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Can a nursing mother eat fried?

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Last reviewed: 25.02.2021

The issue of eating fried foods during lactation is very relevant, especially in the first months of a baby's life. It is believed that fried foods are very harmful for adults, and even more so for children. Therefore, a nursing mother should be careful with fried foods. Can a nursing mother eat fried? 

Why are fried foods bad for you?

The process of preparing products for a young mother involves storing all the nutrients in food. Many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body are destroyed by the temperature during cooking. Therefore, the main task is such a way of cooking food, which is able to preserve vitamins and useful elements in it. Unfortunately, the frying process does not provide the food with sufficient vitamin content after cooking.

In addition, oil is always used in frying. This product is harmful, because under the action of temperature any oil, including olive oil, goes into a form that is broken down into saturated fatty acids. These acids are very harmful to blood vessels, as they take part in the formation of cholesterol plaques. This is very harmful for the mother herself, as well as for the baby. Also, during the frying process, the oil is broken down into harmful products that can become carcinogenic. These are the products that can initiate the development of oncological pathologies in the future for your child as well.

Therefore, if we talk about fried foods in general, then they are harmful to the body of a nursing mother and her baby. But you need to understand some details. It is very difficult to completely abandon fried foods in the modern world. Therefore, you need to properly fry foods, you need to choose the right foods that do not lose their nutrients during frying. [1]

How to fry food properly? This is a very important question, because the taste and benefits of food depend on it. And if the food is too fried, it can affect the taste of breast milk and your baby may refuse to breast for reasons you do not understand.

The main rule is to use a minimum of oil for frying. If you choose oil, sunflower oil is considered more harmful than olive oil. But even olive oil contains unhealthy fats, so it should be used as little as possible. [2] Many pans these days have a non-stick coating, so it is best not to use oil at all unless it affects the recipe or flavor. You can also pan and preserve the nutrients in foods if you combine the frying process with stewing. To do this, at the beginning of cooking in a pan, you need to fry the product a little for taste without oil or with a minimum amount of it. After that, you can add a small amount of water and cook until tender. So you can cook not only vegetables, but also meat, fish, while maintaining proteins and trace elements in useful concentrations.

Therefore, if we talk about the benefits or dangers of fried foods when breastfeeding, then it is impossible to say unequivocally. It all depends on the type of product, method and method of frying. It must be remembered that even fried foods can be beneficial with the right cooking technique.

What fried foods can you lactate?

There is a group of products that are very useful during lactation, even fried. These foods include hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and squash seeds. They contain useful elements that do not disappear during drying and do not become less active. These foods are fried without adding oil, so they are healthier. [3]

Can a nursing mom roasted sunflower seeds? It is a very popular product and is often used as a snack. In fact, sunflower seeds are one of the healthy foods that a young mother should have in small amounts. This is due to the large amount of vitamins that this product contains. These seeds contain selenium, magnesium, vitamins A and E, copper, which have antioxidant properties. According to research, these antioxidants prevent cellular damage that often leads to disease and inflammation. These nutrients prevent cancer by reducing and suppressing oxidant damage to cells and by protecting tissue from oxidant free radical damage. Sunflower seeds may reduce the risk of certain cancers due to their high phytosterol content. They also contain a compound called lignans, which also protect against certain types of cancer.

Sunflower seeds contain abundant amounts of magnesium, which soothes the nerves and relieves stress and migraines, thus relaxing the new mom. Magnesium calms the nerves by preventing calcium from entering and activating nerve cells. Most of the magnesium in the body is present in our bones and helps to strengthen our bones. The seeds also contain tryptophan and choline, which can help fight anxiety and depression. Choline improves brain function and memory.

These small grains are a good source of folate (folate). The vitamin is essential for the production of new DNA, which is necessary for the formation of new cells. Folate is an important part of the diet of lactating women as it promotes healthy neural tubes, adequate baby weight, and proper development of the heart, spine and brain in babies. Hence, sunflower seeds, sprouts and oil are considered very beneficial for nursing mothers.

Therefore, you need to eat sunflower seeds, but you cannot overeat. It will be ideal if you add these seeds, even fried, to a salad with olive oil, because in combination with fats, seeds perfectly enrich your mother's diet and her breast milk.

