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Nourishing creams for dry, oily and combination skin

Skin plays such an important role in the body that some experts compare it with the large endocrine gland, and even with the peripheral brain, adequately reacting to incoming information - both from the outside and from the inside of the body. To pray and cherish her God Himself commanded. Especially if it's the skin of the face, and the face is female.

Nourishing cream for face

The first cosmetic creams were prepared on the basis of fats and herbal infusions. The advantages of such completely natural recipes were offset by too short a shelf life. This forced cosmeticians to increase the shelf life of various chemical additives, so that modern women have a choice of cosmetics for all occasions.

The composition of the face cream depends on the purpose and the set of ingredients, it is indicated on the product packaging. Formulas for face creams contain: moisturizing, nourishing, softening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, healing, rejuvenating, protective, vitamin, renewal, tonic, disinfectant, cleansing and other components in various combinations. Each patented product has a unique composition.

By the way of action there are two types of nutritious creams: day and night. They solve different tasks, therefore, when choosing a cream, one should pay attention not only to the composition and the ratio of natural and chemical ingredients, but also to the type of product.

Many substances, without which the cosmetic industry can not stay afloat, are classified as unsafe and even harmful (dyes, flavors, parabens, mineral oils, silicate and aluminum acetate, albumin, etc.). They can cause side effects and allergies, accumulate in the body. Especially it is dangerous at pregnancy and thoracal feeding of the child. Therefore, the composition - the main thing that you need to pay attention when buying cosmetics.

Indications of the nourishing face creams

Indications for the use of nourishing face creams are dryness, expressed by various symptoms. The reason - weak functioning of the sebaceous glands and loss of moisture. In his youth, this type of skin looks beautiful - his face is smooth, thin, matte, without the unpleasant brilliance of fatty discharge. However, such skin is prone to irritation and peeling, rapid aging, loss of elasticity and elasticity. To avoid this, special attention and skin care is required.

Normal skin is also not immune to dryness. The problem can be provoked by:

  • malnutrition;
  • reception of antibiotics;
  • hypoacid gastritis;
  • costs of the profession (for example, make-up artists).

Improper care of the face inevitably leads to overdrying, early wrinkles or other problems. Factors to be avoided are frequent washing, cold hard water, cosmetics containing alcohol and other drying substances.

In any case, nourishing face creams after 30 years are needed by every woman. Cosmetologists warn: when using the same drug, there is an addiction and a decrease in effectiveness, so it is recommended to periodically change the brand of the cream. And also adhere to the "golden mean". In the sense that if a woman pretends to look young and modern, it is unacceptable for her to abuse or ignore the nourishing face creams.

Release form

Nourishing face creams are designed to saturate the skin with substances that prevent aging. In youth, it is necessary to follow the skin with a prophylactic purpose, mature skin requires other methods of care. Modern cosmetology is able to please everyone.

Products of this kind are produced by all cosmetic companies. Not always the creams are given original names. To distinguish them, the words "nourishing face cream" add the name of the brand-manufacturer. For example:

  • Multi-Hydratavte from Clarins;
  • Extra comfort from Thalgo;
  • Hydraphase La Rocher;
  • Comfort on Call from Clinigue;
  • Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream from Mary Kay;
  • Individual moisturizing from Garnier;
  • Macadamia from Oriflame;
  • Gerontol;
  • Atoderm from Bioderma;
  • Essentielles from Vichy.

Libriderm Aevit

Nourishing face cream Libriderm Aevit has a regenerating effect, provides toning and refreshing, slows wilting, renews the epidermal layer.

The formula Libryderm Aevit is a blend of extracts of high concentration of several plants: edelweiss, raspberries, rosemary, which powerfully support the skin, have a complex effect. The combination of vitamins stimulates renewal, prevents damage and premature aging, restores the elasticity of the skin. Activation of the collagen formation necessary for the face turgor occurs.

The cream is suitable for all skin types. There are no artificial components in it, and delicate color and aroma provide exclusively plant extracts. The cream is used traditionally: on a clean face, on massage lines. Apply daily: in the morning and an hour and a half before you go to bed. After two months, it is recommended to take a break. The dispenser helps to expend the remedy rationally.


Nourishing face cream Macadamia from Oriflame has a number of advantages:

  • well absorbed;
  • intensively nourishes;
  • moisturizes without the sensation of a mask;
  • smells good;
  • a beautiful and comfortable jar;
  • cheaply worth it.

The cream formula includes a multivitamin complex and macadamia nut oil, hence the name. The texture resembles a pasty shade of low-fat yogurt. After soaking removes dryness, literally in front of eyes, the skin becomes silky and soft to the touch.

According to reviews, the cream copes well with the shortcomings of dry and other skin types, but for a very dry need more fatty remedy.

Ultra comfort 24 hours

Nourishing face cream "Ultrakomfort 24 hours" contains ash juice. According to the manufacturer, the company Yves Rocher, this herbal ingredient powerfully stimulates the natural processes of nourishing the skin. Thanks to this ability, the cream with ash juice effectively fights against dryness and its external signs.

The cream gives the skin the ability to actively produce its own fats, constantly nourishing and giving it tenderness, velvety, incomparable sense of comfort for a long time. "Ultracomfort" is easily absorbed, does not shine and does not give a sensation of the film.

