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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

Pharmazoline contributes to the narrowing of the blood vessels in the nose - it reduces the swelling of the nasal mucosa, and also the paranasal sinuses, which improves breathing through the nose when it is blocked.

ATC classification

R01AA07 Xylometazoline

Active ingredients


Indications Pharmazoline

Pharmazoline is used as a medicine for symptomatic therapy in patients with rhinitis of allergic origin in the acute form, laryngitis, pollinosis, and sinusitis, accompanied by problems with breathing through the nose. The drug is also used in the case of edema of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, inflammation of the middle ear, and in addition as a prophylactic against edema in surgical or diagnostic procedures in the nasal cavity. LS is used to eliminate acute manifestations of swelling or hyperemia of the nasopharyngeal mucosa and nose of different origin.


Release form

Produced in the form of nasal drops. In the package - polyethylene bottle (can be with the control of printing) with a volume of 10 ml.


Pharmazoline is a nonselective alpha-adrenomimetic that promotes local narrowing of vessels located in the mucous membrane, and also reduces the intensity of the inflammatory processes. The application of the drug on the mucous membrane has an anti-edema effect and reduces the secretion of fluid and hyperemia, as a result of which the blood circulation in venous sinuses decreases, and breathing of the nose is facilitated.


The medicine basically has a local effect, absorbed through the mucous membranes. The effect of active substances begins after 5-10 minutes. In general, the duration of the action of Pharmazoline is about 5-6 hours.

Use Pharmazoline during pregnancy

Since the medicine has vasoconstrictor properties, it should not be used in the process of bearing a child.


Among the contraindications to admission: glaucoma of the closed type, increased blood pressure, atrophic form of rhinitis, thyrotoxicosis, increased heart rate, hypersensitivity to the components of drugs, severe form of atherosclerosis.

Side effects Pharmazoline

There may be side effects: dryness, burning sensation, and tingling in the nasal cavity. Prolonged or frequent use Farmazolina in inflated concentration can lead to edema of the nasal mucosa (primarily due to long-term use) and the emergence resorptive effects (vomiting, occurrence of headaches, a sharp rise in blood pressure, upset the normal rhythm of the heartbeat, dizziness, loss of sleep, transient visual disturbances) . A very long-term use of drugs in high dosage can cause depression.

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Dosing and administration

Children aged 12 and over, as well as adults, have a dosage of 1-3 drops. Solution of 0.05% or 0.1% in both nostrils 1-3 r. / day. Children aged 6-12 years: 2-3 drops, children 6 months / 5 years: 1-2 drops. Drugs 0,05% 1-3 rub. / day. The therapeutic course of drugs of both concentrations (0.05% or 0.1%) lasts 3-5 days. Infants up to six months can drip 1 drop. Solution 0.05% in both nostrils at intervals of 6-8 hours, but only under the constant supervision of a physician.

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Frequent use of the drug in excessively high concentrations can cause signs of overdose such as dryness in the nasal cavity, frequent headache, a sense of depression, and nausea, a sharp increase in blood pressure, transient visual impairment.

In this case, you need to cancel the treatment and use antagonist medications: alpha-blockers (such as tropafen or phenolamine) and sympatholytic drugs, and also apply symptomatic treatment.

In case of accidental ingestion of the medicine inside, in addition to the above measures, it is necessary to perform the procedure of gastric lavage, and also to use enterosorbents and laxatives.

Interactions with other drugs

Pharmazoline can interact with other drugs only in the presence of resorptive properties. Medications-adrenomimetics from other groups increase the efficacy of Pharmazoline, and sympatholytics with adrenolytics, as well as calcium antagonists, on the contrary, reduce it. The drug also increases the hypertensive effect of tricyclics and monoamine oxidase inhibitors on the cardiovascular system.

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Storage conditions

Keep the medicine in a place that is closed from the sun and access to children. Temperature conditions should be maintained within ± 8-15 of S.


Shelf life

Pharmazoline in a conventional polyethylene bottle can be stored for 3 years. In a vial with control of printing, it can be stored for 1 year. The printed bottle is allowed to be used for 28 days.


Pharmacological group


Pharmachologic effect

Антиконгестивные препараты
Сосудосуживающие (вазоконстрикторные) препараты


Фармак, ОАО, г.Киев, Украина


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