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Estroel with menopause

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

Climax is not an easy period in the life of any woman. You can alleviate your condition by using a variety of alternative prescriptions and medicines. One of the most popular drugs in this area recently is Estroel.

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Indications of the estroela during menopause

Estroel is a modern drug that is prescribed to improve the general condition of a woman during menopause. Typically, a specialist can prescribe this remedy in the event of the following symptoms:

  1. Changes in the monthly cycle and the delay in menstruation.
  2. Scant bloody discharge during menstruation.
  3. The patient constantly changes her mood, she becomes more irritable and depressed.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Bad dream.
  6. Frequent migraines, which are accompanied by dizziness.
  7. Tides, when the patient feels fever.
  8. Weight changes.
  9. The patient often gets tired.

Also, Estroel is used after a surgery to remove the ovaries, to treat premenstrual syndrome and to prevent diseases associated with age-related changes in the female body (only from the age of 35).

Release form

Produced in the form of tablets of small size, which can be easily swallowed. In the package, the manufacturer offers thirty tablets of the drug, which is enough for a course of 15-30 days.


The device contains such active components:

  1. Extract from the root of yams of wild and extract of soy isoflavones. These plants are considered natural sources of estrogens, so with their help the drug can significantly improve the woman's well-being, as well as reduce the frequency and strength of "tides".
  2. Indole-3-carbinol - helps to normalize the hormonal balance and significantly reduce the possibility of malignant tumors in the mammary glands.
  3. Sodium tetroborate - prevents the development of osteoporosis.
  4. Extract from the fruits of sacred vitex - reduces irritability, tenderness in the region of the breasts, nervousness. Helps overcome headaches with menopause.
  5. Folic acid and vitamin E - helps to strengthen immunity, has anti-anemic effect, removes fast fatigue.
  6. DL-phenylalanine - the patient becomes more resistant to stressful situations.

The drug has a calming and restorative effect, normalizes the processes in the autonomic nervous system of a woman.


The pharmacokinetics of this agent has not been investigated.


The drug is not recommended for patients with intolerance of at least one of its components. It is forbidden to use pregnant women, those who feed the baby with breast milk, as well as patients who have not reached the age of 14 years.

Side effects of the estroela during menopause

As a rule, Estrowal is well tolerated by patients, without causing side effects. But before using the medication still consult your physician, since the drug can lead to the appearance of allergic reactions.

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Dosing and administration

To treat the main symptoms that appear in women during menopause, it is recommended to take two tablets of the drug twice in 24 hours. Drink the drug before meals or during meals. In order to achieve an effective result, therapy is conducted for at least two months.

Storage conditions

It is very important to store this medication in a place that is completely inaccessible to young children. The air temperature should not exceed +25 degrees.

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Shelf life

Shelf life is three years. After the expiration of this period, it is prohibited to drink tablets. Please note that Estroel is not a medicinal product.


Pharmacological group

Препараты, применяемые при климаксе

Pharmachologic effect

Противоклимактерические препараты


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