In addition to the juice of ash, macadamia and karite oils were added to the recipe. Plus, the fact that it lacks mineral oils, parabens, dyes. The only drawback is the high cost.

Willows Roshe

The Yves Rocher brand focuses on the principle of efficiency and safety of products, strives to make elegance and grooming available not only to French women, but also to other women. In the formulation of vegetable cosmetics of this brand there are no substances of animal origin, it is not tested on animals. Cosmetologists Yves Rocher derive inspiration from the power of plants and have already produced more than 700 unique formulas presented in special lines.

One of the original products from Willows Roshe - nourishing face cream "Nutrition and comfort 24 hours." The active substance is an ash concentrate, which is obtained from the frozen juice of wood of this tree species growing in the north of Sicily. Here the ash juice was used even in ancient times - thanks to its calming properties.

Yves Rocher gave his admirers the opportunity to experience the nutritional properties and ability to maintain a balance of moisture in the deep layers of the skin. Such abilities of ash juice were given by nature itself, thanks to which the trees survive in the conditions of prolonged drought. Yves Rocher adapts these properties to human skin.

Frozen juice, the so-called manna, demonstrated the unique effect on the skin in the laboratory: moisture retention, enhanced protection, stimulation of the synthesis of its own nutritional components. These beneficial properties and were embodied in a nourishing face cream "Nutrition and comfort 24 hours." When applied to the face, the agent instantly removes stiffness and restores natural comfort.

A good nutritional effect also has a cream of the same brand "Revitalizing" with a deep effect on the dermis. The enveloping texture enriches with fatty acids and antioxidants, renews at the cellular level, restores elasticity and a sense of comfort.


The principle of nighttime nourishing creams is based on the fact that during sleep a person rests, metabolic processes occur in the body, and the skin is restored. Therefore, it is important to choose a cosmetic product that will ensure optimal care at this time of day.

Simply put, the night cream should be denser than the day cream, contain active moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. These criteria correspond to Vichy face cream, which is classified as a remedy for dry skin. Belongs to a group of night face creams. Contains a unique molecule of sphingolipid, which activates the production of its own fatty substances. It is recommended for intensive care of dry skin.

The cream should be applied in the evening on the cleansed face, easily massaging for better absorption. It is easily absorbed and pleasantly smells.

With regular application, the manufacturer guarantees an excellent effect: elasticity, moisturizing, freshness of the face.

Olive Nourishing Face Cream

The brand "One hundred recipes of beauty" embodies the idea of home cosmetics. The uniqueness is that the products are made according to the recipes "from the grandmother's chest".

  • In practice, it looks like this: first, customers share the family secrets of beauty, and then professional cosmetologists choose the best, bring the recipes to perfection and give the go-ahead for production. Thus, women receive quality natural remedies without wasting time on their production.

An olive nourishing face cream is one such means. As can be seen from the name, the basis is olive oil - the active ingredient of many cosmetic preparations. Favorite cosmetology oil is distinguished by its high restorative and moisturizing properties, which is widely used in the production of anti-aging cosmetics.

Nourishing cream with a predominance of olive oil, in addition to intensive nutrition, has other important properties: it provides comprehensive care, it is the basis for make-up. Inflicted on clean skin, it gives a feeling of comfort, does not shine and does not tighten the skin with a mask. It is used for any type of skin. The application time is universal.

Cream DOVE

Cosmetics DOVE is designed for all skin types, suitable for both the face and the body. Nutritious cream of German production DOVE is announced as a universal, for intensive care for the skin of the whole body. Designed for women. Achieved the desired effect due to the presence of active moisturizing, softening, smoothing and nourishing ingredients.

The product has a thick consistency of white and a delicate aroma, which you can not confuse with anything. On dry skin it melts, leaving in exchange maximum comfort. This feeling does not disappear even after a few washings. With constant use, the skin is saturated with vitamins, reaching the optimum level of moisturizing and grooming.

Apply the cream on a dry, clean skin with light movements, stroking the lubricated areas until it is completely absorbed.

The cream is used for nutrition and softening:

  • hands;
  • coarse areas of feet;
  • elbows and knees;
  • whole body after shower.

According to reviews, the use of DOVE as a nourishing face cream is quite justified, in particular, it effectively removes peeling on dry skin, nourishes after being outdoors in winter cold. Quickly absorbed, does not stick and does not stay on clothes. But some women think that for a person DOVE heavy.

Green Mom

Mark Green mom attracts people who prefer natural cosmetics. Organic lovers offer means from high-quality raw materials, controlled at all stages of manufacturing. The composition includes substances suitable for a variety of skin, including those prone to irritation and allergies. The products are available for a wide range of consumers.

In the formula of the nourishing cream for the face from Green's mother, the active function is performed by the components of pine nuts and sea buckthorn oil. Accordingly, the drug is called. According to information from the manufacturer, it combines the power of the gifts of nature and modern achievements of cosmetology. Thanks to such a tandem, support of energy resources of the skin is achieved, beauty and youth of the face are ensured.

