Cracks in the heels of children

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Last reviewed: 18.10.2021

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In childhood, the heels crack much less often than in adults, since the skin of children is tender, not affected by mechanical factors. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, cracks can appear in children. 


Causes of the cracks in the heels of children

This is usually associated with pathological phenomena: a violation of metabolic processes, a violation of the normal functioning of the skin.

With the pathological functioning of the immune system, a number of pathological processes in the body can also occur, which lead to a violation of the integrity of the skin. First of all, the heels suffer, since they are the main burden on them. At the majority of people at distribution of weight, the basic part of it is necessary on heels. Also, often cracks are formed in disorders of nervous regulation, changes in the hormonal background.

Cracks can appear with stress, neuropsychic overstrain, with insufficient nutrition, especially vitamin deficiency. First of all, the skin condition is affected by the lack of vitamins of group B. Vitamin A, E, which normalize metabolic processes in the body, remove toxins, free radicals, positively affects the skin condition.

It should be noted that most often cracks appear in children during the transition period: during the period of adaptation to school, during adolescence. At this time the body experiences special increased loads, therefore it needs additional protection, new difficulties arise.

Often stresses cause children to develop various skin conditions. For example, often in children, cracks occur after a strong shock: the loss of a favorite toy, the death of an animal, the divorce of parents. In this case, the normal functioning of the skin is disrupted, it becomes dry, flaky. After this, in the absence of adequate treatment, the skin may begin to crack.

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Treatment of the cracks in the heels of children

Treatment is necessary, as more serious complications may arise. Especially dangerous is penetration into the wound infection. Self-medication is best not to deal with, because you can only aggravate the situation. The doctor will carry out a diagnosis, select the appropriate treatment. This will quickly and effectively get rid of the disease, prevent relapse. Before visiting a doctor, it's better to stick a heel with a band-aid to prevent infection. After visiting a doctor, it is necessary to follow his recommendations unswervingly.

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