Diet for the third blood group

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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For people with a third blood group, the products are easy to pick up. It is believed that representatives of this group eat almost everything. Let's look into the details.

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The third group of blood - what do we eat?

Representatives of the third blood group have a very well developed and healthy digestive tract. This makes it possible to digest and assimilate to them any food without consequences. But there is also a danger of over-eating, because healthy people do not experience any inconvenience with food.

So, the main concern for people with a third blood group is not so much to choose food as to limit yourself to its quantity. And then everything will be in order.

People with a third blood group have another excellent property. They quickly adapt to changes in the diet. Therefore, they can easily eat the cuisine of any country. Within reasonable limits, of course.

Thanks to this remarkable property, people with a third blood group can have a varied table - unlike many other group representatives. And, if they do not zealously, eating everything, an excellent figure and good health, together with strong immunity, they are provided.

What is preferable in the diet menu for the third blood group?


According to the theory of the emergence of different blood groups, the third occurred at the very time when a person tamed wild animals. One of these animals was a cow. And sheep, who also give milk, and camels. And horses can be attributed to the same caste.

Therefore, dairy and sour-milk products for the representatives of the third blood group - it's the menu. They provide them with healthy bones, hair, teeth. Still sour-milk products perfectly clean an organism.

But from cheeses with mold to such people it is better to abstain, as well as from processed cheeses - they are caloric and may not work well on the body, causing fermentation in the intestine.


Meat dishes are very good for representatives of the third group of blood. It is best to include in the diet especially useful lamb and rabbit meat. True, do this better 2-3 times a week at a maximum, so as not to overload the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

But the chicken should not be cooked at all. Because of the high level of lectins in the composition (a protein that has the property of binding carbohydrate residues to the surface of blood cells), chicken can negatively affect blood cells by sticking with them and clog the blood system.

In addition, a large amount of lectin in the body can badly affect the gastrointestinal tract, causing such a bad and uncomfortable disease as dysbiosis. Lectins are also able to promote inflammation of the internal organs. So in the menu they should be limited to the maximum.

A fish

Representatives of the third blood group are very encouraged to eat fish of low-fat varieties. In particular, marine fish (flounder, herring, lufar, horse mackerel, saury). Fat of sea fish helps to lower the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. And these types of fish are well absorbed, saturating the body with polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help fight aging.

But seafood should be avoided: they can contribute to poor digestion due to proteins of special composition. So, if you have a third blood group and are offered to eat oysters, crabs or mussels, think and do not agree. It is a source of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract for you.

Potato and Beans

Carbohydrates are useful and good for people with a third blood group. But not all, not all. You can eat potatoes and beans, please. But corn and buckwheat is not necessary. They disrupt the operation of the pancreas, changing the content of sugars in the blood.

Wheat and its products should also be avoided. For the same reason, if you do not want to slow down the metabolism and start to recover.

Vegetables and fruits

Tomatoes to representatives of the third blood group are not recommended (in any case, they can be eaten infrequently). This is because of the high level of lectins in their composition (remember the characteristics of the chicken?).

Leaf salads, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers - eat raw or cook without adding oil - this will only benefit. In particular, it will improve the functioning of the intestines and strengthen the immune system.


They are better for representatives of the third blood group at all. True, from walnuts and almonds you can sometimes not give up, but only occasionally. Otherwise, you risk disrupting the pancreas.


You are allowed green tea without sugar and mineral water - slightly gasified or without gas at all. You can also have coffee without sugar.

You can tincture with hawthorn, ginseng, currant, raspberries, and also very useful cabbage juice, tomato juice


Of these, butter is allowed

Lose weight with us and with the diet for the third blood group easily and with pleasure!

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