Hematogen in pregnancy with low hemoglobin

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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Often during pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia develops. In such cases, many pregnant women use a medicine such as a hematogen. Hematogen is called a special food supplement (or preventive agent), which allows to quickly and qualitatively fill the lack of iron, saturating the body with this substance.

The question arises whether hematogen is allowed during pregnancy, and whether there are any restrictions on the use of this drug in this situation. You can understand this by reading this article.

Whether it is possible a hematogen at pregnancy?

During pregnancy, hematogen is prescribed only for very urgent needs, as an increase in the level of hemoglobin in the blood can cause it to thicken. And this can cause a thrombosis with a blockage of capillaries in the placenta, which will be very harmful to the fetus.

Thus, the use of hematogen in this period is not prohibited, but should not be taken in excessively large doses. Eliminate the lack of iron in the body can and with a balanced diet.

Benefit and harm of hematogen in pregnancy

Dosages of the hematogen during pregnancy should be very limited, as well as coordinated with the attending physician. In the case of iron deficiency anemia, this drug will be very useful - it will contribute to the normalization of iron balance in a weakened organism. But it should be understood that during pregnancy, hematogen can cause harm. What dangers may arise from using this medication:

  • The hematogen strongly thickens the blood, and this is unacceptable for pregnant women, because as a result, the blood vessels of the placenta can become clogged with thrombi, which will worsen the process of feeding the fetus in the womb.
  • This remedy contains too much vitamin B, which can make a woman and her baby allergic - a reaction that develops as a result of abuse of the medicine.
  • Occasional oversaturation with easily digestible carbohydrates can cause diarrhea, and he, accordingly, can cause dehydration.
  • In pregnancy, a woman's hormonal background changes quite strongly, as a result of which quite sharp allergic reactions are possible, among which an increase in sensitivity to the hematogen.

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Indications of the hematogen in pregnancy

Hematogen is used as an auxiliary medicine to eliminate anemia of various nature. During pregnancy, it is used only with iron deficiency disease.

Hematogen in pregnancy with low hemoglobin

In any case, during pregnancy, the hematogen can be very useful - it is prescribed and with a low level of hemoglobin. But it should be borne in mind that the appointment of a medicine and its dosage can be solely by the attending physician.

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Release form

Produced in the form of tiles with a volume of 50 grams, which are wrapped with polypropylene film.

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Hematogen - a tool that helps to regulate the process of metabolism. It contains fats, minerals, and proteins with carbohydrates. All these micronutrients, which are constituent elements of the hematogen, are very similar in their proportions to the composition of human blood, and this is why they are easily and almost without side effects absorbed by the body.

Hematogen is able to stimulate the hemopoietic process. This medication is made from dry defibrinated blood, the source of which is cattle. Such an extract is useful because of the hemoglobin contained in it - this is iron itself in the form of iron-containing protein.

Among the properties of hematogen is also the ability to absorb iron ions in the intestine, thereby increasing the hemoglobin concentration in the blood. The drug also stimulates the production of red blood cells (these are red blood cells). In addition, it controls the processes of oxidation and reduction that develop in the body.

All these mechanisms allow the hematogen to restore iron deficiency in the body, eliminating the symptoms of anemia.

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It is strictly forbidden to use hematogen in case of excess weight or diabetes - due to the easily assimilated carbohydrates contained in it. Among the contraindications is also increased individual sensitivity to the components of drugs. In addition, hematogen is banned in anemia of non-iron deficiency.

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Dosing and administration

It is forbidden to use hematogen with whole tiles, the dosage should not be more than 1-2 plates per one dose. In the day you can eat no more than 5-6 of these plates. For pregnant women, the daily dosage is a maximum of 50 g. The duration of taking the medication is 2-3 weeks. Take the hematogen should be in between meals, so that it is better absorbed by the body. It is allowed to drink medicine with water. At the same time, do not use dairy products at the same time as it interferes with the process of assimilation of useful elements.

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Side effects of the hematogen in pregnancy

Basically, the hematogen is tolerated fairly well, but in some cases, some side effects from its use on the part of the digestive system - such as diarrhea and nausea - are possible. In addition, patients who are highly sensitive to the components of the drug may develop an allergy.

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Interactions with other drugs

It is forbidden to combine reception of a hematogen with other preparations of iron. Also, one should not combine its use with multivitamin complexes.

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Storage conditions

Hematogen should be kept in its original packaging, in a dry place, closed from children. Temperature conditions - no more than 25 ° С.

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Shelf life

Hematogen can be used within 1 year from the date of manufacture.

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Hematogen during pregnancy has many reviews that show that limited use of this medication does not harm the body of a pregnant woman. Therefore, if necessary, a little hematogen can eat - most importantly, do not abuse. And in small dosages it will be very useful, will help to improve well-being, strengthen health and eliminate the lack of iron. In case of anemia, this medicine is recommended for use by both patients and doctors.


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