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Last reviewed: 19.11.2021

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Normally, the worm's eggs are not detected in the stool. In the presence of helminth eggs according to their morphological features, the presence of invasion and the appearance of helminths can be established. In a single routine study, the incidence of helminth eggs in stools in patients with helminthic infestations is relatively low. Therefore, the negative result of a single study of feces on eggs of helminths does not yet indicate a real absence of the disease. Moreover, even negative results of repeated studies of feces on helminth eggs should not be considered a reliable sign of the absence of helminth invasion.

The action of helminths on the human body is diverse. They can cause toxic and toxic-allergic phenomena (ascarids, trichinella), have a mechanical effect, injuring the wall of the intestine; cause bleeding leading to anemia (eg, hookworm), as well as to promote the penetration of pathogenic microbes from the contents of the intestine into the blood; close the lumen of both the intestine and the excretory ducts of the liver and pancreas (ascarids), lead to various metabolic and avitaminosis disorders (avitaminosis B 12 when infecting with a wide ribbon).

Parasitizing worms belong to one of two subtypes: round (nematodes) and flat (platodes). The latter, in turn, are divided into tapeworms - cestode and flukes - trematode.

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