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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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What do you think should be the schedule of the right diet? What you need to do to lose weight effectively? We will tell you about it right now.

Golden rules of the slimming schedule

Golden rules of the slimming schedule

Lunch is necessary for two hours after we wake up. Surprise the body in the morning. Dinner is prepared and eaten according to schedule, but not later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Do not rest on a sofa, in an armchair, on a chair or in bed after eating. For half an hour after meals, you can not go to bed and sit down.

Sport? And for what then is the food?

During the first month of an effective diet, say goodbye to active sports in any of its manifestations. The only thing you need to do is have it. Simply eat and do not load yourself with aerobics, jogging, swimming and other sports. In the end, there is much more pleasant than sweating on hot sports grounds and overworking in gyms.

We bite and chew - sharpen the tooth edge

It's time to remember why people need teeth. Teeth are needed in order to freely and concentratedly process food. During the diet the teeth should work like a threshing machine, without any restrictions. But the main thing in this business is concentration. Do not rush everything quickly, you're not in a hurry to a date? Food is the same.

On dates to come in advance is just as ineffective as quickly absorbing foods that, with slow chewing, could bring a lot of pleasure. This is one of the main points of our wonderful diet, proper nutrition.

A few important tips for slimming

Another tip that has matured through the observation of other people. Please do not swallow food with chunks, it really "turns on" your stomach at a time when it should only be enjoyed.

Do not go to bed as soon as you eat - a bad omen. In this case, the food is not processed properly and absolutely not "pleases" the gastrointestinal tract.

Take the time to eat delicious dried fruits, or engage in an extremely exciting process of chewing bananas. This would be an interesting activity, helping to forget that you are generally on a diet.

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How to chew goodies?

If you will be somewhere outside the house - eat fruit, at home straighten with several walnuts. In addition, fruit - an excellent substitute for non-natural chocolate bars, which add non-natural ingredients.

Hanging pear - it's time to eat. Pears are an excellent source of vitamins, which will be energized by people who want to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Pears for a long time help to feel full and happy person. All you need for happiness is pears. Pears, fruits and all products that have been listed in the list of allowed rations.

Despite the fact that you can make an effective diet very exciting and fun, remember one thing - do not overeat, everything should be in moderation.

What do yoga advise?

Upon hearing about our diet, yogis are advised to eat as much food at a time as is placed in the palms folded together. But the palms are different, are not they? An excellent option would be to use for the measure of their products or someone else's palms more.

It's like a plate of a certain size, and much simpler before the primitive ways of dividing food. If you correctly calculate portions - you will think that there is a lot of food on the plate, and the brain will not demand more when it gets used to it. After all, you have a full plate, so you will like to pass out dietary leisure.

Bon Appetit! Lose weight with taste!

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