Oils of pine nuts and sea buckthorn, almonds and sesame are saturated with useful fats, proteins, minerals, multivitamin and antioxidant substances. Improved turgor and elasticity, regeneration and water balance, protection from radicals and UV rays is provided. The skin returns freshness and youth, it gets protection from external factors, redness, acne, dryness.

The cream is considered useful for aging dry skin and ideal for sensitive, flaky skin. Apply it usually: on the cleansed face, rubbing with massage movements.

Himalaya herbals

Cream Himalaya herbals of Indian production - a real wand-zashchalochka for women. This is a wonderful day care for food, a source of moisture, a foundation for make-up. Finally, Himalaya herbals cream is affordable, economical in consumption and suitable for all adult women.

How does the nourishing face cream in the daytime affect different types of skin?

  • Dry moisturizes and softens.
  • Normal becomes radiant.
  • The combined gets a balance of fatty and dry zones.
  • Sensitive is protected from over-drying during the cold season.

The nourishing cream is easily absorbed, it maintains hydration and a sense of comfort all day, including under make-up. Liked by many cosmeticians, the ingredient - aloe maintains moisture, enriches the skin with useful substances.

For the purpose of nutrition and moisturizing, regular use is recommended, twice a day. Apply, like most creams: light movements, on the face and décolleté zone.


"Luxury food and lightness of silk" - is, somewhat pathetic name, is a daily nourishing face cream from Loreal. The cream differs silky consistency, it is absorbed without fat shine and feeling of a mask.

French cosmetologists of the famous company note several stages of the effect of the nourishing cream.

  • Immediately upon application, the level of dryness decreases, the skin is moistened and receives the necessary energy.
  • With constant use eliminates peeling, the skin acquires a rested and radiant appearance.
  • After a month the face tone is completely leveled, the skin becomes velvety and tender.
  • Additional advantages - a delicate aroma, protection from stress and negative external factors.

Continuing the line "Luxury food", Loreal offers day and night options for this cream. Novelty is a daytime transforming cream with valuable extracts of jasmine, peony, neo-calcium complex. The cream causes the interest of women who want to regain their elasticity and evenness, to protect themselves from early wilting.

The night remedy contains royal jelly, a calcium complex, essential oils. Especially effective for protecting dry and sensitive skin during the cold season.


Garnier produces several nutritious face creams.

  1. The main care (with the extraction of roses) - for sensitive skin. Guarantees deep nutrition during the day. Unique formulation restores lipid balance, saturates with moisture and minerals, removes toxins. The invisible film formed on the face becomes an insurmountable barrier against the aggressive factors of the external environment.
  2. The main care (with acacia honey) - to protect the face from winter cold. Preventing the aggressive influence of unfavorable external factors, the cream promotes the prolongation of youth, freshness, maintains the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Life-giving moisturizing (blue, yellow, pink). Each tool line is called differently.
  • The blue version is addressed to women with normal and mixed skin, called "So comfortable." Light emollient cream.
  • Yellow is an emulsion for turning a dull skin into a radiant skin, called "Radiance and tonus".
  • Pink version is designed for dry and very dry skin type. Nourishing rich cream is called "Farewell, dryness".

Thus, even the most choosy woman can choose her own Garnier cosmetics, which corresponds to the type of skin, age, season, and tasks - nutrition, moisturizing, rejuvenating, etc.

One hundred beauty recipes

The brand "One hundred beauty recipes" offered the cosmetic market an original variant: to create a means of care for the face, hair, body for time-tested home recipes, from natural ingredients. To share their own formulas of youth and beauty, women were asked to take care of their health and appearance. And the process went!

Today, the brand produces a wide range of effective products at an affordable price. An important place in it rightfully belongs to nourishing face creams, because often it is the type of face that most worries women, it affects the mood and well-being. This is a variety of products for different skin types, and everyone can choose the most suitable for themselves.

  • Olive - for complex care, intensive nutrition, make-up.
  • Cream mask "Lifting and Nutrition" at night based on sea-buckthorn and grape seed oil, propolis infusion - for cleansing, cell renewal, skin tightening.
  • Day time "Lifting and moisturizing" with vitamins and milk of 5 cereals - for a rejuvenating care and vitaminization of the skin.
  • 3 in 1 (complex with pumpkin, tea mushroom, egg yolk) - for nutrition, moisturizing, prevention and smoothing of the first wrinkles.
  • "Polyushko" with natural oils - to nourish dry and normal skin.
  • "Tenderness of nutrition" with milk, honey, lavender oil on 100% natural basis - to eliminate dryness, soften and protect.


The nature of the siberic is one of the companies specializing in natural cosmetics. Practices minimal use of artificial components, modern technologies, control at all stages of production and European certification.

Zest Nature nature siberici - formulas based on herbs that grow in protected Siberian territories, which guarantees the ecological quality of raw materials and, accordingly, the product. Bioactive cosmetics helps the skin restore natural beauty and a healthy face.

Siberica offers night and day options for nourishing facial creams. They contain priceless natural ingredients derived from Kurim tea, Japanese sophora, Far Eastern ginseng, Nanai lemongrass, Manchu aralia, pink rhodiola, Altaic sea buckthorn and other equally useful medicinal plants.

