Diet with gastritis with high acidity

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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With any gastrointestinal diseases it is extremely important to follow certain rules of nutrition, so a diet with gastritis with high acidity is an indispensable element of successful therapy of inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

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Indications for the appointment of a diet is a hyperacid gastritis diagnosed by the results of determining the pH of gastric juice, accompanied by typical symptoms (heartburn, stomach pain, eructation, flatulence), and exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease.

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General information of the with gastritis with high acidity

Dishes with gastritis with high acidity are cooked, cooked for a couple (or in an electric spoon), stewed or baked in the oven.

Some special recipes for gastritis with high acidity are practically not used: it's easy to cook porridge (you need to boil the rump well), meat or vegetables, to cook the simplest vegetable soup or soup-puree.

If vegetarian soups with gastritis with high acidity are not to your liking, you can put in a bowl of separately cooked finely chopped meat or chicken and a teaspoon of low-fat sour cream.

All salads with gastritis with high acidity should be cooked from boiled vegetables (no canned peas or corn!) And refuel with vegetable oil (no mayonnaise!). See publications - Diet with increased acidity of the stomach and a diet with exacerbation of gastritis

In the breakfast menu for gastritis with high acidity, milk porridges (oatmeal, buckwheat, mango, rice) are usually filled with butter; steam cheese cakes or lazy vareniki with low-fat sour cream; omelette (steamed); Soft-boiled eggs (two eggs every other day).

The menu for lunch can consist of vegetable soup; Boiled meat or steam chop (with pasta or mashed potatoes for garnish); steamed fish with stewed vegetables; potato casserole with boiled meat. For a snack, you can drink tea with crackers or jelly with biscuits, eat a couple of baked apples or yogurt. And in the menu for a supper with gastritis with high acidity can enter a mass of wiped low-fat cottage cheese, a sandwich from yesterday's loaf with butter and low-fat cheese, baked fish with vegetable puree, sausage and a salad of boiled beets with sour cream, etc.

The menu with exacerbation of gastritis with increased acidity differs in that preference is given to soup-puree and mashed porridge on water or diluted milk; The bread is excluded, and the salt is limited to 8 g per day.


The use of a diet for patients was recognized even in ancient medicine: Hippocrates said: "Let the food be your medicine," and Roman physician Galen believed that a good doctor should also be a good cook.

In acid-dependent pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, when excess hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach, the essence of the diet is to minimize gastric secretion and to maximally reduce the chemical (and, if exacerbated - and mechanical) effects of food intake on the inflamed gastric mucosa.

When choosing food products for gastritis with high acidity, one should be guided by the recommendations of the Pevsner's therapeutic diet system, according to which one should adhere to the diet No. 1 with a maximum daily calorie content of 3000 kcal. With an equal volume of proteins and fats consumed per day (100 g each), the amount of carbohydrates should not exceed 450 g per day; meals five meals a day in small portions. Extremely adversely affect the condition of the damaged gastric mucus snack with gastritis with high acidity, for this reason - when there are fewer five meals a day - there are six to seven times, while proportionally reducing the amount of servings.

Dishes with gastritis with high acidity should be prepared by ordinary cooking or steamed, stewed or baked.

A diet with exacerbation of gastritis with high acidity is a diet number 1a, which not only limits the total caloric content (up to 1980 kcal) and the amount of carbohydrates (up to 200 g), but also involves grinding food, that is, eating dishes such as mashed cereal, soup-puree, pudding, etc.

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What can and what can not?

So, what can and can not be eaten if you have a hyperacid gastritis?

Under the ban fall: any fat meat and poultry; Salted and smoked bacon and bacon; canned meat; salted and smoked fish, including herring; fish preserves and canned food; black and red caviar, as well as seafood - shrimp, mussels, squid, etc.

Do not bring benefits for the gastric mucosa fresh bread and buns, black bread; leguminous crops; bran, millet, pearl barley and corn porridge; fermented milk products, fat cream and sour cream; edible rennet cheeses; ice cream and confectionery.

Excluded from the menu are fresh white cabbage and sauerkraut (as well as all vegetable pickles and marinades), Brussels sprouts, radish and radish, spinach and sorrel, tomatoes and paprika, onions and garlic, fresh fruits with coarse fiber, citrus and sour berries.

