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The Benefits of Red Wine

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

Red wine stands alone among alcoholic beverages. It is the only one to which the majority refers as a stimulant and a restorer of health. France, Italy, Portugal, Georgia and other countries consider red wine to be mandatory on their tables. For centuries, the tradition of drinking a glass of dry, semisweet or sweet red wine has not been violated at any time of the year and at virtually any age. Even children are given red wine, diluting it. It has long been proven the benefits of red wine: in addition to beneficial effects on the entire body, it improves the functioning of the heart. Wine is a natural product derived from the fermentation of grape juice. It contains such necessary for health components as poppy micro- and macro elements: iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, chrome, rubidium, selenium. They "work" on the expansion of blood vessels, lowering the level of cholesterol, strengthen the heart muscle. Red wine helps to increase the level of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in the blood, having an anti-anemic effect, reduces the viscosity of the blood. These properties, as well as stimulation of the enzymes of the digestive tract, normalization of the metabolic process and make red wine useful.

The Benefits of Red Dry Wine

A well-known fact: red wine is used to treat a number of diseases. Because it contains substances that reduce cholesterol, which hinder the development of atherosclerosis and support the work of the heart, there is already the benefit of red dry wine. It is proved that regular, in reasonable doses, the use of this drink will necessarily occur cleaning of the vessels. And with a disorder of the stomach, the wine will help: the tannins contained in it will actively remove toxins. And with avitaminosis this wine will bring into the body not microelements, vitamins and amino acids, which are lacking. Red dry wine to cope with flu, cold and even pneumonia. If you make it the basis of mulled wine and take it as hot as possible.

Red dry wine will help with reducing the blood-forming process and reducing immunity. An excellent remedy will be in the absence of appetite. Slows down the aging.

It is proved that red dry wine serves as a good prevention of oncological processes. Opposes caries and other diseases of the oral cavity.

The antidiabetic effect of red wine is due to the presence of streptozotocin and nicotinamide, which have hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects, weakening the main symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

But the use of red dry wine for therapeutic and preventive purposes requires compliance with two indicators: its quality and moderation.

Benefits of semisweet red wine

With the development of science, including medical science, studies were conducted more than once to determine whether there is a benefit for semisweet red wine or a tribute to tradition. But the presence in it of procyanidins and proanthocyanidins immediately confirmed that this wine is capable of providing resorption of lipid deposits on the walls of the arteries. In other words, red semisweet wine lowers cholesterol. In parallel, it also helps the protein fibers that participate in the process of strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

But the role of procyanidins does not end there. They block the development of chain reactions involving inflammatory factors, including histamine, arachidonic acid, which cause atherosclerosis.

Confirmed and such, known for a long time, the properties of red semisweet wine: its ability to disinfect drinking water. It's enough to dilute it with wine one third to protect yourself.

The positive effect of wine was also confirmed in the treatment of typhus. Red semisweet wine has antibacterial (effectively fights with E. Coli, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Chlamydia trachomatis) and antiviral (capable of destroying the herpes simplex virus, poliomyelitis, cytomegalovirus) effect.

Resveratrol increases the activity of some antiretroviral drugs used in HIV therapy.

During the research it was proved that the level of antiseptic capacity of wine is directly proportional to its endurance. Aged wine is able to successfully protect the body from the growth of histamine, i.e. From the potential threat of allergy. Contained in this wine, vitamin P acts as an effective antiallergen.

The Benefits of Red Sweet Wine

Red wine is considered sweet if the residual amount of sugar in a liter is more than 35 g. The calorie content of this wine is of the order of 100 kcal. This explains why, for the French during the Second World War, red sweet wine became a means of starvation. In fact, with all the other useful qualities, this wine served as a substitute for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

For many, the benefits of red sweet wine begin with its amazing aroma, which raises the emotional mood. This aroma in tandem with a slightly tart taste makes red sweet wine a pleasant and beloved by many. Although the wine has a high percentage of alcohol content, it does not lose its healing properties. His ability to remove fatigue and stress does not challenge anyone. Like the effect in anemia: in red sweet wine, a high concentration of iron, opposing anemia.

Red sweet wine and hypotension help. Feeling the weakness and dizziness that accompany the reduction in pressure, it is enough to take a few sips of red sweet wine. The sugar contained in it will immediately begin to correct the situation, i. E. Will increase the pressure. But, firstly, one must be sure of the reason for dizziness, and it is better to use a tonometer, and secondly, to drink just a little, so that there is a real benefit, and not an "easy degree of intoxication."

The Benefits of Homemade Red Grape Wine

There is no doubt about the benefits of home-made red grape wine, because it eliminates a large number of impurities that are present in such factory-made beverages. First, it is made from natural grapes. Secondly, according to the proven technology generation, which maximally preserves all useful properties.