  • Day care for different skin types:
  1. "Nutrition and moisturizing" - dry;
  2. "Protection and moisturizing" - sensitive;
  3. "Care and moisturizing" - oily and combined;
  4. mask "Energy and Nutrition" - universal.
  • Overnight facilities:
  • "Nutrition and recovery" - for dry skin;
  • "Protection and recovery" is sensitive;
  • "Rejuvenating" - aging;
  • "Care and recovery" - oily and combined;
  • mask "Correction of wrinkles and regeneration" - for all types.

Creams from Siberica can be used alone or in combination with other drugs. The main thing is to choose according to the skin type and apply according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


Amway is known as one of the largest companies in the field of direct sales. The production of cosmetics is only one of the activities of this company. The concept of Amway cosmetic products is the use of natural raw materials and the latest processing technologies in order to obtain a quality natural cosmetic product.

Night face cream for the face ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND - one of the examples of achieving the declared goal. It is a highly effective drug that works during sleep:

  • restores the skin after a day's stress;
  • deeply moisturizes and softens, optimizes the water balance;
  • stimulates the formation of proteins;
  • makes invisible small wrinkles.

The effect of moisturizing, strengthening, smoothing wrinkles is provided by vegetable meadow pencil and evening primrose, as well as proteins and exclusive peptides that support the skin. The next morning the skin looks refreshed, soft, smoother than without cream.

Nourishing gel cream - another remedy for Amway, designed to maintain a balance of moisture in the skin of any type. It works instantly, the effect lasts 24 hours. The only drawback of Amway creams is that they belong to expensive cosmetics.


Nourishing face cream Bioderma is designed to provide dry, sensitive skin around the clock. He belongs to medical cosmetics and therefore copes with problems that are beyond the strength of conventional creams:

  • affects the cellular level;
  • eliminates the feeling of inflammation, tightness;
  • protects from aggressive climatic factors;
  • soothes and nourishes the skin.

Among the active components of Bioderma Sensibio Rich Soothing Cream is a special complex of Toleridine, which eliminates discomfort. The gentle consistency allows deep penetration into the skin cells, restoring elasticity and turgor.

Nourishing face cream is applied a thin layer on the face and neck, once or twice a day. To achieve the optimal effect, the complex application of the Sensibio line of medical cosmetics is recommended: for example, to cleanse the face with special milk, and in addition to the cream, apply the same mask once or twice a week.


The philosophy of cosmetics from Dekleor in French is subtle and original: the desire not only to provide the cosmetic result to the client, but also to deliver a unique sensory experience from the procedure. That is, ensuring high efficiency of a natural product, take care of positive emotions and human pleasure. This approach, together with a careful selection of ingredients and experience in the use of natural essential oils, made Decleor the leader in the field of aromatherapy.

Night nourishing face cream from Dekleor contains essential oil of marjoram. It has a balsam texture, created for dry skin. Even very dry it transforms on the eyes, because instantly absorbed and saturates the epidermis with moisture. And with constant use at night activates regeneration, enhances the protective qualities of the epidermal layer, provides prevention of premature aging.

Balm is applied to the face before going to bed, having thoroughly cleaned it. Mode of application:

  • a pea of balsam to warm up in hands;
  • breathe in the smell;
  • apply on face, neck, décolleté;
  • lightly massage.


Niveja is a German cosmetic brand, experienced by time and millions of women who have been faithful to it for decades. But if women do not change their choice, this does not mean that the Nivea brand does not change either. On the contrary, the popular brand is developing, expanding the range, in particular, nourishing face creams. There are several of them in the assortment.

  • Day cream for dry skin, with UV protection, almond and calendula oils. It nourishes, moisturizes, narrows the pores, stabilizes the production of sebum. Eliminates "crow's feet", protects from premature aging, retains moisture and a natural balance. It is recommended to apply in the morning, massage movements directed upwards.

Moisturizing against wrinkles (day and night options): activates the metabolism, smoothes mimic, and then - deeper wrinkles.

  • Universal for moisturizing and active nutrition. Eliminates peeling, heals cracks. It is used for face and body.

New for men: Nivea men save from dryness caused by heat, cold or other extreme factors. With constant application, the condition of the skin is markedly improved.

  • Restorative night for all types: deeply penetrates the dermis, nourishes, creates protection against atmospheric factors.

The regenerating night Pure & natural consists of 95% natural ingredients, including valuable argan oil.

  • Nivea soft moisturizing with vitamins - to care for the face, hands, body. Soft intensive moisturizing (in a tube) - with jojoba oil and vitamin C.

Nourishing night cream

Night face creams for the face include ingredients that stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis, eliminating stress accumulated during the day, supporting the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. They have more fat than water (about 75%).

