Lose weight in 2 weeks: possible or not?

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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Lose weight in 2 weeks at 4-5 kilograms possible, if you follow below the proposed integrated program. The holidays are coming to an end, the time is approaching the spring and the most urgent topic for all women is how you can lose weight for 2 weeks without special restrictions and damage to the body. In the network posted a huge amount of information about strict diets, exhausting exercises, miracle-working tablets that contribute to weight loss and other bullying for the body.

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What needs to be done to lose weight in 2 weeks?

The first step, in order to lose weight in 2 weeks, you need to define clear tasks for yourself. Do not set sky-high goals, as they are unrealistic to achieve, and failure will only upset you. Then you need to choose a strategy appropriate for your lifestyle and physical condition. After all, you have to significantly change the diet, find time for exercise, create a special psychological mood.

The second and, perhaps most important, is to tune in to a positive result and understand why you need to lose weight in 2 weeks. Not always eliminating excess weight can make you happier or more successful. But if you are sure that losing weight will fundamentally change your life, start immediately to work on yourself. For a positive result, motivation is mandatory: find an incentive that will inspire you for two weeks.

Successfully lose weight in 2 weeks will help exercise: more walking, visit the pool and dance classes, sign up for the gym. If you have health problems, be sure to consult your doctor first. Do not cancel the workout if you do not have enough time because of the work schedule: you can pick up video exercise complexes on the net that will suit both beginners and semi-professional athletes. If you stopped the choice in class at the gym, start only with the trainer, which will help to regulate the correct breathing and avoid injuries.

If you set a goal to lose weight in 2 weeks by a few pounds, then, of course, you will have to balance the diet and limit yourself in using many products. But in no case should you try to starve yourself: after inevitable exhaustion, the body will badly need food, and it will be difficult for you to control yourself.

How to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks?

Go to a split meal: eat small meals at least five times a day (three meals a day and a few snacks). To lose weight in 2 weeks, start the day with a glass of plain water with lemon. This will help start metabolism, which will help burn extra calories in the future.

You can lose weight in 2 weeks, but simple carbohydrates should be excluded from the diet: sweets, flour products (except - whole grain flour products), white rice and potatoes, sugar, carbonated sweet drinks and alcohol (except for a glass of dry wine during the evening). We also exclude fried foods, semi-finished products, smoked products and so-called "snacks" (chips, crackers, salt nuts).

Drink about a half or two liters of water per day, tea and coffee, drink without sugar and without desserts. Limit the consumption of sweet fruits that are rich in fructose, which will negatively affect the figure.

To lose weight in 2 weeks, nutritionists have created the ideal diet looks like this:

Morning: a glass of drinking water with lemon or honey, complex carbohydrates. Breakfast should be nutritious and provide the body with useful substances for the whole day. Good options for a healthy breakfast: oatmeal with honey or dried fruits, casserole from cottage cheese and wholemeal flour.

Afternoon snack: a few hours after breakfast, have a snack with fruit salad. This will provide the body with the necessary vitamins and compensates for the fact that you have limited the consumption of sweet, and, accordingly, will help you lose weight in 2 weeks.

Lunch: Dine with low-fat protein food and vegetables. Chicken soup, baked lean meat or fish, vegetable stew or vegetables on the grill. It is tasty, useful and favorably reflected in the figure.

Evening snack: low-fat cottage cheese, fresh vegetable salad, dairy products with fat content up to 10%. Any non-nutritious food in order to satisfy the feeling of hunger.

Dinner: The last meal should look like a light lunch. Dietary meat, vegetables - an ideal option. Do not listen to "dietitians" who are advised to give up food after 6 pm to lose weight in 2 weeks: if you are used to staying up late, then this option is not for you. Try, of course, not to gorge on the night, but do not starve.

Listen to your body: in any case, it will give you the first signal. If you do something wrong. Do not allow a sense of weakness, it will mean that you are getting insufficient nutrients. Do not be discouraged if the result is not immediately noticeable. Moscow was not immediately built and do not expect miracles in a day: you set a goal to lose weight in 2 weeks, so do not stand on the scales several times a day. Think positively, a good mood is half the story, if you are confident in yourself and are aimed at a good result, you will definitely have success and a beautiful figure in the near future.

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