Diet for the first blood group

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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People with the first blood group are most likely to eat meat products. The first blood group is called the zero blood group. In people who have exactly the first blood group, a very high content of acids is formed in the stomach, so that the meat is digested ideally and the proteins are broken down.

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Predisposition to meat in the diet for the first blood group

Diet for the first blood group

Almost every day you need to eat meat, this is a very nutritious product. And people with the first blood group are best digested. Despite this quality of the body - always feel how much you need to eat, the excess of meat products can do much harm.

For men, the daily rate is 180 grams of meat, and for women a little less, only 150 grams. But the difference is insignificant. Control the fat content of meat, eat lean meat or not fatty.

Sausages, sausages and other semi-finished products, and meat additives do not contribute to improving health and will only harm your diet. Try to exclude such products from your menu altogether. It would be great if you ate fish, a bird. This would introduce some flavor into the diet, add nutrients and vitamins.

Animal proteins are not meat

Note that the owners of the first blood group, following a diet, should confine themselves to receiving proteins of animal origin. These include cow's milk, various, delicious dairy products.

Practically you will not get much from milk, in addition, the body can reject it, and it will let you understand it. If you still drink milk or eat dairy products - you may experience malaise, heaviness in the stomach. Such nutrition is accompanied by various allergic reactions or digestion disorders.

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About compensation of lack of calcium without dairy products

In order to avoid a lack of calcium in the body, brittle nails, dry hair, eat foods that could replace all the dairy. Include in the diet of soy, broccoli, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, nuts or fish, which refers to salmon. By including in your daily menu such products, you make up for the lack of calcium in the right amount.

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A few words about the acidity of the diet for the first blood group

Because of the high acidity of gastric juice in people with the first blood group, a substandard process of digestion and assimilation of carbohydrates occurs. Gluten, which is found in the grain crops, contributes to a malfunction in the synthesis of insulin, which inhibits the digestive process and disrupts the metabolism in the body.

Give up bakery products, and if you can not do it - at least limit the use of cereals and bread, as well as sweet flour products.

The potato in the diet for the first blood group is also an enemy, like the legumes (but not all). The body needs a measure and lightness of the acid medium, and the substances that secrete lentils, beans, alkali in your natural environment of the organism, negatively affect the muscle tissue. It prevents the muscles from developing normally.

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What you need to know about acidity

What you need to know about acidity

To normalize the acidic environment inside your stomach, you should eat plenty of fresh vegetables. However, there is a negative point. If you eat too much acidic vegetables - this can lead to a glut of acid in your stomach. If you start to eat a lot of meat - limit the use of pickled and acidic foods that will only acidify and so acidic the medium of digested meat. If this rule is violated, the body expects a "reward" for not being followed, in the form of an ulcer or gastritis.

Choose the right vegetables

Choosing the right vegetables is important enough if you choose a diet for the first blood group. Different vegetables are assimilated differently and help to contribute to a healthy life. To avoid sagging on the joints of harmful, absolutely useless substances - exclude the use of eggplant.

People with the first blood group need to compensate for the lack of iodine in the body, so eat vegetables that this defect can correct. Due to a lack of iodine in the body there may be problems with the thyroid gland.

In order to avoid such embarrassments, abandon the products of the cruciferous family, namely from horseradish, rapeseed, Brussels sprouts, white and colored, do not eat turnips.

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Blood clotting

Another distinguishing feature of people with the first blood group is the poor coagulation of their blood. Eat green vegetables in order to improve coagulation. These vegetables include: broccoli, spinach and lettuce.

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Conclusion on the diet for the first blood group

Diet for the first blood group and in general, diets for the blood group are by far the most effective. At the same time, they do not restrict you in choosing dishes to the extent that you do not feel a sharp feeling of hunger. In addition, during this diet improves overall health. R

Do not we try to improve our health when choosing a diet? This factor should always be in the foreground, so make your choice. Lose weight easily!

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