  • Anna Lotan's Night Nourishing Cream "Golden" series is saturated with vegetable oils and extracts, priceless for withering, dry skin. Jojoba oil, sea buckthorn, shea, sunflower and wheat germ are a complex of natural ingredients that promote youth and beauty. Already from the first days of application, the appearance and condition of the skin noticeably improve, up to smoothing wrinkles.
  • This same Israeli company produces a nourishing face cream "New Era" with fruit acids, which eliminate the dead cells of the epidermis and stimulate their renewal.
  • Nourishing Cream for the face "Saturated" from Apivita (Greece) by the time of application is designated as universal. Nourishes, moisturizes, protects from withering. In addition to nutritious natural oils, it contains stem cells known for their rejuvenating effect.
  • The anti-wrinkle cream from Logona (Germany) contains various oils, hyaluronic acid, squalane, glycerin. They nourish, saturate and retain moisture, eliminate toxins, stimulate cell renewal.

Day Nourishing Face Cream

Daily nourishing face cream is designed to moisturize and protect the skin from unfavorable external factors: cold, heat, insolation. Therefore, in daytime creams there is more water and SPF filters are present.

  • Day Nourishing Face Cream "Golden" is a product of Israeli cosmetologists Anna Lotan. Contains oils of sea-buckthorn and jojoba, wax, lactic acid, babassu oil, vitamin E. It nourishes, moisturizes, protects and restores elasticity to the skin.
  • Piel Cosmetics (Ukraine) offers, in a set of "Protection and Nutrition", a nourishing face cream with normal and combination skin. With regular application of the skin gets enough useful substances, minimizes the influence of external stimuli.
  • Cream of the trademark "Black Pearl" provides full nutrition and moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin. Lotus extract, sunflower and peach oils, retinol and other ingredients are called to smooth the skin and cause a sense of comfort.
  • Antioxidant nourishing day cream for the face from Dzintars is addressed to mature women with dry skin. A complex of oils, vitamins and extracts is selected to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the face.

Moisturizing Nourishing Face Cream

To understand what a moisturizing nourishing face cream, you need to understand how moisturizers differ from nutrients.

In the formula of the moisturizer, water and moisturizing ingredients predominate: glycerin, hyaluronic acid. Additional components - fats, vitamins, extracts of plants, fruits and berries. The consistency is more liquid because of the large amount of water (about 70%). His vocation is to restore moisture and prevent its loss. At sub-zero temperatures on the street, such a cream is harmful to the skin.

Nourishing face cream is created for nutrition, but at the same time it fulfills the function of moisturizing. Such creams resemble home-made sour cream, with fats predominating in them - up to 70%. The rest is water, vitamins, in the age of cosmetics - hormones, etc. This category of creams is suitable for winter, as it protects from the adverse effect of frost.

Thus, both creams are aimed to moisturize, and the nutrient additionally enriches the skin with useful substances. It is almost impossible to separate these properties; it is important to properly use both creams, in particular, depending on the season and age.

The product of the Garnier brand "Life-giving moisturizing" with camellia oil is an attempt to harmoniously combine moisturizing and nutrition. The cream is rich, bold, perfectly protects even very dry skin from winter cold, soothes and nourishes, relieves the face of dehydration, a feeling of tightness and dryness. According to the annotation, the cream provides an individual dose of life-giving moisturizing, necessary in each specific case.

Nourishing cream for combination skin

Combined skin is different honeycomb dry or greasy "in its pure form." The task of cosmetic preparations for this type of skin is to effectively meet the requirements of different parts of the skin. That is, to be universal. Some women use two creams at once, applying them to different areas of the face according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Nourishing cream for combination skin should perform a set of tasks: nutrition, moisturizing, care, protection, prevention of infections, normalization of sweating.

Usually, dryness appears on the temples and cheeks, fat content - on the forehead, nose, chin. Due to this location, whiskey and cheeks suffer from peeling and stiffening, the remaining zones are from dilated pores, clogged with dirt and grease, which periodically inflame. To do this, in the formulas of nutritious face creams, plant extracts and essential oils are introduced as active ingredients, additional - glycerin, collagen, panthenol and similar substances, vitamin-mineral complexes.

There are individual and seasonal features of care for combination skin. In summer, it approaches the fat type, and in winter it becomes drier. Therefore, in the summer it is important to thoroughly clean the face, apply a cream with anti-inflammatory and reducing the formation of fat effect. Winter requires increased attention: protection from cold, food and hydration.

Inexpensive creams - "Nivea" against wrinkles, "Cornflower and barberry" from "Clean Line", "Sophora Japanese" from Siberica.

Nourishing cream for problem skin

The concept of "problem skin" includes the presence of many flaws, which are either cosmetic deficiencies or symptoms of diseases. In the first case, the cosmetologist will help to eliminate the deficiencies, the second will require a dermatologist, and sometimes - other doctors to determine the cause of such symptoms.

On the problem skin can be said with the presence on the face:

  • inflammations (acne, papules, abscesses);
  • vascular network;
  • wetting scars;
  • Scars;
  • pigmentation;
  • peeling;
  • eczema;
  • dermatosis.

Nourishing cream for problematic skin of the face is able to solve some problems, and if they are few, that's all. Choosing a nourishing face cream in such cases, you should pay attention to what disadvantages it eliminates. Is this the cream you need. Perhaps, a chemist's cream or a special alternative remedy can help.

It will be superfluous to remember that defects on the face can be caused by an improper diet and way of life. To achieve changes for the better, it is necessary to give up abuse and bad habits. A well-chosen cosmetics will complete the effort.

