the affected areas.

You can also prepare a medicine based on lean oil and ivy plants. 100 g of vegetable raw materials are added to 2 glasses of oil and heated on a water bath to a temperature of 75-80 degrees. After this, the medicine should be insisted for 3 days in the heat, drain and treat it with the body in the lesions 2-3 times a day.

Apply from scabies and pimples, which is famous for its harmful effect on fungi, parasites and their larvae. Use the plant in the form of infusion (we take 2 tsp of the crushed plant, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 20 minutes) or ointment (1 part of dry grated powder mixed with 5 parts of Vaseline or melted fat). In the summer, you can use fresh grass, lubricating it with the juice of the habitat of ticks on the body.

It is possible to combat the scabies with St. John's wort. Melt the old lard and add to it 2 parts of powdered fragrant herb.

Also useful are infusions of elecampane, twigs and berries of juniper, fruit of spindle grass, green peel of walnuts, chamois, some types of chamomile, etc. With these infusions, it is recommended to wipe the body, which will make the life of the scabies ticks simply unbearable.

Essential oils from scabies

Surprisingly, our tastes and preferences of parasites living on our body often do not coincide. For us, essential oils are both a favorite aroma, and a cure for various ailments. And for a scabies mite, such a remedy can be deadly.

For example, it is known that scabies mite does not tolerate the smell of lemon and other citrus. You can try using scabies lemon, squeezing juice out of it and lubricating it with the tick-damaged places on the body.

But it is better to supplement other recipes with lemon juice or essential oil. For example, in the composition of essential oils of tea tree and lavender, which is applied to the skin several times a day. Can I think of a more pleasant and safe treatment ?!

Tea tree oil  scientists after a series of studies consider a promising remedy for scabies. The fact is that the aroma of oil is not just irritating, it kills an itch mite. If the oil is added to the composition of therapeutic ointments or emulsions, mites die 3 times faster than without this component. Tea tree oil, like other essential oils, can be applied to the skin or added to the bath (only 9-10 drops). At the same time, a pleasant aroma and easy treatment will be provided.

Another essential oil in the treatment of scabies at home is lavender. Lavender oil from scabies can be used in various ways: add to the bath and body or hands creams, apply to damaged areas of the skin, add to the detergent solution to clean clothing from ticks.

The combination of mint and lavender oils is considered the most effective treatment for scabies. These oils are added to creams in an amount of at least 5%. And for a medicinal bath it is better to combine lavender with rosemary and chamomile.

Among other essential oils, cinnamon and cloves have worked well. But they are used only in combination with cream, and the content of oils should be small, as they can irritate the skin.

Apply creams with essential oils at least 2 times a day. It is best to conduct such a procedure after taking a shower or a bath, in which again added lavender and rosemary oil (5-10 drops, mint and lemon (2-3 drops).

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Pharmacy medicines for scabies

Scabies are such a disease, the treatment of which can be carried out at home, because even therapy with chemotherapy drugs prescribed from scabies does not require monitoring by a doctor. In addition, the vast majority of medications are applied topically and do not cause severe systemic reactions. Read also the complete list of sprays from scabies.

Let's see what the doctors recognized as medicines can be used to treat scabies at home.

Emulsions and gels from scabies

What is an emulsion? Under this somewhat unusual word lies a liquid, radically different from solutions. If the solution is mixing of liquid or solid and liquid substances, the emulsion is a kind of union of immiscible liquids.

Some drugs prescribed to combat the itch mite have this form of release. The most popular are the domestic budgetary drug "Benzyl benzoate" and the Russian medicine "MediFox", which is tens of times higher than the price for the Ukrainian remedy.

As part of the Ukrainian drug, we see water, an emulsifier and directly benzyl benzoate, a substance that kills adult individuals and scabies mites for half an hour. The disadvantage of the drug is its ineffectiveness against the eggs of the parasite, so one treatment is not limited to treatment.

Applying the emulsion of benzyl benzoate from scabies to the body is recommended after taking a shower. The cotton swab is impregnated with a liquid and actively massages the skin so that the emulsion is absorbed. The procedure is done in the evenings for 3 days, after which you need to wash again and change your underwear. There is a possibility that the course of treatment will have to be repeated after 1.5 weeks.

It is recommended to start treatment with hands that do not wash for at least 3 hours after the procedure. Usually treatment is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations, but if the face or skin folds in the groin area are exposed, slight burning and hyperemia of the treated area of the body can be felt. Allergic reactions are infrequent.

The drug is not used if there are pustules on the body. Other contraindications for use are hypersensitivity to the drug, periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug is prescribed for children starting from the age of 3 years.

Although no systemic effects are observed when applying the drug to the skin, the drug is still considered toxic, which is why it is negatively affected abroad.

Preparation " Medifoks " is sold as a concentrate, from which subsequently prepare an emulsion, diluting 8 ml of the drug ½ cup of water.

