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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Unique in its kind, the protein diet is worthy of respect. Can it really help to lose weight? Will you be easier and more charming? Let's look at all the possibilities of this option for losing weight.

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The protein diet allows you to eat almost anything that contains proteins

The protein diet has become very popular and in demand precisely because it practically does not restrict you in the use of products containing proteins in its composition.

With pleasure, eat low-fat meat, cottage cheese, eggs of any origin, cottage cheese (with a minimum amount of fat).

Reduce to a minimum the intake of carbohydrates, do not eat flour, do not drink alcohol, etc. Fruits only eat at a minimum. The main thing is that the intake of carbohydrates does not come in equal quantities with proteins.

On the progress in the protein diet

The joy of the protein diet is that if you are fond of meat, that's good. Previously thought that the protein diet should be monotonous and very limited, therefore did not have enough energy value, was not nutritious enough.

Professor Apfelbaum advised his patients to add to his menu also egg albumin. Now this diet is not considered a mono-diet, as it has grown remarkably in the level of its development and diversity in the choice of products.

Follow the diet correctly

In order to achieve the desired result, it is enough simply to exclude fat and carbohydrates from the diet. Refuse to yourself in flour, sweets, cereal products, alcohol, potatoes fried, boiled and any, and, exclude oil and pasta products.

If you put effort for your beauty and confidence - you will lose weight to 8 kilograms in two weeks. By the way, carbohydrates feed our body and charge with energy, because carbohydrates contain glucose. And you can receive glucose in two ways: due to fat accumulation (their burning), and from what you eat every day.

When carbohydrates are not supplied to the body by means of products, it means that fat deposits are automatically used, and you lose weight naturally. We deliberately start such a process in our body - the protein becomes too much, little carbohydrates, a person grows thin.

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Confirmation of the popularity of the diet and a few more words

You are wondering who invented such an effective diet for rapid weight loss, and on a large scale? The diet really works, and its famous people tried it on themselves, and then they advised you.

The author of the diet is Dr. Robert Atkins, famous in his circles and broad masses. Such popular people as Brad Pitt, Jerry Halliwell and the inimitable Jennifer Aniston tried on their bodies the method of Atkins.

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Meat, fish, eggs - goodbye, another slave

Everything is based on the fact that you should not deny yourself meat products and fish. Fruits can be eaten, but only without fanaticism. Fruits contain a non-proportional amount of proteins with carbohydrates, there are more proteins.

You may well, having breakfast, cook yourself a fragrant meat with eggs and not think about the consequences. And do not even try eating sandwiches with oat flakes, then all efforts will be in vain.

A protein diet can be called a diet for lazy people, since one does not have to strictly limit oneself to eating. Due to the fact that the protein is saturated with protein, the body feels that it is still hungry, then carbohydrates do not act. Then, out of your diligently accumulated stocks of fat, he and the body both compensate for our precious carbohydrates.

who came up with such an effective diet

Slimming from 3 to 8 kilograms is guaranteed to you, so say the devotees of this method.

And further…

During the diet, water is actively extracted from the body, so that the figure becomes much more slender than before the diet, with the usual way of life.

Then there is a synthesis of glucose from the protein that is inside your muscle mass. Due to the large number of proteins, protein from muscles does not go away in large quantities, and you have a wonderful body formed.

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Retreat before application

The protein diet still has, like all diets without exception, a lot of flaws. Therefore, this diet should come, if absolutely all is critical, and you are ready to suffer hunger, health problems or mood disturbance, because only meat does not have a very good effect on health.

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