Nourishing cream for sensitive skin

Features of dry skin - small pores, fine texture, delicate pink color. In youth, this skin looks very nice. Her owners do not annoy fatty gloss, acne and inflammation.

But there are also disadvantages: dry skin is often irritated, painfully reacts to atmospheric factors and before fatty it is aging. Care for her requires special cosmetics, in particular, quality nourishing creams for sensitive facial skin.

  • Belarusian cosmetologists offered a budget option to confront these problems. The company Bielita produces a nourishing face cream "Romashkovy" two types: day and night. Purpose of creams - nutrition, moisturizing, soothing, restoring. The effect is achieved through a combination of natural substances: chamomile extract and arnica oil (day cream), chamomile and allantoin (night cream).

Cosmetics for dry skin - a great variety. If the cream meets the individual characteristics, it is certainly suitable as a nutrient for sensitive skin. But sometimes the manufacturer accents this, putting into the title the words "sensitive skin".

So, the Latvian brand Dzintars offers a night cream "Reviving" for women with a sensitive skin. It is part of the organic line, the recipe of which is based on environmentally friendly, certified products. The cream contains natural lipids, extracts of apple seeds and cocoa butter, which gently restore softness, elasticity, water balance, freshness of sensitive skin of the face and neck.

Nourishing face cream after 25 years

After 25 years, the natural processes in the skin slow down, in particular, it begins to lose moisture, requires restoration and support of water balance. Collagen production decreases. In short, destructive processes are activated, and restorative processes, on the contrary, are inhibited.

These processes start out imperceptibly, but if you do not look after the skin, the former freshness and radiance of the skin after a while will disappear into oblivion. A competent care system protects the skin from sagging and early wrinkles, preserving natural freshness and radiance.

At the heart of care is the use of nourishing face creams. With a preventive purpose for daily care, special face creams after 25 are used, combining intense nutrition and moisturizing effect. To perform the tasks, the formula should contain:

  • essential oils;
  • vitamins E, A;
  • allantoin, bisabolol, panthenol;
  • sorbitol;
  • fruit acids;
  • hyaluronic acid.

Many brands offer whole lines of nutritional anti-aging cosmetics, with a unique recipe and properties. "Nutrition and hydration" from Natura Siberica, "Clean Line", Sensitive Touch from Lumene, "Basic Care" from Garnier are just some of the popular creams of this type.

Nourishing face creams after 50 years

In the care of the skin after 50 years, the emphasis is on nutrition. Experienced women believe that quality nourishing face creams after 50 are not a luxury, but a necessity. This is a real medicine, and you can not save on it. After all, to this age, even the most genetically resistant skin loses its elasticity. The production of collagen and elastin decreases, the water balance is disrupted.

Age nourishing cream is able to prevent or slow down unwanted changes, including pigmentation and wilting. Like other nutritious creams for the face, the ages are daytime and night.

Day cream "Extension of Youth" according to the recipe of Agafia's grandmother contains Siberian herbs and roots, as well as green coffee. All components are natural, preservatives are food. The cream is easily absorbed, saturated with vitamins and nutrients.

Night cream "Active Rejuvenation" of the same manufacturer contains, in addition to ginseng, seven more plants with anti-aging properties, from ecologically clean areas. The result does not make you wait: almost immediately the state of the face noticeably improves, and the contour becomes more distinct.

Homemade cream with gelatin is prepared in a water bath. Its use is in the high collagen content necessary to maintain elasticity.

  • On a teaspoon of gelatin take 3 tbsp. Spoons of honey, half a glass of water and glycerin, salicylic acid on the tip of the knife. Preheated and mixed until homogeneity of the substance is brought to a gelatinous consistency, whipped and cooled.

Baby nourishing face cream

Baby creams perform various functions: daily care, prevention and treatment, protective (from the sun, cold, insects). Properties are determined by the recipe, which is based on natural ingredients: vegetable and animal fats, herbal tinctures, beekeeping products and other useful substances. In a quality cream should not be aggressive sulfates, preservatives, artificial fragrances, parabens in large quantities.

Are baby nourishing creams suitable for adult women? The question is controversial. On the one hand, the cream is actively used as a base product in the manufacture of home cosmetics; and, according to reviews, gives positive results: returns dry skin smoothness and velvety.

  • But not all so unambiguously. There is an opinion that this is not a solution to the problem, but only a temporary masking of skin defects. Why?

It turns out that the fatty child's cream on the adult skin forms a greenhouse effect, clogs the pores and prevents breathing. The resulting film, designed to protect the tender epidermis on the child's body, prevents the moistening of the coarser adult skin. This provokes inflammation and premature wilting. With oily skin, a baby face cream stimulates the formation of fat, and this turns the skin into a problem.

Popular baby creams:

  • "Calendula" from weleda;
  • Casper with chamomile;
  • "Tick-tak" from Freedom;
  • "Alice";
  • "My Sunshine";
  • Gentle "from Bubchen;
  • "Children's cream Infarma";
  • With the turn;
  • "Mom and Baby";
  • "The Little One";
  • "Gentle care" from Johnsons baby;
  • "Baby" from Nivea;
  • "Protective" from Siberica.