Such wine has a beneficial effect on the normalization of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It lowers the pressure, and increases the tone. Home wine strengthens bone tissue, which is especially important with age, when the risk of osteoporosis and fractures is high. And the formation of kidney stones home wine successfully resists. He is highly regarded for his ability to prevent neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's. And the presence of red wine from the vine of resveratrol reduces the likelihood of the formation of tumors in the body. Another plus: this wine, having an estrogenic property, reduces the risk of developing a heart attack and stroke.

Recommended for daily consumption of red home grape wine dose for an adult - from 50 to 75 ml per day. Doctors recommend drinking this wine as not diluted, and in a ratio of 1: 1 with water.

The benefits of red wine with honey

Hippocrates said centuries ago that honey and wine, if they are natural, are equally suitable for a sick and healthy person. Just do not overdo it in their use. So far, no one has denied this conclusion of one of the first doctors.

And honey, and red wine more than once helped a man when the illness came. If they are taken at the same time, the benefits of red wine with honey are strengthened. An excellent preventive tool is obtained if mixed in the right proportion of honey and red wine is heated and mulled wine is obtained. As a prophylactic, mulled wine has an excellent effect on immunity, strengthening it. It tones up the body. Mulled wine is very helpful for hypothermia.

With chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, a mix of red wine with honey is one of the most effective means. It passed the test of time and, so to speak, space. Such a honey-wine mix is prepared at the first signs of a cold. He is also used to normalize the stomach or intestines. And with a low level of hemoglobin, the mix will help.

And if you add to the red wine, in addition to honey, spices, you will get a natural bioenergetic, which will quickly restore strength, both in their physical decline and after an infectious disease.

The use of red wine for the heart

There is no contradiction in the fact that there is, the benefits of red wine for the heart are repeatedly proved. It's all about flavonoids - natural substances with strong antioxidant properties and the ability to stain plant tissues. This explains the color of some vegetables and fruits. And grapes among them. Getting into the body, flavonoids begin to protect the walls of blood vessels with heart disease. They also lower harmful cholesterol, but useful - increase. Flavonoids prevent the formation of blood clots.

Analyzing the properties of red wine beneficial to the heart, French medical researchers note this pattern: a heart attack more often, and this in 60%, happens in those who do not drink a glass of red wine daily. Persuasive data and the Americans. They have such statistics: for those who prefer red wine, only a glass per day, the mortality from cardiovascular diseases comes in 30-40 times less often. The Americans conducted their studies with patients of the age category of 60 years and older.

But even without research, the benefits of red wine can be assessed by looking at the long-livers of Georgia. All of them, men and women, drink their own grape red wine daily. And they start from childhood, with a glass of diluted water of this health drink. It is not surprising that an 80-year-old resident of Svaneti or a native of Colchis does not complain of heart failure, he is slim and alert, perfectly clings to the saddle and easily climbs the mountains.

Thus, we can distinguish the mechanisms of cardioprotective action of red wine:

  1. inhibition of the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the walls of blood vessels;
  2. inhibition of the proliferation of smooth muscle cells in blood vessels;
  3. increase in the level of nitric oxide synthase of the endothelium;
  4. inhibition of platelet aggregation;
  5. increasing the level of good cholesterol.

The benefits of red wine for women

Probably the first thing that a woman appreciates in red wine, its pleasant taste and natural sleeping pills. The use of red wine for women is a confrontation with insomnia, from which neither a young girl nor a woman is insured. This wine is rich in melatonin or a sleep hormone. It helps to normalize the nervous system. The fructose, which is part of red wine, actively removes oxalates from the body. Another plus: wine helps to reduce the risk of stones in the kidneys, restores the functional ability of the thyroid gland.

Another factor important for a woman: red dry wine does not harm even during a diet because it has a low calorie content. This factor was even called the "miracle-element". It is able to suppress the production of substances that contribute to obesity. In other words, red wine burns fats.

For a woman, red wine is another helper to improve her appearance. It cleanses the skin, resists cellulite. It is enough to carry out a wine SPA procedure at home, and this is a bath with the addition of a bottle of red dry wine, so that the result is very quickly evident, more precisely, on the skin. She will get a fresh, "live" look, will be smooth and young.

The Benefits of Red Wine for Men

In addition to the beneficial properties of red wine in general for humans, the benefits of red wine for men have been proven. Studies have shown that this wine can suppress aromatase enzyme. This is a real problem faced by men. Another name for it is the "feminization of men" with such signs: a decrease in testosterone, a significant increase in fat in the chest and abdomen, and so on. In this case, an increase in the level of estrogen occurs, which is fraught with the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics by the female type. Such a metamorphosis can not please any man at any age. And thanks to red wine, in the male body there is a decrease in estrogens.

Red wine has the ability to enhance the treatment of prostate cancer with the components that make up its composition. And the first component is resveratrol, which is in the skin of the grapes. In general, and in general, resveratrol has a positive effect on the male body.

And, of course, red wine for the health of men - an active assistant, opposed to heart attack and stroke, virtually all cardiovascular diseases, which have become a problem all over the world today.

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