Benign tumors of bones in a dog

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Osteomas are convex tumors consisting of a denser but otherwise normal bone tissue. They arise in the area of the skull and muzzle.

Osteochondromas, also called multiple cartilaginous exostoses, are bone tumors that grow in young dogs in the area of growing cartilage before calcification. Osteochondromas can be single and multiple and are found in the ribs, vertebrae, pelvis and extremities. These tumors can be hereditary.

If the results of the X-ray examination do not allow the final diagnosis, in order to determine the type of bone tumor, it is necessary to perform a biopsy.

Treatment: benign tumors can be removed by local excision. Surgical treatment is necessary when tumor growth affects structures such as nerves and tendons, causing pain and obstructing movement. Surgical treatment can also be carried out for proforma.

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