Candida balanoposthitis

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Candida balanoposthitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the inner layer of the prepuce.

As a rule, with candidiasis balanoposthitis suffers the head of the penis. The appearance of the disease is caused by fungi of the genus Candida. This type of balanoposthitis occurs in 70% of men with diabetes mellitus. The disease affects those patients who underwent antibacterial therapy (in 78% of cases). The defeat of the foreskin slowly passes to the entire penis.

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Causes of the candida balanoposthitis

The main causes of Candida balanoposthitis:

  1. Diseases that cause the appearance of balanoposthitis:
    • Failures in the work of the immune system, HIV infection.
    • Disorders in the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, hormonal imbalance, obesity, enlargement of the thyroid gland).
    • Diseases, the treatment of which involves taking antibiotics, hormonal drugs or the passage of a course of radiation exposure.
    • Prolonged infectious and inflammatory diseases (gonorrhea, oncological diseases, leukemia, tuberculosis).
  2. Causes independent of external factors:
    • Mechanical irritation of the glans penis for a long period of time (wearing tight underwear, injuries).
    • Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene (getting the fungus from the intestine).
    • Infection from sexual intercourse from a sick partner.

It is from the cause of the disease, depends on the treatment scheme and doctor's recommendations that will help get rid of the disease.

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Symptoms of the candida balanoposthitis

Candidiasis balanoposthitis is much easier to differentiate from other types of inflammatory process. This is due to the fact that with this type of inflammation, a white coating appears on the glans penis, due to which the disease has received the second name - thrush. The disease requires compulsory treatment, since candidiasis balanoposthitis causes very serious consequences. In rare cases, the disease is asymptomatic, which leads to the fact that an infected man infects sexual partners and does not even suspect about it.

The following symptoms of Candida balanoposthitis:

  • Redness and swelling in the genital area.
  • Painful sensations in the groin.
  • Severe itching and burning.
  • White discharge, covering the head of the penis (when removing the plaque on the skin appears a site covered with ulcers and microcracks).
  • Unpleasant odor and pain when urinating.

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Where does it hurt?


Fungal balanoposthitis

Fungal balanoposthitis is an inflammatory and infectious disease caused by  Candida fungi  due to a lesion of the urogenital area. The main symptom of fungal balanoposthitis is a dirty white discharge of curdled consistency, which appear when urinating and ejaculating. In addition to excretions, the patient has ulcers, thinning of the epidermis and wounds on the head and penile peninsula.

The peculiarity of this form of inflammation is that the painful symptomatology suddenly appears, without any reasons for it. As a rule, the first symptoms are manifested in the form of sores, swelling and redness of the glans penis. If these symptoms appear, seek medical help immediately. Since without proper treatment, the symptoms begin to aggravate, causing an increase in body temperature and  pain in the groin area. Another danger of fungal balanoposthitis is that the disease can cause such complications as: gangrene and deforming of the penis, lymphadenitis of the inguinal lymph nodes. Complications of balanoposthitis can make it impossible for further sex life.

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Chronic candidiasis balanoposthitis

Chronic candidiasis balanoposthitis has a long course, often recurs, is characterized by periods of exacerbation, flows wavyly. The disease can cause phimosis, because of inflammation on the skin of the penis appear ulcers, which leads to a narrowing of the foreskin. Especially dangerous are cases of lymphadenitis, granuloma, and lymphangitis.

The main forms of chronic balanoposthitis:

  • Indurative - characterized by the wrinkling of the glans penis and foreskin.
  • Yazvenno-hypertrophic - the patient has ulcers that do not heal for a long time, and the inflammatory process grows.

Chronic balanoposthitis is typical for patients with venereal diseases, chronic lesions of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus), fungal and herpetic infections.

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What do need to examine?

Who to contact?

Treatment of the candida balanoposthitis

The treatment of Candida balanoposthitis depends on the stage of the patient's development of the disease, and the causes of inflammation. As a rule, treatment is local, but in especially neglected cases, patients are prescribed antifungal drugs. An obligatory rule of recovery is the observance of intimate hygiene and regular linen change. Treatment for candidiasis balanoposthitis should take place both sex partners, that is, both man and woman.

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