Pros and cons of chocolate, kefir and cine diets

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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Now your attention will be presented to three original diets, so that you had more space for reflection and a firm solution, what to choose. Also we will discuss the pros and cons of the diets proposed to you.

Pros and cons of diets are varied, choose your diet


The Kinetic Diet

Famous people of cinema and theater have followed this diet since the 60's, so we suggest that you consider it.

Principles of the movie diet

The diet lasts only 12 days. If you like it, repeat the diet three weeks after it ends. The result is obvious, because the popularity of many actors depended on their appearance.

The diet menu

The first three days are the rejuvenation of the body - we drink kefir.

It is advisable to buy a domestic cock (if you do not grow it yourself, of course), then cook and eat without skin. So for three days.

The next three days are called "vitamin". You need to drink only the juice of green apples (do not add sugar), or there are apples.

The last three days will be like a reward from above. Eat low-fat cheese and drink dry red wine. If the day of a product comes - eat it as much as you want, do not try to feel hungry. You can also drink water as long as you want.

Pros of the diet

If you follow a diet regime, you take up to 10 kilograms of fat. There remains only one urgent issue, how not to regain the former weight?

Negative aspects of diet

Within six days, the body loses its weight by feeding proteins - the Atkins method, with all the consequences. Further the body is dehydrated and this leaves a further amount of fat deposits.

Useful side, besides quick weight loss, it is difficult to find in this diet. The body loses its weight quickly, and just as quickly it will return after a diet. If health does not disappoint.

Chocolate Diet

This diet was invented in Spain in the 90s. Now it has become even more popular.


Principle of chocolate diet

If you drink 5 cups of coffee a day (without adding sugar), diluting it with dry milk, a snack with 80 grams of bitter chocolate, there is a chance to lose weight (notice) for the first day from 1 to 3 kilograms.

Pros of the chocolate diet

Losing weight is not a myth, it really loses weight from this diet.

The disadvantages of this diet

  • This mono-diet, like other mono-diets, breaks the metabolic process in the body and worsens health.
  • Excess weight disappears precisely because of dehydration of body cells, and coffee in addition exhausts and dries.
  • Pressure can go on the rise because of such a fateful combination of coffee and chocolate. If you are a hypertensive person, then you may have health problems.

Kefir diet

Despite the wide distribution of kefir diet - it seems to be invisible.

Good and bad in kefir diet

People are used to the fact that if a simple and ancient product like kefir is present in a diet, then the diet should depend only on kefir and on what else.

  • Kefir is really good for the body. It strengthens your blood vessels, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens immunity, and also very qualitatively removes toxins from the body. To this you can add that the blood reduces cholesterol is due to kefir.
  • Kefir remarkably saves from a hangover and rejuvenates, tones a person. It is enough to drink 1.5 liters of kefir a day, and you will be in good shape. Kefir is well combined with fruits (who has a strong stomach) and leads to weight loss. It really works
  • It is impossible to argue that the use of kefir with the observance of kefir diet is a safe option, but no one will tell exactly how useful such a diet will be.

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