What you need to know about the protein diet?

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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The protein diet is effective for those people who will comply with all of its rules and principles. That is why such a diet has a remarkable effect in the fight against excess weight.

We will understand what the protein diet is and how to stick to it

Seriously consider the schedule and sequence of food intake. Determine for yourself exactly what kind of food you will eat and how to prepare meals. Your body in order to lose weight and cleanse, you need to change the metabolic rate.

what is a protein diet

This method leads to rapid weight loss. Then there will be an effective result, (underline) exactly the result.

If the amount of food you eat is too large, you need to reduce the portion or differentiate your amount of food into several meals. Try to eat the right amount of food several times.

Many days of diet can seem incredibly difficult

This is normal. How did you want? Many people who have tried a protein diet, believe that the most intolerable days - this is the third to fifth day, the fourteenth day of diet, the thirteenth and twelfth days. Tip: if you drink warm water - the feeling of hunger will retreat briefly.

Get distracted from the diet and take care of household chores or work. Look after the flowers, read, listen to music or watch a movie. In general, do everything to not think about what you want to eat. And let's be rewarded by the strongest.

If you are a mobile and active person - you will need a protein diet. The protein diet promotes blood coagulability. At little mobile people the blood is already too tight. Even if you led to a diet sedentary or sedentary lifestyle - change everything for the better, start moving. You are responsible for your health.

Drink 1.5 liters of water a day, but not less. If it is difficult for you in life - heat water, pre-boil. Mineral water is allowed.

Pros in the protein diet

The body starts to lose weight rapidly, and this is the most important positive effect. The feeling of hunger will not bother you in terrible dreams. Food containing a large number of proteins is very nutritious, nutritious and charges the body with energy.

The choice of food is great and varied. Desserts and side dishes are taboo. And without them it is quite possible to live. In other diets you may be offered two weeks there is, for example, 200 grams of steamed rice during the week. Choose you, plus this or a minus.

The protein diet is especially pleased with the fact that the body does not gain weight with supersonic speed after its observance, the loss of kilograms lasts quite a long time.

This does not mean that as soon as the protein diet comes to an end, you need to fly to the nearest supermarket and buy all the cakes in it. Lose weight wisely and be happy.

Disadvantages of the protein diet

The big drawback is that as soon as you start to fulfill the requirements of the protein diet, immediately feel the effects of unbalanced nutrition.

Immediately after you go on a diet, the necessary fats, acids and vitamins cease to flow due to the fact that you stop using carbohydrates and fats, and only proteins feed your body.

It is unlikely that anyone will be pleased with the lack of essential fats, vitamins and fatty acids, a person experiences discomfort from a lack of trace elements.

Gloomy things happen due to unbalanced nutrition - nails break, the skin becomes dry, the face - pale, the hair loses its color, you experience unpleasant fatigue and do not sleep well. These disadvantages of the protein diet are among the most important.

The state of the body is always affected by a lack of vitamins. And in tablets to take vitamins are not advisable. Vitamins A, D, E, K are poorly digested if taken with fat.

Sowing on a protein diet, you cause irreparable harm to your health. Kidneys because of the huge load in the process of overeating will work worse. If you eat a lot - the kidneys are working at full capacity, which means that a lot of water is lost from the body, and this harms health.

That there was no problem as in the above described point - drink a lot of water (mineral), then the kidneys will still work actively, but there will not be so much harm from a large amount of protein. And even with a protein diet, the body lacks calcium.

Retired people can not sit on a protein diet, as they have increased blood clotting and this is accompanied by the appearance of blood clots in blood vessels. Also, a protein diet is prohibited for people who suffer from kidney diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, such as pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis and others. It is forbidden to use a protein diet for gout.

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Act in accordance with the diet plan

The protein diet is not so terrible, as they say about it, and has a high degree of efficiency. The only thing you need to remember is to observe all the prescriptions regarding the way you eat and regimen. Then you will forget the excess weight forever.

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