The drug has another active ingredient - permethrin, which is considered less toxic than benzyl benzoate, which makes it possible to use it for treating children, starting with a one-year-old age.

As in the first case, the treatment takes 3 days, during which in the evenings the ointment should be applied to the affected areas and carefully rubbed into the skin. You need to wash before and after the end of treatment.

It is not recommended to apply the emulsion to the hair, face and neck area. By the way, Medifox is considered to be a more effective drug, since it also has a harmful effect on the eggs of mites. A repeat course is usually not required.

The same drugs can be found on sale and in the form of a gel. But gels from scabies are applied less often than emulsions. Medifox in the form of a gel is usually used to treat the scalp. A "Benzyl benzoate" in the form of a gel is rarely used because it can leave traces on clothes, and is not so well absorbed as an emulsion.

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Ointments and creams for mange

For the treatment of scabies, you can use the same drugs that are effective against hair loss, for example, sulfuric ointment. This is a fairly effective remedy, but it has 3 drawbacks: an unpleasant smell, traces on clothes and the likelihood of toxic effects on the kidneys.

Treatment with ointment is carried out for a week, in the evenings daily rubbing the drug into the skin. To wash it is necessary at once after the termination of treatment.

In some cases, treatment may be accompanied by the appearance of allergic reactions. Children ointment can be from 3 years.

Wilkinson's ointment is a combination of naphthalan ointment, sulfur and tar. And since both sulfur and tar are destructive to the scabies, this ointment is considered an alternative to a simple sulfuric ointment.

Treatment with ointment lasts 3 days. And every evening in the evenings you need to rub the cream into your skin.

Therapy with this ointment will please a few, but not because the medicine is not effective, but because of the terrible odor and again the negative impact on the kidneys, especially if their work has already been broken.

Another drug in the form of an ointment is called " Crotamiton " (there is still a form of release in the form of lotion). This is a specialized medicine for scabies, which is still considered less effective than Modofox, but it can be used from 2 months of age.

At the beginning of the treatment, hygienic procedures are carried out. Then apply the medicine on the skin 1 time per day for 2 days. Taking a bath is possible only 48 hours after the second treatment.

Not so often in pharmacies can be found and once popular drug " Lindan " in the form of a cream or emulsion. But its active substance - hexafloran - is considered the most toxic of all of the above, therefore insecticide is prescribed only in severe cases.

A drug is prescribed for patients older than 10 years. Apply it to the affected areas in the evenings for 3 days, without flushing. Children older than 3 years of the drug is applied to the body, provided that it is washed away after 3 hours.

Review of ointments from mange read in this article.

Solutions against scabies

We are talking about two solutions: a sixty percent solution of sodium thiosulfate and six percent hydrochloric acid (the same hydrochloric acid). The application of these two solutions in the complex is the main idea of the method of Professor M.P. Demyanovich.

First, a solution of thiosulfate is applied to the skin and allowed to dry for a quarter of an hour. The formed small crystal particles are rubbed into the skin, which causes the scabies of the scabies to become more permeable to the drug. The procedure is done 2 times, but a second time 15 minutes after the application of thiosulfate, the skin is moistened with hydrochloric acid, thoroughly thoroughly washing the hands. After a quarter of an hour the patient can get dressed.

One procedure is usually sufficient to completely kill the mites, if the skin after the treatment is not washed for 3 days.

Treatment with the above solutions can be done differently. 3 days in the skin the first solution is rubbed once a day, and then a solution of hydrochloric acid is applied.

Chaos of scabies

We are not talking about those "talkers" who are chattering at lessons and benches at the entrance, but about a multicomponent medicine known to people since ancient times. It is called a chatterbox, and all the components used in it must be thoroughly mixed or shaken.

Chatterbox is not quite an alternative medicine, because it can be purchased at a pharmacy on request, if there is a prescription from a doctor on hand. But such an effective remedy for scabies (it is sometimes called zinc chatter) can also be prepared independently, having previously purchased the necessary components in the pharmacy: zinc oxide (zinc paste), 2% boric and salicylic acid, sulfur (sulfur paste).

How to cook a bolt from scabies at home? Yes, it is very simple, mixing all the components in the indicated proportions:

  • Boric and salicylic acid - 50 ml each,
  • Zinc oxide and sulfur - 4 g.

In some sources, you can find a similar recipe, where the antibiotic erythromycin is used instead of sulfur. How much more effective it is to judge only those who have tested it on themselves. But whatever the use of such drugs, one must necessarily discuss with the doctor, especially when it comes to potent drugs.

All components must be mixed and shaken thoroughly, then applied to the skin several times a day.

In the people there are many different recipes for the treatment of scabies in the home. Some of them may even seem strange, like, for example, an ointment based on 1 part of gunpowder and 3 parts of sour cream, which becomes an effective medicine for scabies 3 hours after preparation. But if such a remedy really helps, then why not try it out by giving up toxic drug stores. But to risk trying new ways of treatment or being treated with old proven medicinal methods, everyone is already deciding for himself.

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