Can a nursing mother eat roasted peanuts? Like seeds, they are very nutritious. It contains many elements that are needed for the healthy functioning of the mother and baby's body. The main trace minerals found in peanuts are as follows:

  1. manganese - essential for healthy bones and energy;
  2. vitamin B3 - for the development of brain function and a healthy nervous system in an infant;
  3. phosphorus - helps maintain bones, teeth and energy levels;
  4. magnesium - for brain health, energy and electrolyte balance of nerve cells in mom and baby;
  5. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for protecting cells from stress and damage;

Roasted peanuts can also be beneficial due to their macronutrient content. These nuts contain monounsaturated fats that contribute to a healthy Mediterranean diet (a diet that promotes vascular health and overall homeostasis may be recommended for nursing mothers). Roasted peanuts also contain amino acids - our protein building blocks that are indispensable in mom's diet. Natural protein is also essential for babies for healthy growth and building of muscles and all organs. The dietary fiber in peanuts helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. [4]

Conditionally healthy fried foods for lactation

The method of cooking vegetables, meat and fish has a direct impact on the content of microelements and macronutrients. Therefore, a nursing mother should know what foods can be fried and how to do it so as not to harm her baby.

Can a nursing mother eat fried potatoes? If we talk about potatoes, then this is a healthy and nutritious vegetable that is widely used in the diet of a mother who is breastfeeding. Potatoes are a healthy vegetable. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which provides many of the needs for a mom when she cannot get it from citrus fruits. Also, potatoes contain a lot of fiber, which regulates the intestinal motility of the mother. Potatoes very rarely cause allergies in a baby, therefore it can be a trial food product if the baby is prone to allergies. In addition, potatoes contain a lot of carbon, which provides mom with energy and keeps her feeling full for a long time. [5]

Fried potatoes can contain all the benefits of this product if no oil was used in the cooking process. When frying potatoes in oil, the partial fermentation of the starch in the potatoes creates a harmful product that can affect weight. This fermented starch also doesn't pickle well and can cause bloating in your baby. Therefore, it is better to abstain from fried potatoes during lactation. But you can cook the potatoes in an alternative way - you can dry them in the oven with other vegetables, such as carrots. In this case, the carrots will release juice, which will allow you not to add oil to the dish. In this case, potatoes with carrots will be more useful than fried ones. 

Can a nursing mother eat fried onions? This concept is relative, because fried onions can be part of a certain dish. In this case, small amounts of fried onions, such as in soup, are allowed. If you just eat fried onions, then this of course can affect the child. Primarily, onions can affect the taste of breast milk due to their pungent odor. It contains many extractives, so it can enhance gastric secretion if consumed simply as a product. Therefore, fried onions during lactation can only be eaten in small quantities in soup with minimal frying.

Meat should be in the diet of every nursing mother. This product provides the daily energy expenditure needed to maintain homeostasis. Meat is a pure source of protein that enters the body and is broken down into amino acids under the influence of enzymes. These elements are involved in the life of every cell in the body. The synthesis of breast milk occurs precisely from amino acids, which are the main building blocks of milk. In addition, the synthesis of milk requires energy, the source of which should be meat. A child cannot live a day without such an important component of food. But is fried meat possible for a nursing mother? Of course, this method of cooking meat leaves the proteins active and does not affect the quality of the meat. But cooking with oil, and the formation of a large amount of harmful substances in the process of frying, casts doubt on the benefits of fried meat for a mother and her baby. But given that such meat tastes good, mother often wants to eat such a product. In this case, you can recommend eating a small amount of fried meat, but by cooking it over the fire. In this case, the fatty oil does not leave a trace on the meat, and the amount of carcinogens decreases.

Which grilled meat to give preference to? Is fried chicken okay for a nursing mom? In answering these questions, it is important to note that the less you cook the meat on the fire, the less it is subject to destruction and the formation of harmful substances. Pork is considered a tougher meat and requires a longer cooking time. Cooking roast pork safely over a fire, especially for a nursing mom, can be a controversial issue. After all, pork should take longer to roast, and, accordingly, heat treatment is stronger and the formation of harmful substances is higher. In this case, preference is given to chicken, which cooks faster. Therefore, fried chicken in limited quantities can be eaten with sufficient heat treatment. But lean pork is considered less allergenic than chicken. Therefore, you can only eat a piece of fried chicken if you have already eaten chicken and have not noticed any allergies in your child. [6]