Nourishing face cream for men

What is the specificity of nourishing creams for men's face? Men's skin is stronger than women's, exposed to unfavorable external factors: ultraviolet, cold, wind, rain. She also suffers and thins from constant shaving. With these features in mind, formulas for the face cream of the stronger sex are created.

Nutrition and protective function is perfectly performed cream Israeli production Premier, designed for protection from the sun, toning, moisturizing the male face. Israeli cosmetics is unique in that the formulas are created on the basis of the curative minerals of the Dead Sea. Besides them, Premier cream is enriched with vitamins, natural oils, organic extracts.

This composition copes with the protection of the skin from ultraviolet and other unfavorable factors, restores the turgor, aligns the tone, relief, structure. The cream will suit any man. It is recommended to use it after shaving, applying a thin layer on the face.

Nourishing creams for the face of men help them look younger and well-groomed, as they saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals. The cosmetic market offers products of different quality and value, so there is something to choose from: from expensive Italian's to the budget Rainbow (Switzerland).


Information is available on the pharmacodynamics of individual active ingredients in face-cream.

Oils nourish and soften the skin.

Hyaluronic acid retains moisture.


Pharmacokinetics has not been studied. It is known that most of the components of facial nourishing creams have a local effect on the skin.

Use of the nourishing face creams during pregnancy

Cleansing, nourishment, moisturizing, protection - on these whales the facial care is based at any period of life. The use of nourishing face creams during pregnancy has features. At this time, the body produces more estrogens, which inhibit the formation of sebum. Therefore, oily skin gets rid of excess fat and blackheads, its condition is normalized. But the dry skin becomes even drier, and with this you need to do something.

If possible, it is sometimes advisable to dedicate a person to the whole day. During it apply the cream in the morning, afternoon and in the evening for an hour, take each time a special lotion or sour milk. In pauses in the same way to feed by special means okolaglaznye zone.

Changing the way to care for the face in the period of bearing a child, it is worth remembering the possible reactions when using new drugs. To reduce risks, several rules should be followed:

  • Use the cosmetics of previously tested brands;
  • Test creams applying on the inside of the arms or elbow;
  • Do not apply drying masks and lotions;
  • prefer moisturizing masks and peeling.

When choosing a nourishing cream for the face, you should carefully study the composition for harmful components and allergens. If the skin reacts with irritation, it must be discarded. Periodically, the skin should be given rest and the ability to produce its own fat.

Sometimes, to bring the skin of the face into normal, cosmetic procedures alone are not enough. Then you need to pay attention to the diet, in particular, to enrich it with vitamins and other substances useful for the skin.


Women under 45 - 50 years of age are not recommended hormonal nourishing face creams. Contraindications to the use of creams with hormones also apply to pregnant and lactating mothers.

In case of diseases and damage to the face, cosmetic creams should not be used without the permission of a dermatologist.

If you have hard hair on the upper lip and chin, you can not lubricate these areas with nourishing creams, especially with hormones.

Side effects of the nourishing face creams

With the constant use of the same creams, addiction develops. Therefore, the effectiveness of nutritious creams for the face decreases over time. In addition, the following side effects of nourishing face creams are possible:

  • allergy;
  • influence on the hormonal system (in the presence of hormones in the formula);
  • dermatitis;
  • formation of comedones;
  • premature aging;
  • edema of the eyelids;
  • formation of undesirable vegetation.

Dosing and administration

Nourishing face cream is applied on massage lines carefully, in portions. On the forehead, cheeks, nose can be pinned with your fingertips.

Nutritional creams are more effective if applied to damp skin. Water not only additionally moisturizes the skin, but also promotes better penetration of the cream.

Cold cream causes spasms of blood vessels, and if it is rubbed in the palms, it softens and is absorbed better.

The way of applying nourishing face creams depends on the type of cream. Night creams are more greasy, so they are applied in a thin layer, aged for about an hour and removed with cosmetic napkins.

With oily skin, stand no more than half an hour and remove with a swab moistened with acidified solution. If the nourishing cream is left overnight, it will prevent skin breathing and provoke comedones.

It is undesirable to apply night cream just before bedtime, and day time - before leaving home. 3 - 5 minutes self-massage will speed up the absorption of the cream.


Overdosing of a nourishing face cream is not so terrible: the skin simply does not absorb excess. However, a thick layer of cosmetics left for the night prevents the skin from breathing and is fraught with comedones, swelling under the eyes. In the afternoon the face will get an unhealthy shine.

If the skin reacts with irritation, the cream should be discarded: it may be an allergy to certain components (honey, aloe, vitamin A).

When packaged in a vial with a dispenser for application, one press is sufficient. This is the volume of the average string bean. From the tube squeeze out 1 cm per procedure.

No pathological consequences of an overdose of nourishing face creams have been recorded.

Interactions with other drugs

The question of interaction with other preparations of nutritious creams for the face is relevant for diseases, injuries or other damage to the skin. It must be decided by a specialist. Independently combine the drugs are not recommended.

Storage conditions

Storage conditions are indicated on the packaging. In general, nourishing face creams are not very fastidious. High temperature and sunlight are the main enemies of cosmetic preparations.