We will have to refuse dishes such as borsch, soups with meat and fish broth, chicken broth, mushroom soup, bean and pea soup, pickle, vinaigrette, brawn and cold, shish kebab and pelmeni.

Tarragon, black pepper, turmeric, ginger and other spices with gastritis with high acidity are absolutely counter-indicative. Just like mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, tomato, mushroom and soy sauce. It is strictly forbidden to eat fast food.

And in the list, including the allowed products for gastritis with high acidity, specialists in therapeutic nutrition include:

  • dried bread from wheat flour, biscuits, baked patties with a neutral filling (no more than twice a week), unleavened pancakes or fritters (once a week);
  • lean beef, beef tongue, rabbit, young turkey, chicken breast without skin or fillets, chicken liver - boiled, stewed, baked in portions or in the form of steam cutlets;
  • vegetable oil (sunflower or olive), unsalted butter;
  • Low-fat cooked sausage or dairy sausages (not more than 60 g per day);
  • lean fish - cod, tuna, trout, pike perch - in boiled form and in the form of steamed fish cutlets;
  • hard, cheesy cheeses with fat content of 30% (maximum 30-45 g per day);
  • non-acid curd and natural yoghurt with a fat content of 3.2%;
  • chicken and quail eggs - soft-boiled, omelet with milk or cream;
  • porridge (semolina, buckwheat, oats, rice);
  • macaroni from hard wheat varieties premium (which are put in soup or are the side dish for the second);
  • potatoes (boiled, baked or mashed, fried forbidden);
  • carrots and beets (in boiled form);
  • Cauliflower and zucchini (steamed or steamed);
  • pumpkin (puree, as well as in porridge or desserts);
  • sweet apples (including baked ones), ripe pears (without peel), peaches, melons, bananas.

What can and can not be drunk with gastritis with high acidity

Most patients are helped by alkaline - chloride-sulphate-hydrocarbonate or hydrocarbonate-sodium mineral water in gastritis with high acidity, such as: Naftusya, Polyana Kvasova, Svalyava, Essentuki, Borjomi. Only before drinking it is necessary to pour water in a glass beforehand so that carbon dioxide leaves.

You can drink green tea, weakly boiled black tea, natural sweet fruit juices (after diluting them with water 1: 1), compote of dried fruits, kissel.

But here yogurt (and all sour milk drinks), natural black coffee, cocoa, carbonated water and broth of rose hips increases the acidity of the stomach and can enhance the symptoms of hyperacid gastritis.

As for milk, which gastroenterologists traditionally recommend to drink at night with a hyperacid gastritis, its fat content should be at least 2.5%, and before consumption it should be slightly heated. At the same time, many foreign experts believe that calcium, casein and whey milk proteins can stimulate the release of additional hydrochloric acid in the stomach and thereby strengthen the symptoms of gastritis. In addition, fresh milk has a weakly acid reaction (pH 6.68), so patients with gastritis should decide on the use of milk, based on an individual reaction to this product.

It is important to remember that immediately after a meal it is not recommended to drink anything, use of liquid should be postponed for at least an hour after eating.

It is completely unacceptable for any alcohol with gastritis with high acidity (vodka, champagne, white and red wine, beer). Also remember that very harmful to the gastric mucosa is smoking with gastritis with high acidity.


Contraindications to such starvation - concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine system, infectious and viral diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis), oncology, severe anemia, VSD, children and the elderly.

According to gastroenterologists, while observing the principles of therapeutic nutrition for patients with gastrointestinal diseases, including acid-dependent, complications are not observed, and the risks associated with the diet are absent.

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How to lose weight with gastritis with high acidity?

Gastroenterologists warn: it is dangerous to perform a fasting day with gastritis with high acidity, but if the disease is chronic and there is no exacerbation, then with excessive body weight one day a week you can eat oatmeal cooked on water and drink a lot (at least 1.5 liters) of water.

But one-two-day fasting with gastritis with high acidity is allowed in the case of the appearance of the first symptoms or exacerbation of chronic hyperacid inflammation of the stomach. And, of course, this starvation is not intended to reduce weight.

Patients are advised to drink at least 2.5 liters of water during the day; it can be alkaline mineral water without gas. On the third day, food intake is limited to slimy soup on water, rubbed with porridge and jelly from sweet berries. So it should be eaten for two more days, after which small portions are returned to boiled meat and fish, cottage cheese, eggs and vegetables.

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