If we are talking about fried meat, then we need to remember one more product that mothers use less often, but still it is lard. Can a nursing mother eat fried bacon? This product itself is very controversial in terms of benefits for the body. It is believed that a small piece of fresh unsalted lard, no more than ten grams in size, is good for the body. It is believed that fat stimulates the production of bile and prevents its stagnation in the gallbladder. Perhaps this opinion is justified. But lard contains a lot of animal fats, which are not absorbed by the human body and are not used for beneficial purposes, but quite the opposite. Such fats in the diet should be limited, especially for nursing mothers. In the process of frying, such fats turn into a more liquid form, which is very harmful for blood vessels, for the stomach, for the whole body. Therefore, even with a strong desire, a nursing mother should not eat fried bacon, it is very harmful.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to have fried cutlets, because this is one of the forms of meat products? It is truly a meat product that can be beneficial when cooked properly. Mom can eat fried cutlets, but to get the full benefit from the meat they contain, you need to cook the cutlets yourself. For cutlets, you need to take hypoallergenic meat - this can be lean pork, rabbit, sometimes chicken. The meat needs to be cooked for cutlets, but it is best to fry in a dry non-stick skillet without adding oil, but you can add water. This can be the perfect dish in composition and taste. In such cases, such fried cutlets can be eaten without fear for your baby.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to have fried liver? The liver is one of the main sources of iron, which is so necessary for the prevention of anemia for the mother after childbirth and her baby. But also, it must be remembered that the liver is an organ where detoxification of all harmful substances occurs. Therefore, harmful elements can accumulate there. And for pregnant women, children are advised to limit the intake of liver in the diet. If you have anemia after childbirth, then you can include this product in your diet. But then you need to choose a chicken liver, because these animals eat plant foods, unlike pigs. You can fry such a liver and eat it in small quantities. But frying must be safe with a minimum amount of oil. But if your baby has anemia, then it is not wise to load yourself with the liver, this can only cause allergies. Iron does not pass through breast milk, so if you increase the amount of iron in your body by pressing on the liver, the baby will not be affected.

Can a nursing mother eat fried cakes? You should also forget about this product during breastfeeding. The pies do not contain any valuable food, there is only a large amount of starch, which is harmful for mom and baby. In the process of frying pies, a lot of carcinogens are formed, so you should refrain from such a product.

Can a nursing mother eat fried mushrooms and fried champignons? Mushrooms are plant foods that are high in fiber. Due to this, there is a visible benefit from this product - increased peristalsis and intestinal motility. But the complex fibers contained in mushrooms delay food for a long time, since they are very long and difficult to digest. Therefore, mushrooms can cause bloating, heaviness not only in the mother, but also in the child. If you are an active mother who does not adhere to diets during lactation, you have a healthy baby, and you eat a lot of foods, then mushrooms may be in your diet. Frying mushrooms is the most acceptable way of cooking for good taste. But before frying, it is recommended to boil the mushrooms in hot water, which will ensure their better processing. Then you can fry them with a little oil. [7]

Can a nursing mother get fried eggs? In general, eggs are a very healthy protein product. They contain a lot of protein, which provides the body with energy. The egg yolk contains a high amount of vitamin D, which is in active form there. This vitamin is not destroyed by frying. But egg white is a very allergenic product that is prohibited for children under two years old. Therefore, mom can eat fried eggs, but in order not to cause allergies, it is best to eat only yolks. You can not eat a lot of eggs, you can limit yourself to a few per week - this will provide the necessary vitamins.

Can a nursing mother eat fried fish? Fish is the second product after meat, which must necessarily be in the diet of a mother when breastfeeding. It is a great source of protein, healthy fats, and calcium and phosphorus. All these elements are necessary for the baby to build tissues, bones and teeth. The fish is cooked quickly, just a few minutes. This makes it possible to use different methods of cooking fish, including frying. Fried fish can be eaten for new mothers if it is cooked with a minimum amount of oil. You can also pan the fish with water instead of oil and it will cook nicely. Which fish to choose? Is fried flounder possible for a nursing mother? It is better not to eat flounder, as it is a predatory fish. In addition, flounder may contain elevated levels of mercury. Therefore, it is better to give preference to sea fish of white varieties - hake, notothenia, low-fat catfish. [8]

Fried foods in the diet of a nursing mother cannot be completely ruled out, since sometimes the body needs a small amount of such foods. But in this case, you need to give preference only to those products that can be useful for the body and prepare them correctly. Fried foods can be healthy too.

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