Conventional products are stored at a temperature of up to 25 degrees, in the refrigerator put home cosmetics. Children's access to them should be limited.

Shelf life

Shelf life is usually indicated on the package (for example, gerontol - 2 years). It depends on the amount of preservatives and the quality of the packaging (nourishing face creams in the tube last longer). Some manufacturers also indicate the shelf life of cosmetics after opening the package.

Home creams are suitable for use from 5 days to 2 weeks. Humidity, ultraviolet, dirt, heating or freezing shorten the shelf life.

Home recipes for nourishing face creams

The main advantages of home cosmetics - accessibility, naturalness, the lack of preservatives, parabens and other undesirable substances. They are tested by many generations of women and are often transmitted "by inheritance" from mother to daughter. There is also a disadvantage - high sensitivity to storage conditions. One way out: that the nourishing face cream does not spoil, it should be prepared portionwise, several times, stored only in the cold and not for long - from 5 to 14 days.

The easiest way to use home recipes of nourishing face creams based on baby cream or vegetable oil (olive, peach, almond). The base product is enriched with additional natural ingredients - essential oils, vitamins. Combining the ingredients, we get a cream for any type of skin.

  • fat:

A mixture of 2 tsp. Butter, 1 tsp. Yolk, 3 tsp. Pulp berries or fruit (apple, strawberry, plum) whisk to an airy consistency, apply to the face for half an hour, then remove the rest with a napkin;

  • combined:

50 ml of mineral water, 30 ml of rose water, 70 g of fresh smalt (melted), 1 tsp. Honey, aloe juice mixed, apply after cooling mixture;

  • dry:

2 tsp. Butter, 0, 5 tsp. Olive oil, yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey - apply similarly;

  • for problem skin:

Mummy in powder to dilute in a decoction of calendula to a creamy state;

  • night cream:

Mixture of vegetable oils (olives, peaches, almonds) and natural wax (5: 1 ratio) heated in a water bath, mixed with separately prepared boric acid solution (1 tsp) and beat.

To get a creamy mixture of light consistency, the ingredients are whipped in a warm state, then cooled and only then used for their intended purpose.

Nourishing cream based on milk and honey

Milk soothes and softens the skin, eliminates sacks near the eyes, wrinkles and dryness. Honey has the same properties, and also enriches the skin with vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, making it healthy and radiant.

Two nutritious cream for the face based on milk and honey deserve attention: from Avon and from Oriflame. In the arsenal of home remedies these products also have an important role.

  1. "Milk and honey" from Avon contains a bouquet of substances useful for the skin, which are rich in natural honey and cow's milk. Honey component nourishes and softens, other ingredients moisturize the skin and restore aging cells. Casual facial treatment gives pleasure and pleasure.
  2. The eponymous night cream from Oriflame is intended for dry and very dry skin. Saturates the cells with moisture and keeps it for the whole day. The texture is non-sticky, absorbed quickly and without any traces. With constant use it maintains natural freshness and beauty, smooths out the tone and relief.
  3. Home nourishing cream for the face, except milk and honey, contains two yolks and flavoring ingredients: rose oil (a few drops) and decoction of petals (a teaspoon). Honey for a serving of cream take a teaspoon, milk - a dining room. The ingredients are mixed in a clean container, kept in a refrigerator, used once or more per day.


Reviews of nourishing face creams are mostly positive. In social networks, women describe how they found their ideal cream by trial and error, share experiences and impressions, make up their own ratings, sometimes quite subjective.

There are also critical opinions about individual brands. Detailed information on this topic can be found on many thematic sites.

Rating of nutritious face creams

The ratings of nutritious creams for the face are according to different criteria. Based on the analysis of nutritional and moisturizing qualities, evaluation of the composition, packaging, popular nourishing face creams are arranged in this order:

  • Nutritious daytime Nivea;
  • Luxury food Loreal;
  • Nutrition and humidification of Siberica;
  • Nutritious Himalaya Herbals;
  • Basic care Deep food Garnier.

Rating of nutritious creams for normal skin with protective components:

  • Ayva Germany;
  • Extravastination France;
  • Rosa Germany;
  • Deridium France;
  • Hidro Bio Reserve Italy;
  • Elastin Collagen Israel.

Inexpensive nourishing face cream

Most women know that high cost does not guarantee the high quality of a nourishing face cream. More important indicators - composition, age and individual skin characteristics. These criteria are often answered by relatively inexpensive nourishing face creams, such as:

  • Nivea Visage;
  • Milk Protein dr. Sante;
  • Dove;
  • Clean line "Cornflower and barberry";
  • Makadamia Oriflame;
  • Naturalis series from Oriflame "Milk and honey";
  • "Japanese Sophora" Natura Siberica.

In complex skin care, nourishing face creams are given an important place. But no cream alone will not do a miracle. On the condition of the skin, factors such as a balanced diet, a full sleep, fresh air are beneficial. All this, plus quality cosmetics, contribute to the improvement of appearance, make the face fresh and attractive.

It is important to know!

Teleradiography is intended to determine the true (or close to them) dimensions of the image of the facial skeleton. In connection with the complex structure of the skull, it is necessary to produce radiographs in two mutually perpendicular projections - the straight and lateral. Read more..

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