Benzyl benzoate

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Benzyl benzoate is an antiparasitic agent used externally.

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Indications Benzyl benzoate

Indications for the appointment of this drug are pediculosis and scabies.

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Release form

Produced as a cream, in a tube of 40 or 80 g. One package contains 1 tube.

Other names - ointments Benzyl benzoate grindeks, as well as Benzyl benzoate-darnitsa.

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The active ingredient has a toxic effect on the scabies mite, and with it on all types of lice (they die after 2-5 hours, and the mites - after 7-32 minutes). The medicine penetrates through the chitinous membrane and begins to accumulate inside the tick's body, acquiring a toxic concentration. Under its influence, adult mites die, as well as their larvae. But on the eggs of parasites the drug does not work.

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Dosing and administration

Use 25% cream Benzyl benzoate is needed topically. In the process of one treatment it is required to apply 10-15 grams of medication. Children are allowed to apply the product to any areas of the skin, but adults can not handle the cream face and head under the hair.

In the process of removing scabies, before using the drug, take a shower (hot), using a soap that eliminates scales with scales. This soap needs to be completely rinsed off, then dry it dry, and then carry out the treatment procedure (it is recommended to perform it in the evening, before going to bed). During the treatment of scabies, the body should be treated in such a sequence: hands in turn, then the body (except the face, and also the skin under the hair), and then the legs and soles with the fingers. In areas with sensitive epidermis (areas of the genitals and groin, as well as mammary glands), and in addition with dermatitis, eczema or pyoderma, rub the drug is not recommended. After performing the procedure for 3 hours you can not wash your hands. Sometimes after the drug dries (as a rule, after 1 hour) another layer of drugs is applied. At the end of the procedure, the patient should wear clean clothes, as well as change clothes on the bed. After 24-48 hours, take a shower and again change the bed with clothes. The treatment should be performed for 2 weeks (4 times, 3-4 days apart). During the treatment course, about 60-90 g of medication is used.

To eliminate scabies, children under 5 years of age should be diluted the cream with boiled water of warm temperature (30-35 ° C) in proportions of 1k1 immediately before starting the treatment, and then stir until the emulsion has a uniform consistency. The procedure is usually performed without first taking a warm bath, twice a day with an interval of 12 hours.

To eliminate cortical scabies, it is required to remove the crusts from the skin beforehand by using keratolytic drugs. The duration of the treatment course is calculated in accordance with the dynamics of cleansing the skin surface, the disappearance of itching, as well as the completion of relief of the focus of inflammation.

To get rid of pediculosis, the medicine is gently rubbed into the skin under the hairline, after which the head is tied with a tissue. After half an hour, the cream should be rinsed under running water, and then rinsed hair in a warm vinegar solution (5%). After these procedures, you should wash your hair with shampoo or soap, and start combing the nits (use a frequent comb).

In the process of treatment of the pubic form of pediculosis, the medicine should be rubbed into the abdomen, pubic region, internal femoral surface, and into the groin folds. The effectiveness of the procedure is checked after 24 hours. If necessary, it is worth repeating the treatment.

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Use Benzyl benzoate during pregnancy

The medicine can not be used by pregnant women. In the case of treatment during the lactation period, it is necessary to stop breastfeeding.


Among the contraindications of the medicine:

  • high sensitivity to benzyl benzoate, and in addition to other elements of drugs;
  • The presence of lesions on the skin (amongst these are also pustular lesions of the skin);
  • children's age is less than 3 years.

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Side effects Benzyl benzoate

After rubbing the cream into the skin surface, a burning sensation may appear, which disappears in the course of further use of the product. Occasionally, people with sensitive skin may experience local reactions - itching, burning, dryness or redness in the area that has been treated with the drug, and in addition, the development of allergies.

If the above described side effects do not go away on their own, you should cancel the use of the cream.

According to observations, the sensitivity of the epidermis is most intense in the genital area, as well as in places where the skin has been damaged.

Occasionally the contact form of dermatitis develops. Because the cream contains propylene glycol substance, irritation of the skin can develop.

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As a result of an overdose, there may be an increase in adverse reactions (eg, signs of contact dermatitis).

Because of the occasional use of the cream inside or when it is applied in too large a quantity, in addition to the above symptoms, sudden loss of consciousness, delay of the urinary process, and in addition stimulation of the central nervous system (the appearance of seizures, among children) can also occur.

Therapy involves eliminating the symptoms of the disorder. In addition, you need to cleanse the surface of the skin. If the cream has been swallowed, gastric lavage should be performed and activated charcoal should be given to the patient. If necessary, anticonvulsants are also prescribed.

If there is a local allergic reaction to the cream, you need to wash it off the skin with soap and water.

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Interactions with other drugs

The drug interaction of benzyl benzoate with other agents is not manifested, but, like other antiparasitic drugs, it is forbidden to combine it with other medicines for external use.

With systemic or local use of corticosteroids, the disappearance or decrease in the severity of individual traits (such as itching or congestion) is possible, with the preservation of infestation, because of this, it is necessary to temporarily abandon such drugs for the period of application of the cream.

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Storage conditions

The medicine is kept out of the reach of children, under standard storage conditions. The temperature is a maximum of 25 ° C.


Special instructions

Emulsion of benzyl benzoate (20%) is used as a remedy for scabies, demodectic, rosacea, and in addition to the greasy form of seborrhea, colorful lichen and pediculosis.

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Shelf life

Benzyl benzoate in the form of a cream can be used for 3 years, emulsion - no more than 2 years, and ointment Benzyl benzoate grindeks - for 2.5 years.


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