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Pain in the left ovary

Pain in the left ovary - pair woman's organ, in which viable eggs are produced and where production of hormones that regulate entire female reproductive system is - can occur for a variety of reasons.

During  different periods of life, women`s ovaries behave differently - it is seen by changes in their functional activity, responses to hormone medicine, age anatomic changes. Often wrongly received hormonal agent or any failure in reproductive system may cause pain in the left ovary.

What causes pain in left ovary?

Most common causes of pain in this organ are:

  • oophoritis - inflammation affecting left appendage of ovary. Usually pain is felt in lower abdomen on left side, and may radiate to lumbosacral spinal department. Painful sensations are often paroxysmal in nature, but may also be present constantly. With reduced immunity, colds, psychological or physical fatigue pain may increase and woman, as result of it, has problems with sleep, appetite, positive attitude;
  • pain in left ovary could be due to such inflammatory disease of ovary as adnexitis. Ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and candida are main pathogens of adnexitis. If patient does not conduct proper treatment of disease, impact of disease can "pour" in infertility. Pain appears by periods and may radiate to lower back;
  • cyst or tumor of ovary are couple of reasons, provoking emergence of pain in ovary. At initial stage of disease they are asymptomatic, but with development of cysts (tumors) and increase in their size pain can be in left ovary;
  • cyst leg torsion, as well as damage of cyst itself can cause sensation of pain in female body. This is due to leaked contents of cyst into abdominal cavity, which is fraught with appearance of peritonitis;
  • rupture of left ovary. Usually it occurs during ovulation. Rupture is accompanied by bleeding, and blood getting into peritoneal cavity, is fraught with peritonitis and occurrence of pain in left ovary;
  • adhesions in ovaries are able to give woman a lot of painful sensations;
  • ovarian apoplexy - process of bleeding into ovary. Disease provokes rupture of ovary, and getting of blood discharge into abdominal cavity. There is a sudden, severe pain, radiating into waist, thighs, rectum;
  • periovulyatorny period, accompanied by stimulation of abdominal cavity by follicular fluid and lasting for 12-36 hours, is fraught with ovulatory pain in left ovary;
  • hyperstimulation of ovaries - period when woman, suffering from infertility, receives hormones (gonadotropins, clomiphene). During early phase of treatment, patient can complain about pain in left ovary;
  • psychiatric disorders, such as severe stress, depression, emotional breakdown, hysteria, hypochondria, etc) can affect appearance of pain in ovaries.

What to do if you experience pain in the left ovary?

Every woman, who cares about her health, must be inspected by gynecologist at least two times a year. Gynecologist will be able to identify some diseases simply by pressing onto area of ovary (usually occurs in presence of tumor or cyst). More accurate picture, which gives idea of possible diseases of women, some gynecological examinations may help to detect. Magnetic resonance therapy, ultrasound, laparoscopy and other treatments can help patient to get rid of pain in the left ovary.

What do need to examine?

Who to contact?

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